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Hello to All who reads this

I decided to write a blog, because I'm gonna explode if I don't write my thoughts out. The reason for this blog started yesterday when I saw a short video clip of how Africans were being treated in Isreal. They were denied full citizenship and the women were given controversial birth control that in some cases left them sterile. They were treated like this because of the skin color. Even in these cases Jews in Ethiopia and across Africa want to just be apart of the holy land just like the other Jews. Even with all the rich Jews in Israel (over 10,000 millionaires) there is no real distribution of wealth in the region unless you're anglo saxon. Honestly, that bothered me but it wasn't until I needed to find something to remind me our rich history that I got more upset. I lookup the history of the Moors on youtube and found an excellent 1 and half documentary on the lives the Moors led and the fact that they shaped and gave rise the Renaissance age for Europeans and also the Spanish. Today though there is no mention of the Moors and their contribution to science, math, language,medicine and so much more. 

The Spanish denounced any lineage or history shared with the Moors other than Holy War infiltrators and the Christians who walked side by side with Muslims took the knowledge they were given and literally re-wrote history. Today I see this same snake like treachery in hollywood where charaters once known for there ethnic background are roles given to European faces such as the Prince of Persia was played Jake Gyllenhaal and even the film coming out about the bible where Christian Bale plays one of the main characters and Noah played by Russel Crowe. 

I don't know, finding out this knowledge makes me feel proud of a history that not only contributed to the technological advances we still today, but I feel like how could the Moors share this knowledge so freely and then get betrayed by the same Europeans they helped out for the dark ages. This treatment is still going on today, whether you call them culture robbers, or stealing history and replacing it with a fake one it's been erased and replaced. I don't know whether to be filled with hatred and anger towards the others and just be happy that I have been able to realize that history has been falsely misrepresented. 

 I can't help but think is one small thing was changed even just one thing, slavery could have been prevented and wealth distribution could be more equally spread among the classes and races. I want to have love for all races,but when I look around and see what was done in the past and what is being done today I find it hard to feel anything but hatred for the European and their descendants. I know generally there are some good white and I have met some of them, but that can't outweigh the horrific acts and crimes against humanity by the hands of the Anglo Saxon. As far as the slave trade I'm not blind to the fact that some Senegal, Ghana, Benin and other nations played their part and share responsibility in the Black Holocaust. I just know what to feel. 

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