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Shenseea’s Son Father Speak On Backlash For Following London On Da Track’s Baby Mother

London On Da Track Speak On His Baby Mother Attacks On Shenseea’s Son

London On Da Track Shenseea

The father of Shenseea’s son, Rob, is speaking up after London on Da Track’s baby mother, Eboni Ivory, alleged that the Alpha singer’s son may have an inappropriate encounter with her daughter.

Eboni has not been forthcoming on what has occurred, and she has not reported the matter to the police but instead has continued to blast Shenseea and London On Da Track online, causing speculation about what took place with her daughter Paris, 4, and Shenseea’s son Rajeiro, 7.

The father of Shenseea’s son, who is only known by the name Rob was noticed following Eboni’s Instagram account on Friday, leading to many of Shenseea’s fans criticizing him and calling him messy.

Rob does not play an active role in his son’s life, but rather Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major has been in the boy’s life since he was a baby and has continued to play a fatherly role for him.

It’s unclear the situation between Shenseea and Rob, but the latter has never been seen photographed with the child, nor has he spent holidays or milestones like birthdays with him.

On Saturday, Rob also added his two cents as he denied that he was being messy, noting that he wanted to assess the situation himself.

“Mi see say yo mi get little highlight cause me follow the B and thing, so don’t try to create false narratives, yes that is correct but the notions and the motives behind ah it is so me can evaluate the situation for myself to make sense out of nonsense and once I did that me realize say the situation never need my energy you know dem way deh,” he says 28-year-old also chided Eboni, noting that her actions were damaging to both children involved. 

“Bear in mind, pickney involved, and yeah if wrongs were made ah something them can learn from and don’t deserve to get blasted.”

He also asked that others not share or spread false rumors about his son.

“As mi a say, pickney involved and thing yuh zeet and mi nuh think nuh child deserve fi put pan blast just because of the influence that surround them, yuh zeet that a bit fuckery. Whatever we can do to not contribute to it that is appreciated.”

Shenseea has not fully addressed the claim, and Eboni made another post on Friday shortly after Shenseea posted her new Lamborghini Urus truck.

The woman blasted London On Da Track, who is rumored to be in a relationship with Shenseea, noting that he has not done anything.

In text messages, Eboni shared London tells her that the little girl is lying. Eboni also appears jealous of Shenseea and London’s relationship telling him, “go play the piano somewhere” in texts she sent him. The piano reference is to a recent video of London wearing a mask and playing the piano as Shenseea sings a ballad.

While Shenseea has not wholly responded to Eboni, she hinted at the issues in a post celebrating her son’s birthday days ago.

Shenseea emphasized in her birthday message to her son, “Aint NOTHING gonna slide as long as i’m alive when it comes to u boy!”


Shenseea Responds To London’s Baby Mother In Birthday Tribute To Her Son London On Da Track Shenseea

London On Da Track has issued a response to his baby mother, Eboni Ivory, who recently launched an attack on Shenseea and her 7-year-old son, Rajeiro Lee.

Eboni’s remarks on Instagram sparked a conversation around parenting and what to put on social media, and what not to. Nevertheless, Eboni insisted that she is only going public with her allegations because the adults involved were not addressing the matter. Still, that didn’t help as the backlash from Shenseea’s fans continued.

After a few days of silence, London On Da Track issued a response on Twitter, calling her out for what he calls using their child for clout and financial gain. “Using any child for money and clout is just insane..disgusting. If you have a issue with me deal with me stop using innocent children to get fame and money,” he tweeted on Friday (November 18).

London tweet

In her response posted on her Instagram Story, Eboni accused London of trying put her on child support while alleging that he is only paying her $2000 in child support. “London tried to put me on child support twice like a real sissy,” she wrote. “So Fulton co put him on papers he pays 2000$ a month when he wants too. Y’all look it up he stays in contempt for not paying those lil 2$.”

Eboni comment

Shenseea has not directly addressed the accusations levied against her and her son, but in a birthday message to him shared on IG, the Jamaican singer makes it clear that she is not the type of person to let anything pertaining to her son slide.

“Aint NOTHING gonna slide as long as i’m alive when it comes to u boy,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Shenseea appears to be brushing off the social media shenanigan by showcasing her new Lamborghini Urus. The dancehall star shared a few photos of her latest acquisition while dropping some motivation for her fans. “Sometimes I do it To show you it’s possible,” she said.

Although they never publicly confirmed their relationship, Shenseea and London On Da Track have been rumored to be dating for a little over a year after they were first spotted together at a mall shopping.


London On Da Track’s Baby Mother Eboni Attack Shenseea And Her Son

Shenseea became a mother at the young age of 18 years old, and within months of having her son, she began her career as a dancehall deejay in Jamaica. The artist expressed that she enjoys working hard to provide for her son. “I enjoy working my ass off for u cuz u make me SO proud!!! I never knew what it meant to love til I was blessed with you, a kid like you make me wanna have 5 more,” she said.

The artist also seemingly addressed her boyfriend, London On Da Track’s second baby mother, Eboni, who this week insinuated that Shenseea’s son may have been inappropriate with her and London’s daughter. “Aint NOTHING gonna slide as long as I’m alive when it comes to u boy,” the 25-year-old wrote.

“I love you so much and I’m happy that you never doubt that because you believe it! You’re my lifeline King,” she ended.

Earlier this week, Rajeiro Lee was the topic of conversation after Eboni posted several Instagram stories blasting Shenseea and her son.

Tagging Shenseea saying, “I’m saying Loud and Clear and I mean it from the bottom of my soul @shenseea you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter.”

Eboni seemingly says she brought her allegations to the attention of her baby daddy, London On Da Track, and he ignored her, so she went to social media.

“[Shenseea] you need to talk to your son and take him to therapy before he grows up and gets into real trouble,” Eboni wrote in several other Stories. “In the meantime, I’m saying Loud and Clear again [Shenseea] keep yourself and your son AWAY from My Daughter for the rest of your life.”

While Shenseea hasn’t directly addressed Eboni, who shares daughter Paris with London, it’s not the first time she has had an issue with any of London’s past partners.

In the meantime, Shenseea is still that girl, as the artist was recently featured on the FIFA 23 soundtrack. The Jamaican singer is currently working on her sophomore album, due sometime next year. In the meantime, she has been working on her vocals and regularly showcasing her growth for her fans.


Eboni London Shenseea

London on Da Track’s baby mother, Eboni Ivori, is attacking Shenseea and is alleging that the Jamaican singer’s son, Rajeiro Lee, is being inappropriately with her daughter.

On Monday afternoon, Eboni shared a series of Instagram Stories where she made grave allegations and called out Shenseea for not raising her son right.

While Shenseea and London have not confirmed that they are in a relationship, there have been speculations that the two were romantically involved. Eboni’s post seems to hint that the pair were not only involved, but their children have met each other and spent time together.

According to Eboni, she wants Shenseea’s son Raj to stay away from her daughter Paris. Both children are about the same age. “Ive had time to think and grow and assess things people and situations silently,” she began on an Instagram Story.

“I grew up in a happy household sheltered from nonsense and I had to learn that it’s a cold world out here foreal,” she said in another before adding, “One of the most important things that I got thru my head is that everyone isn’t real like I was raised to be. People are troubled and sickened by their upbringing and environment or maybe just devilish.”


She then tagged Shenseea as she called her and her son out. “I’m saying Loud and Clear and I mean it from the bottom of my soul @shenseea you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter,” Eboni said.

She also hinted that she may have brought the allegations to London’s attention, but it was ignored.
“Certain things can’t slide & [since] certain people don’t take things seriously I’ll make sure that certain things don’t happen again,” she wrote.

“@shenseea you need to talk to your son and take him to therapy before he grows up and gets into real trouble. In the meantime, I’m saying Loud and Clear again @shenseea keep yourself and your son AWAY from My Daughter for the rest of your life,” she continued.


The woman also added that she had reached out to Shenseea and her people but got no response, but it also appears that Eboni was upset that Shenseea was around her daughter and wanted Paris to call her “mom.”

“Don’t act like I didn’t dm you first and reach out to everyone else. If people close to you didn’t let you know your bad. You been playin on my top from the jump trying to make Paris call you mom like a weirdo. Now you and your son are weird af & it gotta be your fault bc he’s a kid,” she said.

Eboni is well-known to the public for the way she dragged London On Da Track’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, Summer Walker, during the course of his relationship with Summer.

Late last year, Eboni and London also had a falling out where she admitted that he had offered her money to drag Summer on social media.

Last year in November, Summer called out Eboni for obsessively stalking her and making abusive comments online about her leading to Instagram deleting her page.

“Eboni you’ve been doing this for almost three years now. Please move on. You’re scaring me cause this is clearly an obsession. You know I’m an advocate for mental health so you might wanna get some help with that pinned up anger you have inside. Please stop mentioning me and my child. I’m very uncomfortable now. And I saw the death threat, I just ignored it,” Summer had told her.

In the meantime, Shenseea and London on Da Track have been rumored to be dating since earlier this year. The hitmaking producer has visited Jamaica, where he gifted her a necklace for her birthday, and she also appeared to be spending time at his home in the U.S.

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