​With every interview he gives, Kanye West makes it a little less clear when his long-awaited album ​SWISH​ will come out. There's still no information about when (or if) that will actually happen. But on Monday, the 2020 presidential candidate shared two new songs to his Soundcloud account. The sign of a full album? The first is a reworking of the ​808s & Heartbreak ​song "Say You Will" featuring Caroline Shaw, a composer who happens to be the youngest person to win a Pulitzer Prize for music.

The second is Kanye's version of the Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends," which Kanye produced for ​Beauty Behind the Madness​. Though it's not clear whether or not these songs will be on ​SWISH​, they do at least give Yeezy fans hope that ​SWISH ​might actually happen one day.

From: Cosmopolitan