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Letter to my Black People in Honor of Black History Month

Back in the 60s we stood together, we marched and fight together, we made demands and got answers, today all we do is follow others, we have no concern about our situation. I am talking to the smart, the dumb and the retards you have to pick which one you are, we have are following those who are protesting but dont realize we are hurting the worst, when those celebrities are out there protesting against the president they have special interests and none of them are your concerns, Madonna is protesting, Cher is protesting among many even your Steve and Al Sharpton against Trump but none of them live in your community or dodging bullets, when the last time you see any of them in your community Steve Harvey brag how he has police body guarding his home, Al sharpton lives in the heels of T-Neck when the last time you see or any of those people in your community? not one time and none of you can serve as witness they have no idea what goes on in the black community other than what they see on the news or may someone who runs with them still lives in the community.

while those folks are against the president they are hurting the community if the president sign a policy that will help the community because those people are so against him those of us who needs help suppose to suffer just because a number of Americans refuse to accept the reality. I have heard many says they are so against Trump they would not talk to him and would not work with him, well let me understand the intelligent mind, how are we suppose to get help for our community if we wont talk to the president who constantly writing policies before his 100 days, how are we suppose to raise awareness and make demands? if Donald trump call a black person a n***** he was not talking about me because before him i knew who i was and know who i am, when he was talking the stuff he was talking he was not talking about me, when he was grabbing women the way he did he was not grabbing my daughter either Trump or any man who degrades my daughter would not still be alive, i raised my daughter like a young lady she is now a teenager i am a father and will continue to be a father and teach her how she should be treated, therefore Donald Trump is not my concern because i am raising my kids like a father should.

Donald Trump was the only politician to look at black people in the face and tell them the truth, every politicians especially the democratic candidates have been sugar coating you, why dont you tell me how have that been working for you? he told you that your community is filled with crimes, well let see people are moving out of the community everyday including me, and those who cant are afraid to walk these streets, he said your school system is poor and need help, how many graduates do we have going to college and what is the number of the drop outs, he said unemployment is on the rise and there is no family values in the black community, well how many black folks we know with degrees but cant find jobs, many of black women are struggling to raise kids on their own, fathers are gone and they losing control of the kids, can somebody who lives in the black community tell me which part of all that is a lie? because i am still one who is from the community and still walks the community when ever i please, any one who says they would not work with the president is a damn fool, to any one of the people you know who will not sit down and talk to Donald Trump please ask them what better solution they have to help the black community, when will they start the process and give us the numbers, names and websites of the groups who will start helping because as of right now we are in a crisis.

If i could meet President Trump today i would explain to him why i did not vote for him, i would tell him why i am still hurting for the reason that i could not vote for him and if he could repair that damage i promise i would stand with him the next election around should he decides to run again. I would also plead to the president about the help the community desperately need and if he can at least help with 25% of the problem i truly believe we can start to get back on our feet to a better tomorrow. Many brag about the former president Obama, yes he did a lot of good things, but who exactly did they benefit? when Obama set aside funds for the holocaust victims, he never even acknowledge the slave victims even your black president treated you like you never existed, for 6 years under president Obama my health plan went from $120 biweekly to $451 now that the new president signed the executive order my health provider not only refund me for the month of January, but they also make the adjustment of the new premium at $249.51 because they are keeping some stuff in the affordable care policy, while you are out there protesting because things dont work your way, think about what if some of us were out there protesting against everything we did not agree with Obama, why dont you do the math of the difference i was being charged on my health care every two weeks and see how much money i could of save and invest toward my kids future, thanks to your great president Obama many of us had to suffer yet we never raise hell.

While Obama was president he had many opportunity to set policies to protect every American citizens from police brutality especially people of color in this country just like he did with Obama care a simple general policy, instead he done nothing but making fancy speeches, some people came to his defense and says well he went to some of the funerals in Chicago if that is such of big deal do you know how many funerals i have been through with victims from gun violence do you know how many funerals i have assist with financially and support with rallys? believe me your former president did not please so many of us, but we were not out there protesting. Black people need to wake up and look around, who really standing with you? when the 49 people got shot at the gay club the country stood up to band guns and change the gun laws, but when we are shot even though they say they know where the guns are coming from, they still wont tell you who are bringing those guns in the black community, because they know from the local officials and top politicians are involve so the black community become the black market for those with greed. Because so many people are against Trump they even attack his kids where they have a campaign against Ivanka Trump called "GrabYourWallet" in order to pull her products off the shelf, well guess what majority of those big chain store outlets continue to stop selling her products. Now are you retarded black people, are you paying attention? white America can watch a black man shot dead like a dog left to bleed to death, or a college kid by the name or Mike Brown shot dead by cops, a grand father by the name of Eric Garner choked to death by a bunch of Cops where he repeatedly crying he cant breathe they did not care but took his life, those are innocent black people we watched on video as they took their last breath not one time white America stood with you, not one time white America cry with you, but like a bunch of fools with no concern trying to fit in are out there protesting, but can you tell me what exactly you expect to get out of all that? until you love your self no one will value anything you have until they can use you.

for Years democratic candidates lied to us, they disrespect us, they give hand outs to those who refuse to grow in order to keep their silence because of that the rest of us are out numbered, The former president you called the first black president "Bill Clinton" signed the crime bill in 1994 that same crime bill put away fathers, brothers, and sons in prison and you still worship him and his wife like a God, Bill clinton collect about 9 Billion dollars from the international community for the earth quake victims in Haiti, today Haiti remains the poorest country full of diseases but no one question the Clinton Foundation to find out the role of that money, yet you reward him by supporting his wife to become president, should he was a black man with all that money would you treat him the same? John Lewis took a seat for Gun laws when the 49 shooting took place at the gay night club, where is John Lewis when innocent black people are dying by gun violence in the black community, where is John Lewis when the racist cops are killing innocent black people, where have John Lewis been? all those years he has been in congress, what have John Lewis do to help the black community, how is the black community in John Lewis district are growing? When John Lewis had his little feud with Donald Trump you people called him a hero just because he marched during the civil rights movement, well he is not my hero, John Lewis said he never met Bernie Sanders during the civil rights movement, he made it seem that Bernie sanders contribution did not mean anything, but he said he did meet the Clinton, if John Lewis is a hero for marching in the civil rights movement what about the young kids, the men and women who lost their lives during those marches, did they die in vain, are they not our Heros? John Lewis have the opportunity to tell his story, he has the opportunity to make changes, but what have he done ever since, if John Lewis is so against the president for what he stands for, but not for what he can do to help the black community, does John Lewis have a solution, if he does how come we have not heard about it? may he can make a press conference and tell us about his plan that can help the black community, how and when will he start working on such plan. The world knows you hate your self which is why our community refuse to grow, outside of the black community every one else are rising up everyday, sit down take a look at your self, trace your step back, evaluate your actions and decisions, and just may be we might be able to grow together, but without love and unity you will continue to fall as you will find your self back to modern day slavery.

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Comment by Harry Toddler on February 12, 2017 at 6:59am
I agree with you 100% Mr1stroke, they teach us to fight amongst each other, that way we don't progress. Instead of calling names and acting ignorant, how about someone offering a solution. All the so called black activists are nowhere to be found. I find it hilarious this uncle Tom Cory Booker is piggy backing off any kind of tragedy to get his name out there to further his political advancement. I firmly believe as a RACE we are fuked, why because we can't even stand together as a family how the he'll are we going to stand together as a Race? The White police are killing us left and right and dude above found the time to check the posters Grammar and big up a so called activist, ok so what have you guys done to help stop the cold bloodied murdering of our ppl
Comment by HandsomeMan on February 12, 2017 at 4:24am
Comment by mr1stroke on February 12, 2017 at 4:12am
And by the way to the idiot who says John Lewis is the process it's 2017 how old is he what is a process
Comment by mr1stroke on February 12, 2017 at 4:11am
That's the problem with negros instead of contributing they would throw stones ok since we know that is what negros are good at than why not shine I state my views you guys can state your views as for John Lewis the question is clear as for for me I don't care about what his old was involve with I state the question through out our struggle what exactly he did and I state everything in the post and again you guys talking about grammar you are an English teacher every time I turn around you guys are copying repeating post from other people's blog at least I own this now for those who keep repeating the same negro nonsense ok I hear you trump don't care about black people we get it what's your plan I mean seriously you all suppose to be so educated instead of you answer the questions or state your facts you are better at criticize and that's how you exposed your self by being total idiots because every one can see none of you have a solution or answer so what's tbe point do what you do better as you can see look at my age I am a success under trump so Far business is booming for me I am not complaining if you guys Can do so much better with your level of education and trump is so bad why are you still complaining it's like the people who been talking so bad about America for so long now they are crying and out there protesting and I am sitting laughing come on show people you guys can do better lol ok why don't you all get together and tell us why you mad
Comment by David peart on February 12, 2017 at 1:41am
I don't think this was written by a black person if we don't join together march together and fight together then we are doomed Trump has only his own interests at heart and wouldn't gives a rats ass about black people
Comment by DAVI KRISTOFF on February 12, 2017 at 1:14am
Comment by StokeS on February 12, 2017 at 12:44am
THIS IS COMPLETE TRASH!! Sorry bro but you REALLY need to work on your grammar and punctuation before you're going to write a Trump promotion post that is as long as this one. It's so difficult trying to decode what the hell you're trying to say. Your ramblings sound like Sean Spicer trying to cover up the latest idiotic Trump scandal. F*** Donald Trump! DOUBLE F*** DONALD TRUMP!! And you want to disrespect Civil Rights activist John Lewis in the process??? Really?? You are definitely Trump crazy, clueless and delusional. What's your record of accomplishments? When did you lay more then your mouth down for the people? How dare you try to praise a Cheetos looking bigot while putting down a black hero?? This trash writing loses all credibility on the merit alone. GTFOH!! Go Stroke Trump elsewhere!

John Lewis is the one and only living "Big Six" leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement.
Was chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Played and is playing a key role in the struggle to end legalized racial discrimination and segregation.

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