There’s a very EXPLICIT video circulating online that we WILL NOT be linking to. The video shows a woman with a large AFRO – engaged in RELATIONS with a man.

Similarly, there’s a screenshot from the same video – and folks are saying that the woman in the video appears to bear a STRIKING resemblance to Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra.

In the screenshot, the La Negra look-a-like wearing gold bangles and matching gold eyeshadow straddles a man, and her face is turned to the side. The are no identifiable marks in the video which would clarify whether or not it is her and we cannot see her full face.

With fame comes the inevitable attempt to diminish a person’s success. And whether or not it is the LAHH: Miami star – somebody is trying very hard to link her to this video.

It’s hard to believe that’s Amara La Negra – her mother is extremely protective of her. So protective of her that La Negra takes her mother with her to producer meetings. But she wouldn’t be the first child to keep secrets from her parents. Maybe she isn’t as squeaky clean as she projects on the show and her social media pages.

Did Amara La Negra turn to the adult industry to help fund her now flourishing career – or is somebody out here trying to throw salt on her name?

We hope it isn’t her. A video like this can bring the Afro Latina’s rocketing music career crashing down to the ground!

Here is the screenshot