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Letter to the Black Community

I started my journey as an independent volunteer in this election about a year ago, 2 years ago I started my research about the candidates of interest, as I learned about Bernie Sanders I made up my mind because he represented the views on the issues and concerns. Even though I was disappointed because he did not keep his promise of taking the fight to the floor of the convention, I did understand in the game of politics he was being threaten, his political career and his life was in danger, we can tell after each meetings with The Clinton Camp and the white house. The only candidate who was telling us the truth about the Establishment and also was a threat to politicians in Capital Hill, in a crooked and broken system of the democratic party it was proving as Wikileaks unveiled those corrupted email we found out that Debbie Wasserman was a crook working for the Clinton camp, even if it means to take Bernie sanders life she would do anything for him not to win.

When Bernie Sanders talked about giving free tuition Hillary Clinton called him crazy even on the debate floor, those of you who are just a fan of Hillary thought the same, when he spoke about raising the minimum wage at $15 an hour Hillary disagree and said she would only agree to raise it at $9 per hour, every politicians talked about helping the middle class, today we dont know what that means because people are getting poor and still losing houses and jobs, Bernie Sanders showed us a plan at the top of his campaign how he would bring back jobs to those on the Bottom, the only candidate in this campaign who have been honest with us, the only one who was truly on our side, like human kind crucified Jesus we turned our backs on him, as we move forward I wonder what will be the excuses, or will you go on complaining when the decision you make may be the one that will bring you future pain.
This Morning as I cast my vote I stayed loyal to the candidate that I believe in and wrote down Bernie sanders on my ballot, the laws in NY State and many other states are still the same just like back in slavery and after slavery in the old south to the bounty hunters for the run away slaves, if the cops think you are the suspect of a crimes they have the authority to shoot and kill, the justice system is still the same and never changed for people of color and Bill Clinton came around and made it even tougher with the 3 strikes you're out with no second chance. Black people have been giving away their votes for granted by voting democrat with no agendas or demands you listen to celebrities and radio hosts like Steve Harvey and Al Sharpton telling you who to vote for, but failed to tell you why. Hillary Clinton to black people is a superstar and the Negros are the Groopies, its easy for Steve Harvey to force you to vote for Hillary because he is filthy rich and will not have to worry about your problems, he does not have to walk your streets he brags about how he has police body guarding his house, he walks around with body guards, his kids do not have to go to those fail schools, so dodging bullets is only on the news for him to see. Al Sharpton said on his radio and tv shows that he don't care about what Bernie Sanders did because it was in the past, he wants to know what he is doing now, but Al Sharpton is still marching for the same struggle that started since slavery which is equal rights, if Sharpton wanted to know what Bernie Sanders was doing at the present moment he would find out since Mr sanders is still in public office as Senator of Vermont, but as one of the cheer leaders for Hillary Clinton Sharpton was encouraging people to vote for her, it is easy for Sharpton to do when he has radio shows, and 2 tv shows, he is selling books so he has enough idiots to support him with no questions ask, the black community being sold but too dumb to see.


I chose not to vote for Donald Trump for one reason and one reason only, the unfortunate event for the central park five prove that he is a hateful person, not only he called for the death of those 5 black young men by reinstate the death penalty in NY State as he financed adds on the NY City buses and subways which cost 100 of thousand of dollars, but he also paid add to published names, home addresses and phone numbers of those young men which is a modern day lynching to them and their families, Donald Trump was never man enough to apologize to those young men, or the black community even though the victim wrote a book and apologize to those young man. He talks about taking the country back and make America great again, but never explained when America was great and for whom, or how far back he will take America, he talks about bringing back law and order, if people of color understand they would know law and order was once when a black person could not look at a white person in the eyes or if you did not comply they would call the cops not only you would be beaten but also arrested and charge of a crime, as a black person I would rather die instead of voting for such candidate. Even though he was not my kind of candidate I have to be fair and honest many of the messages that was coming out his mouth was the simple truth, but could never face the black community and break down how he would help, instead he talks to white audience about the issues of the black community.

I have done my home work about Hillary Clinton, I have enough information and reasons for me not to vote for her, Hillary Clinton have been in office for over 30 years, but we can clearly remember her two terms in the senate and have to ask my self what exactly has she done for the black community, if she wanted to she could help a great deal with police reformed and reducing crimes in the community, but she never even bother to propose one bill on the senate floor that could of helped us, she was secretary of state where she could of bring charges against the police that stay brutalize the black community, as white people stuck together she turned the other way and act like there was nothing wrong, not until Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary as she would have to embrace his vision since he was against police brutality in the black community and called for serious reformed and consequences then Hillary Clinton started to speak about police brutality. Even though she speaks about police brutality in the black community she always compliment the police for doing a great job, which is reverse psychology of supporting their crimes, she laughed and said there's no way of providing free education and she would not support Minimum wage at $15 as she took the black vote for granted and has never answer questions nor has she break down the plans on how she is willing to improve the situation in the black community, the laws are broken and will continue to violate black lives she has never tell black people how she is willing to make the proper changes, but than again I have to blame black folks for being a cheer leader and not asking questions. Everyone else including the president of the United Sates and the first lady is campaigning for Hillary Clinton, Celebrities and A List stars are every where performing, this election has turn into a fashion show and a fund raiser, if Hillary Clinton is not strong enough as a candidate to campaign on her own how will she run the country as a president, or are all those people will be making decisions when she is president? only time will tell on the first 100 days and the first term where the black community fits in her policies.

During this election year we should not have any excuses for voting, because we had more than enough time to research as every piece of information has been available to us regarding each candidates, we have sit around and listen to celebrities , Radio media and Tv about who to vote for, but failed to educate us about the process of voting, they keep on telling us vote democrat and let our voice be heard, but have never told us what to say in order for the candidates to hear us out. By listening to those people telling us who to vote for is like open up our door and allow someone else to run our house hold but the way they will run it will not benefit us. You have to make smart decision in order to secure the future ahead, but the decision you make can also be the biggest regret in your life. Black people have been voting democrat but have never gotten anything in return,a system that is broken you have never demand any change of policies, you have been voting with no demands and agendas, the so call black leaders have no agendas that benefit the black community, the last time black people had any agendas for voting was when MLK sat with president Johnson for the civil rights act, majority of black people do not understand the process of voting from delegates, super-delegates and electoral vote to popular vote. Those people who are telling you to vote fail to tell you the most important vote is for your senate, congress, supreme court justice, judges, and councils which are on each ballot, many of you have no idea who they are so you bypass that and just pick the name they tell you to pick, but not knowing no matter who is the president, they may not be able to address your issues if there is not a house or a senate floor that is willing to work side by side with him or her, if your council person cannot stand up for you and with you in times of needs whether bringing programs or funding in your community, when you cry out there will not be any improvement in your community.

Bill Clinton said to his camp when Hillary was running against Barack that "back in the days Obama is the guy they would send out for coffee" Hillary Clinton came close by calling Barack Obama the N word when she was losing the campaign in 2012, she said he was just a community activist who had no experience, just a boy from the community, but as usual black people are quick to forget. The people you elect in public office are the people you allow to make decisions in your life, if you are going to listen to those celebrities about who to vote for, when your concerns are not address by that candidate you should take them to court because they had no right to influence your decision, nor make decision for you, as today November 8, 2016 is election day , I said get out and exercise your right to vote as long as you have a reason or a candidate that you believe in, when you make that decision you have to ask your self 4 years from now where will you be, if this decision a decision you will regret as time is getting closer you will realize you are the one who is destroying your future which will create more struggle for your kids. Today as I volunteer and cast my vote and choose my candidate I wrote down Bernie Sanders on the side of my ballot, which every ballot as the option to write the name of the candidate that you want to choose, but may not be in the running. Because there is a constitution that protects my voting rights, I know I have a chance of turning this election the way I sit fit, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, the more you are ignorant to politics, the more you cannot see the future of your rights being taken from you.


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Comment by mr1stroke on November 13, 2016 at 6:06pm

 HandsomeMan what are you doing on this blog, you are a dumb foreigner who knows nothing about american polictics, and is not allow to vote now if you have an input make your point otherwise your dumb old ass need to wait for trump to deport your third world looking ass why are you on here for someone your age i have yet to see you contribute anything useful to any blogs, not one you must have some real dumb kids because i cant see what you teach them and if at your old age they have not thought you anything which means they either dont care about you since you are already dumb and they are as dumb as you well you pick and who ever told you that you are handsome lol looking like a banana tree with that shirt, go sit your old ass down and let young folks interact 

Comment by HandsomeMan on November 13, 2016 at 5:59pm
Lmao village idiot
Comment by mr1stroke on November 13, 2016 at 10:37am
W M this has always been the problem.with is.choose to be different and raise.our voice.people.say we think we know it all well let me tell you something my friend.i know.what I need to know.and will continue. To learn as I livestock is.why.i debate an DC interact with intelligent people you can choose to lash out like of the ignorants.out there or you educate by making valid points other wise what u have to say may not mean anything to me unless I can learn from it there are too many idiots online arguing now as far as police brutality is not new.i think I said it it went from beating to killing almost every week a black men is shot by police under Obama more black men and women have Bernville by cops I'm th black community not only every day UT every weekend it's a shoot out in the lack community Google other zip code like 18301 please tell me the last time someone shot each other as for the Democratic I don't care what any onesays they think they have minority people under a spell which is where they rely on votes what we did this year at least some of us we did the right thing by not voting for Hillary but vote for the house many others were so pissed they did not vote at all which is why we lost the house so many of those people need to do their homework by not being driven by anger but focus on the fight so unless.we boycott the Democratic party they will never change their policies therefore.we would never get the candidates we want so they will get the something they got this year as far as people like you being a Hillary supporter tell me what exactly has she done for the black community and what was she's going to do how come she never break down the plans how come she never comes to the community but only the churches give us a direct policy thathiklary Clinton put a place in favor of the black community that benefit us for the time she had been in office as for trump will effect me this is the problem with negros they live in fear and complaint but never make preparation I have been preparing my self as soon as trump announced his presidency I have told every one from
People I work with family even on here when I was volunteering for Bernie Sanders I told every one pick 10 policies that will effect you whether it's trump or Hillary and make 10 plans on how to survive with those policies I will tell u The best thing I did 15 years ago is move out from just To make sure.i can attack corporate America and politics.the right way now let me share a little secret with you under trump I will make more money than I make under Obama my business.will work better than ever I can see where he is going with I can't feel sorry for those who have been Relying on Obama care and not doing nothing to grow so u see I don't know it all I just make will work my way so u don't need to worry about me or my post go on.and help those who needs u
Comment by W M on November 12, 2016 at 9:14pm

flores460 we had the opportunity to have a few seats at the table and there were plenty of Blacks at Hillary's table.  Even Trump had a couple of us at his table, but none of them that I respect and the same ones who would throw our community under the bus for self riches.

I don't know why you didn't know this 

Comment by W M on November 12, 2016 at 9:07pm

mr1stroke won't waste too much time in a back and forth with you, because you act like you got all the answers already.  But you don't know s*** and that is your problem, you think that peeps like me can't tell you nothing and haven't been around the block yourself.

You act like police killing us is something new, it's not the ONLY different is that technology has allowed us to record it and share with the world.  And yes it's I agree that this needs to change big time and fast and standing on the outside whining about it is only going to get you so far, you have to be a part of the VERY system that you want to boycott.

If you're not in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, trying to change it from the inside...Then all of this rhetoric is just that rhetoric.  And not all of us are so old to where we can't embrace change and you might learn something if you were acceptable to wanting to learn and not think that you know it all.

And for the record, not a die hard Al Sharpton fan, he has done good at times in the community, so why you chose to (waste your vote), (protest vote) you help enabled Donald Trump and who do you think is on his short list for attorney general?  A****** Rudy Giuliani, who is by far a racist and if you think it won't be open season even more with cops killing us, you're sadly mistaken.

If you want to truly effect change, join either party and start from within and I agree with you that some of our Black leaders have been in office too long and have gotten too fat & comfortable and forgot about their true calling for being in Washington.

But we'll continue this conversation months down the line and we'll talk then..  Because you think for some reason s*** is not going to get rougher in our community or that you won't be effected.  And the only one confused right about now is yourself if you think that the republicans care about the black vote,

They know after this election that their revised "Southern Strategy" is a winning strategy and they don't NEED our votes.  But you keep self educating yourself 

Comment by mr1stroke on November 12, 2016 at 10:49am
W M this is the same old you old folks are still saying people like you and AL Sharpton are conditioned as slaves now if you are going to talk about our ancestors break down why exactly they died was for voting rights if you need help look at my blog on here where I responded to Steve Harvey now you say it I. Your comment but don't realize we are still the group of people who have to have our rights renew exactly for what as long as you have been voting what exactly have you change now compare ur answer to out ancestors did they make changes in their situation or is ur situation getting worse the last time I check we are the only one getting kill by cops for traffic stop the only one who cannot call the cops for help cause they might kill us they went from beating us to killing us now I break down the history I tell you in the Steve Harvey letter what we should vote for old people are afraid to embrace change that is why we ar Web where we are but thank God many people like me are going out there and now the young generation is educating their selves about politics and Bernie Sanders vote them out I started taking politics serious after taking government in school so there's election we will boycott the Democratic party since now they are confuse worse than the Republican they have no one to run they will realize black votes matter and black lives matter
Comment by mr1stroke on November 12, 2016 at 10:38am
flores460 that's is the problem negros were not taught about that or do their research they have been told what to do by others they have no idea about agendas or demands the Jewish and Asian community sit down and talk to those politicians which why they come to their businesses but with the black community they come to their churches write a check to the pastor walk out with no questions ask and the congregation vote as the pastor tell them they haven't businesses or concerns and the older people are still doing the same dumb thing just vote no matter who it is as long as it's Democrats do u see the state of being g conditioned
Comment by flores460 on November 12, 2016 at 9:23am
We are the only people that don't sit at our he table with candidates and issue our demands.
Comment by W M on November 11, 2016 at 11:09pm

Cross check another voter suppression tactic knocked millions off the voting roles, other voting suppression tactics knocked hundreds of thousands off the roles, forget about the 5 million Black folks who didn't even bother to vote. Our numbers were down in our community from '08, '12. Not to mention Chump got anywhere's from 5 to 8% of the Black vote, Can't tell alot of your nothing about our ancestors, dying for our right to vote and we're the ONLY group of people in this Country that has to have our RIGHT to vote renewed ever so often, so what does that tell you? They didn't then and still don't want us today to vote in this Country, but too many of your just throw that sacred right away like it doesn't mean nothing.

Comment by W M on November 11, 2016 at 11:03pm

Election is over and we got the candidate that we didn't need to get. For some reason some of your think that Bernie would've been a better candidate, the Republicans were chopping at the bits praying for Bernie, besides calling him a "socialist", "communist", "Marxist" (which you can't be all of them) did your forget he is a Jew? They were going to light his ass up, like they did Hillary, which wasn't my choice in the primaries because I voted for Bernie myself...
But once he finally conceded, she was the ONLY candidate and I fell in line and voted for her.
So why you and others spin and wax all of this unnecessary garbage, who didn't vote, or voted for a 3rd candidate..thanks we got Trump. So get ready for pain for the next 4 years and with the supreme court going to tilt to the right for a generation or 2, good luck with that.
What I see is a whole bunch of your that don't have a clue on how bad it was at times with Reagan, Nixon or even Bush, but your will see it firsthand and then I want your to think about NOT voting or wasting a vote on your so called (protest vote).
If you haven't noticed racial attacks on minorities of all persuasion have been on the up tick and that isn't going to go away no time soon.
Remember Rudy? Former Mayor of New York City? He's clamoring for the Attorney General's job, Trump has already said he wants to take "stop and frisk" nationwide, so if your think s*** isn't going to go from bad to worse, hold on to your butts and be prepared for the storm.
Then after a year this bum has been in office, you come back with another letter to the black community and say what? I didn't think it could get this bad?

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