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Loni Love Claps Back At White Women Who Mock Black Women’s Culture

Back on October 25th co-hosts of ‘The Real’ opened up about their thoughts surrounding Beyoncé’s music video for her hit single ‘Formation,’ and Loni Love gave a passionate critique of another fellow comedian’s parody of the powerful song that was meant to stand behind the empowerment of black women.

Amy Shumer’s remake of the song was in an attempt to rack up the laughter from her fans, so she’d decided to team up with Goldie Hawn to poke a little fun at the song. However, as many of us could have guessed it, the video did not go over too well with the fans.

The project, which was streamed on Tidal, now has more than 1.5 million views on the web, however, over the course of the last five days it has garnered up more than 13,000 dislikes. And the comment section is relentlessly roasting Shumer for her failed approach when mocking black women and our culture.

During last Tuesday’s episode of the popular day time talk show, Love got teary-eyed when speaking on the parody that made an attempt to poke fun at Beyoncé’s inspiring hit song.

“When ‘Formation’ came out, we’ve been going through all this civil unrest,” Love explains. “People are upset. And a lot of Black women feel like they’ve been put to the bottom … That they’ve been brushed aside, and Beyoncé came out and gave them some power.”

Love adds that she understood the comedy and the need to lighten up but wonders if Schumer took it too far by making a bad joke.

“I know some people are saying ‘oh, everybody lighten up.’ You don’t understand. We have some issues in this country. We need to get through these issues. And you’ve got to respect their point of view. I’m crying because I can feel their pain.”

So, what are your thoughts? Was it even funny to you? I thought it was pretty lame.

Comment below and tell me what you think.

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Comment by Laila Rose on November 8, 2016 at 5:27pm
First Beyonce represents herself not me! I been many places and not once have I wanted to or have ever seen Beyonce! Why because she doesnt matter to me. I will not let a black woman who ONLY PLAYED black 3 times.. "Cadillac Records, Austin Powers, And @ THE SUPERBOWL.. now just to say black lives matter define who I am or speak for me!! We dont need you to wear a BLONDE AFRO WIG at the SUPERBOWL... while the other sista keep it real and wear black wigs just so you can still look light and white!! Gtfoh!!!
Comment by K. LeBlanc on November 3, 2016 at 11:03am
You know the type/ loud as a motorbike/but couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight/ @mrstroke1 @mrstroke1 @mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1@mrstroke1 go somewhere...else. Youre a lame. An uneducated coon. ✋
Comment by K. LeBlanc on November 3, 2016 at 11:01am
@mrstroke1 @mrstroke1 @mrstroke1After so many years of being on this blog I feel like I know some of the most colorful commenters personally including you @mrStroke1 it amazes me how your brain works. it is very annoying having to read your ignorant, biased commentary on just about every single article that goes up on this site. it's amazing how you have the loudest voice yet know the least. You sound like the typical immigrant that come in to a person space only to turn their nose up and judge on how they do things with no ideology on what came before your ass landed. It is so clear how bright your own self-hate is by putting down your own people on a daily basis @mrstroke1 primarily the black woman on just about every single will FIND a negative reason to even perpetuate your Know-It-All Machismo I'm almost certain that you are unmarried..... how can I guess this?? by your ignorant comment thread.

just like the white man has given the black man the tools to destroy his own self you are gladly walking that very path.

The nerve of you to even have a status of being an author on this website. A website that aims to inform about current events has turned in to your personal opinion magazine. Here you are using it as a platform to incite negativity into your own community, using it as a platform to make your small voice even louder, using it as a platform to share what your grandfadda, fadda did on whatever flippin island like THAT way of life will correlate to todays current way of life, when all you actually do (along with some other ignorant birds on here) is point your uneducated finger creating more of a divide. None of you people read, none of you people take the time out to actually educate yourself... you over here talking about oh "now look at the white people coming into Harlem in Brooklyn when you were here you didn't do anything with it...." do you even know what the definition of REDLINING is??? why don't you go look that up and that should be your comment response to me before you come over here and fire back---which I know that you're gearing up to do--- give me the definition of redlining sir. And then you tell me that if you, as a strong black man that you are, grew up back then, how exactly do you think your descendents would be living today in 2016?? tell me. every single time I have to come on here and I am faced with this level of ignorance i am disgusted. you need to check yourself real fast, my man! @mrstroke1 stupid ass screen name too
Comment by mr1stroke on November 2, 2016 at 5:12pm

you black women are too busy walking around trying to be them, want to fit in, now they are taking yoru culture since you dont want it, its the new day everything you neglect white people have been waiting for the right time to take just like now they are taking over every black neighborhood like harlem and brooklyn you have been there for years and never done with anything with it, negros dont own any business in the community therefore there is no investment so they take over and invest now they are your producer and you are the consumer they make sure you dont have to get out, its like teh truman show negros are living in a box, watch them they will take everything

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