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Lady Saw goes gospel – Dancehall Queen to leave old life behind! NO MORE DING DONG!!!!

Queen of the Dancehall Lady Saw says she will be leaving the dancehall music industry as of August 31 to pursue gospel music.

“The 31st of August I’m out,” revealed the artiste.

“Me nah stay no longer,” she added.

Saw cited spiritual experiences as the reason for her decision to leave dancehall for gospel. In addition to her break-up with Lloyd ‘John John’ James after a 17-year relationship, and the widespread dislike for her among females in the dancehall music industry, Saw says all have played a role in her decision.

“It’s two things – been having some experience with God from August (last year), it get very intense very deep, and I experienced the Holy Ghost and then some females rise up against me,” she said.

“God use the closest person to me an hurt me an say ‘I going to see if yuh love dah man yah more than me’,” she continued. Adding, “Then Him send some friend … who me did think a friend, and God use them an hurt me an say ‘Me ago see if yuh nah come’.”

“I’m so tired of people accusing me of fighting against them, blocking them out, pushing them out. It’s okay, God want me, so why not go? Maybe He is the one that’s doing it,” revealed the Queen of the Dancehall.

Saw explained that many have tried to persuade her into joining the church, however, she did not trust their intentions. Nevertheless, she was persuaded after being reunited with a long-time friend who invited her to church.

“She lead me into a simple church up inna one bush down a St Ann yuh know, I love the church cause it so little,” she recalled.

Saw says she felt at home in the church because she was not treated differently because of her stardom.

“One likkle boy realised who I was and start running around and telling people it’s me and the thing is I never see everybody cu cu cu, yuh know…, I don’t like excitement. That’s where I am going to be baptised, renew my vows with God,” she added.

Saw further added that promoters are already looking forward to having her on Gospel shows

I guess she's done loving the ding dong! So long, Lady Saw!

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Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler on July 29, 2013 at 2:47pm

I was upset about to cry but you know what You gwan Lady saw !!!! It's raining your body calling, Tell ar u up for this,Hice it up !!!! I lost my innocence to your songs in basement parties I will always hold on to the way you brought me thru adolesence in such a kind and semi motherly way !!!! I am in tears right now !!! General pass me a tissue!!!! My Mumma Saw is leaving !!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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