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A Frustrated Master P Goes Off on Imprisoned Brother and Kim K, Monica / Watch IG Rant

Kim Kardashian and Monica Join Forces to Free C-Murder From Prison Master P - Ig screenshot

MasterP is looking a lil’ strange these days as he seems to have not only a problem with his brother, C-Murder but with Monica and Kim Kardashianwho are trying to help C-Murder get out of prison for what may be an unjust sentence

Master P, real name Percy Miller,  went to the Gram and posted a rant saying that C-Murder needs to start taking responsibility, blah, blah blah for his actions and expressed a bunch of grievances he’s had with his imprisoned brother over the years.

He also, for whatever reason,  went off on C-Murder’s praise of both Kim Kardashian and Monica for helping him get out of prison.

Strange, indeed. In any event, check it out below.

Welp! In this post, #MasterP responds to #Monica following her comments regarding his frustrations with his brother #CMurder


Kim Kardashian has her sights set on her next prison case -- saying she's going to put her resources toward helping free a famous rapper who's Master P's sibling ... AKA, C-Murder.

She made the announcement Sunday, noting evidence has been questioned in the case and that eyewitnesses have since recanted their testimony about pinning him to the crime he was convicted of committing, not to mention jurors allegedly being pressured to vote guilty.

Kim writes, "On January 18, 2002 a tragedy occurred when a young man was killed. The next day Corey Miller was arrested for the murder." She went on to say he was convicted on a ruling of 10-2, and that if his trial happened today ... it would have to be unanimous.

She says true justice means catching the actual killer -- C-Murder was accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old at a Louisiana club -- and that in light of these new developments over the past several years, it's time to get him out, or have him retried at the very least.

Right now, C-Murder is serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Kim also says she's teaming up with C-Murder's ex-girlfriend, Monica, in the effort to free him. Monica's been outspoken about the cause for a while -- and now, she has a powerful ally in KK to actually get some movement. Kim's bringing on some high-leverage attorneys.

It looks like C-Murder himself is incredibly appreciative of the love and dedication Monica's shown over the years ... 'cause he shouted her out in a new IG post in light of the news.

He writes, "Moses when they took me I told you go live your life because you didn’t deserve what the system was about to do to me. You still stood for me, without me asking created a team that could change the outcome of a very unfair fate! You been Forever Tru , One in a Lifetime!! @monicadenise got em saying #FreeCoreyMiller."

C-Murder was on Master P's label, No Limit, in the '90s and put a number of successful records over his career. He's been featured in tons of songs with other famous rappers like Snoop Dogg, Lil Boosie, Papoose, Krayzie Bone, Magic and several others.


Corey “C-Murder” Miller and Master p

Corey ‘C-Murder’ Miller and Master p

Kim Kardashian and Monica are on a mission to free C-Murder from prison.

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, is serving life in prison for the fatal shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2009. Miller, brother of rapper Master P, appealed after one of the jurors, Mary Jacob, revealed she (and other jurors) received “brutal” pressure to vote guilty. But his murder conviction was upheld by the court.

Kenneth Jordan, a key witness in trial, filed a sworn affidavit, in 2018 stating, “I know the individual that I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller.” Jordan says Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives pressured him to lie under oath, or else he would face a 10-year sentence on unrelated criminal charges, EUR previously reported. 

I was distraught and scared,” Jordan reportedly claims in the affidavit. “JPSO officers told me that if I testified against Corey Miller I could ‘go home’; they told me what to say; they fed me facts about the fight and details about the DJ and the dance party, none of which I really knew.”Jordan also reportedly recanted in an episode of a true-crime series “Reasonable Doubt.”“If I could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t have did it. In that moment it felt like that’s what I had to do,” Jordan reportedly says in the TV episode. C-Murder’s ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Monica, has vowed to help get him released. 

“You are not alone,” she wrote. “The fight is about to change because you will not fight alone! Your daughter and Tru family deserve to have you with them! I’m about to be on some other sh*t @cmurder”

Kardashian also noted in a tweet, “True justice for the young man requires that the person who actually killed him be held responsible and that Corey Miller he returned home to his kids.”

C-Murder is serving his sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. In 2017,  he was ordered by a Jefferson Parish judge to pay Thomas’ family $1.15 million.

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Comment by stephen myers on August 24, 2020 at 11:00am

What do you expect from a name like C Murder? modern day subculture of thugs, they are the arm of white supremacy, worse than the KKK or any racist you can think of, that is why I SMH when I hear Black people blaming every one else but themselves, they blame the Democrats, immigrants, for their choices to murder each other, sell dope, join gangs, I realize Black people here can't ever do the right thing and are not fit to run a government of their own, and that includes other parts of the world, just not cut out for it, better off among other races  here because we don't mess with them, don't blame them for not wanting to be around Black people in mass, the masses are dysfunctional, no hope in my life time or the future. 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 23, 2020 at 10:47am
Master P , is right, his brother need to own up. As for Monica, mmm, she started C murder, while she was having martial problems and file for divorce. Now she want to help him? She has been going to visit C murder alot while he is in jail. No, wonder some of these black women are single.
Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 23, 2020 at 12:53am
Damn he kill the dude. Do not do the crime if you can't do the time. They're people in jail for crimes they did not commit, get them out.
Comment by Yasmin on August 17, 2020 at 11:01pm

LMAO!!! I just can't with these people.

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