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Justice Clarence Thomas Calls New Sexual Harassment Claims “Preposterous”

A lawyer for an energy company claimed, just this past Thursday, that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas allegedly touched her in an inappropriate manner back in 1999 while they were out to dinner in suburban Washington, DC.

Thomas has since denied all allegations.

Moira Smith says in a statement that she was only 23 when “Justice Thomas touched me inappropriately and without my consent.” Smith, who is now the vice president and general counsel of Enstar, Natural Gas in Achorage, Alaska, was a recent grad from Georgetown University at the time. She was spending the year as a Truman Foundation scholar in Washington.

Two of Smith’s former roommates confirmed to The Assosciated Press that she did tell them exactly what had allegedly taken place on the night in question. However, Smith didn’t decide to go public with her claims until 16 years later… this month.

In a statement given by Thomas, he said that the claims were “preposterous” and “it never happened.”

Back in 1991 a woman claimed that Thomas harassed her as well, and because of these claims his court confirmation was almost derailed.

Anita Hill Testifying Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Smith explains what moved her to finally share her story.

“As the mother of a young daughter and son, I am coming forward to show that it is important to stand up for yourself and tell the truth. When powerful men commit sexual assault, they count on their victims keeping it a secret,” she said in the statement.

One of her former roommates also made a statement saying, “I can’t recall if it was that night or the next morning, but she told us that she went to this dinner and then this awful thing happened, I don’t recall our reaction to it, except I guess we were young and we didn’t know what to do with that kind of information.”

So, what are your thoughts on these claims? Think she’s lying or could there be some truth to her story? Also, what are your thoughts on women who decide to tell their story a decade or more later after the alleged incident took place? Does that make it look sketchy?

Comment below and tell me what you think.

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Comment by Mr. Johnson on November 4, 2016 at 1:26pm
1999? Your coming out now? Can we say the Bill Cosby syndrome? Plz lady nobody cares.

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