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Just In - Latest Study: Blacks settled the Americas BEFORE 130,000 B.C.

Ancient Kemet      Modern Egypt

PreHistoric Egypt Egypt-1   Egypt-2 Egypt-3   Egypt-4 Egypt-5   Egypt-6 Egypt-7   Egypt-8 Egypt-9   Egypt-10
Ancient Sumer, Agade, Assyria (Mesopotamia) Modern Iraq

Sumer-1    Sumer-2 Sumer-3    Sumer-4 Sumer-5    Sumer-6 Sumer-7
Ancient Elam & Persia:  Modern Iran

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Ancient Canaan & Phoenicia: Modern Israel & Palestine

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The original Black  Civilization of Crete & Greece: The Minoan & Mycenaean

Minoan-1 Minoan-2Minoan-3 Minoan-4
The original Black  Civilization of Italy:  The Etruscans

Etruria-1   Etruria-2  Etruria-3 
The Ancient Indus  Valley: Harappa & Mohenjo-daro  Modern India & Pakistan

Indus Valley-1 Indus Valley-Indus Valley-3


Just In - Latest Study: Blacks settled the Americas BEFORE 130,000 B.C. Click >>


Welcome to Real History World Wide

*** We're Winning ***

The British, with the "Modern" Germans, were the originators of revisionist history. It was they who first began to write Blacks out of history after the “Race/Religious Wars" of the late medieval. Now look, the British will soon start teaching their children the truth: that Blacks were the original people of Britain. But please know, this is not the result of truth seeking, those truths were always known. Rather, this is them succumbing to the pressure of sources like Realhistoryww, and others, who publish the truth. The truth causes people to ask uncomfortable questions of authority. Accordingly, we call upon students and truth seekers everywhere to keep the pressure up, demand the truth - it works! Click here for the News Stories: >>>

Realhistoryww is being ACCESS BLOCKED!

Dear friends, every year, millions of you visit this site for the truth about what happened in the past. Not surprisingly, White media, and the people they represent (the fabricators of false racist White history), have come to see Realhistoryww as a threat to their status quo. Accordingly some internet providers have started to Block Access to this site. Please see the linked list for those currently Blocking access to this site, and at the same time, Blocking your access to the truth. Click here: >>


Most or perhaps all, of what the average person knows about history, is derived from White media - of one kind or another. The problem is that White media's function is to entertain White audiences, not to enlighten anyone. After all, it is made-up fantasy. So first of all, let us clarify what is REAL, and what is fantasy.

White Fantasy

As demonstrated in Museum art, Television and Movies




Legitimate Black researchers, (as opposed to those who do it to gain favor with the Albinos and thus make money), must out of necessity, try to reconstruct history by bits and pieces. The Albinos have after all, had over 200 years to create their false paintings, statues, and false translations of historical documents.

The task of parsing their lies from the truth is indeed daunting. But every now and then, we uncover an artifact so revealing, that it answers many of our questions, such as; What race were the Holy Roman Emperors? What race were the Inca? Who was the last Black Spanish King? When did the Spanish start depicting Jesus as an Albino instead of a Black man? All of these question have been answered by a painting of the Inca king list, painted circa 1800 in Peru.

All related pages have been updated with this new information: i.e. South America-2, and History of the Holy Roman Empire in the Charles V section.


A surprising number of people, do not understand that Museum Art, Movies, and Television, reflect what is called "Artistic license" (also known as dramatic license, historical license, poetic license, narrative license, licentia poetica, or simply license), it is a colloquial term, or euphemism, used to denote the distortion of fact. Using examples above: Modern Man evolved in Equatorial Africa, though the temperature there is perfect for unclothed Man (min. temp. 69 F - max. temp. 79 F): But it is also the place were the Suns UV intensity is at it's maximum (11): An unclothed White person in that environment, would Sunburn in less than 15 minutes, and die from Sunburn or Skin Cancer in short order - Nature gave Black Skin to natural Humans for a reason, it has a Function!

Beginning during the renaissance and even earlier, European artists took to depicting historical people, as they hoped or imagined them to look. And in doing so, they made everyone White, but that is not reality. In reality: as shown by REAL artifacts, ancient White Greeks, who originated in Central Asia: by the classical period, were mostly a mixed-race people, owing to admixture with the original Black Europeans they encountered when they arrived in Europe (circa 1,200 B.C.). Troy was an Anatolian City, REAL artifacts clearly show that Anatolians were Black people. Jesus was a Hebrew, REAL artifacts clearly show that Hebrews were Black people, same with Persians and Egyptians. But one special mention concerning the Egyptian image: that does not reflect "Artistic license" rather, that reflects a simple attempt to lie! Because in fact, it is the image of a real ruler of Egypt: a GREEK ruler of Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. Greek and Roman artifacts from their respective periods of occupation in Egypt, are routinely used, along with fake and re-worked artifacts of Egyptians and others too, by degenerate racists to portray them as REAL Egyptians, thus indicating that Egyptians, and other ancients, were White people. That is purposeful revisionist history - a lie!


The REAL non-African history of Modern Man, begins when Modern man started his out of Africa (OOA) migrations from Southern Africa some 60,000 years ago. He started a process that would eventually result in Modern man populating every habitable corner of the world. That first migration saw Modern man take a coastal route through Southern Asia, down through Malaysia, and "Islanding Hopping" to Australia. All along the way, leaving behind settlements of people who would populate those areas. The evidence indicates that at least two groups (perhaps at different times) made this journey, the Australoids and the Polynesians - the skeletons of these "Australoids and Polynesians" will later be found in the Americas, where they were also the first inhabitants.

Please note: All Main Menu pages are updated as new material becomes available.However - most "New" material is added as "Special Subject" pages. These pages deal thoroughly with one single issue. Click here for access to the "Special Subject" pages.

The second migration (OOA) at about 50,000 years ago, saw at least three groups of Modern Man take an "Inland" route through Southern Asia and up into Northern Asia. There one group, (that we call Mongols) eventually founded the Xia and Shang civilizations in China. Another group, (that we call Jomon), migrated to Japan. And another group, that were probably initially Albinos; (not a put-down, that is simply what the evidence indicates - Click here >>>). Today we call these people, who because of admixture, are no longer Albinos "Caucasians'), they migrated to Central Asia. Soon after that time, the Glaciers in Europe started to melt, and "Modern man" (not Cro-Magnon, he entered later at about 35,000 ya), in the person of "Grimaldi Man" entered Europe through the Straits of Gibraltar at about 45,000 years ago. There is general consensus in the worlds scientific community that the preceding is accurate to a best "available evidence" certainty.

All the while, Modern man was also migrating northward "In" Africa. Some of these people found their way to the Nile Valley and founded the Egyptian civilization. Others kept going, and founded the Canaanite civilization in modern Israel/Palestine, the Sumerian civilization in Iraq, the Anatolian civilizations in Turkey, the Elamite civilization in Iran, (there is no certainty as to which group started the Indus Valley civilization). There is also uncertainty as to which group, (the Nile Valley people, or Grimaldi man), founded the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations in Crete and Greece, and the Etruscan civilization in Italy.

  Germany - History of the Black Holy Roman Empire: Click here >>>  

   Black Britain:  Click here >>


The Real History of White People   click picture    

As previously stated, the preceding is generally accepted as scientific fact (except for the Albinos - for obvious reasons). There is no lack of scientific evidence to support it, and the conclusions are certainly logical and straight-forward, so why is this scientific history, so different from the history that all of us are taught?

The problem is that the previously alluded to "Caucasians" sometime around 2,000 B.C, and for unknown reasons, decided to leave their Central Asian homelands and move West and South - see the Kurgan Hypothesis. They reached India (the Arian's) at about 1,700 B.C, and conquered the Black Dravidians who had created the Indus Valley civilizations there. At about the same time, other groups reached Eastern Europe, where they eventually conquered the Black cultures there.

At about 1,200 B.C, the Hellenes and Latin's invaded Southern Europe. The Hellenes conquered the native Pelasgians and Mycenaeans in Greece, while the Latin's conquered the native Etruscans and Gaul's in Italy, France, and surrounding areas. After usurping these civilizations, they eventually moved south into Anatolia, the Middle East, and North Africa. All the Black civilizations in these places were also conquered and usurped - this as a result of the great war-making abilities of Alexander the great, and his victory over the first Persian Empire in 334 B.C. (Egypt was by then a Persian vassal state). The last of the Black civilizations to fall, was the resurgent second Persian Empire (the Sassanian) at about 642 A.D. (This was ostensibly an Arab victory, but was in fact accomplished with mostly White troops).

NEW! The History of North Africa: Click Here >>>

With the entire known World under their control, millions upon millions of Whites from Central Asia, poured into Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, thereby changing the complexion of these areas (pun intended), the Germans and Turks being the last in at about 600s A.D.

Please make special note: In these pages we often refer to "Turks" singularity, without differentiating between the original Turks, and the modern populations. This is factually incorrect, and done solely for convenience. The original Turkish people were a White or Caucasian people, the "Modern" Turks of today; who inhabit Turkey, North Africa, The Middle East, Western Asia, Parts of Arabia, and parts of Eastern Europe; reflect different degrees of admixture between the Blacks who originally inhabited those lands, and the Greeks, Romans, and finally Turks, who in their turn, later conquered those lands.

Medieval Muslim texts displaying a Hatred of Blacks: Click here >>>


Black Mediterranean History, via Coin and Pottery Click Here: >>>

The History of Slavery

Click Here:>>

In 1492 Christopher Columbus "discovered" the new world, that set in motion the conquest and subjugation of the native Americans (of which there was many ethnicity's), and the movement of millions upon millions of Whites to the Americas. Unfortunately for the native Americans, they had no resistance to White diseases, so in addition to their deaths due to war, there was perhaps even more deaths due to disease. The result was that out of the approximately 100 million people living in the Americas at the time of Christopher Columbus's landing, by 1650 A.D, only 15 million remained alive.

Click here >>>

Which brings us to today, and our current dilemma. Sometime after the European middle ages, perhaps even before, Whites created Racism, a system whereby they started to denigrate Blacks and instituted a system of ill treatment towards Blacks. Some theorize that this my be a result of ancient memories of the way Blacks treated Whites when they were still Albinos in Africa - treatment that was most foul indeed - Click the link for modern examples of the horrors that Albinos suffer in Africa. Click here >>>

And some theorize that it was simply to insure that Blacks would not one day become resurgent, and return the favor. Others say that it was more recent, and was just a way to rationalize the American Slave trade. Whatever the reason, it certainly exists today, and has resulted not only in the mistreatment of Blacks, but in the really strange practice of writing Blacks out of history. It seems a really pathetic thing to want to do, but that is exactly what Whites have been doing for centuries. White academics, together with those in what seems to be an industry of people making fake "White-looking" statues and artifacts of Black ancients, to support their false history. Not to mention the defaced Black statues, which make it difficult to determine race, all used in a seemly "matter of fact like" conspiracy to write Blacks out of history.

The "matter of fact like" character of it, seems to be analogous to the early days of the film industry, when a part called for a Black person, a black-faced White person was used instead. All done as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Of course, denying the value and accomplishments of an entire race of people is NOT natural or normal. The point being, that Whites seem to have developed a phobia about acknowledging what Blacks had accomplished. It's as though they were thinking "If they find out who they actually are, what will they do? This inbred fear of what Blacks with power will do, is very apparent in the American psyche since their election of the first Black President. This even though, it is plain to all that he seeks to do good for all, regardless of race.

And to bring this lunacy full-circle, all the while, there has been White scientist who have been busily uncovering material, which proves them liars. And so it is with the artifacts and data, for the most part uncovered by White scientists, that we present our histories of "Ancient Man and His First Civilizations". The artifacts pictured are authentic, and are found in museums around the world. The actual histories presented are conventional, and can be found in encyclopedias or history books. The difference being, that where Whites conveniently neglect to identify people by race, we do. Where Blacks were written out of history, we write them back in. Where bogus White artifacts were used, we use authentic Black artifacts. Our Manifesto - of a sort - is here: Click.

Under the heading: “if only they knew then, what they know now.”

Early Chinese description of Europeans: "These barbarians (Europeans) have a grim look, untidy hair, and an unpleasant smell. They have no rituals worthy of the name, they're liars, and are rather arrogant. They conquer countries by fraud and force, ingratiating themselves in a friendly way, before they oppress the natives. At the heart of their conduct is Violence."


We present these histories to you in an Interwoven running Chronology Format. That is to say, we are telling all of the histories at the same time (sort of): By clicking Next at the bottom of each page, we take you through the entire presentation in related order. This format provides a wonderful opportunity to see how developments in one place, effects what happens in another. Needless to say, these histories out of necessity must be condensed. However, great care has been taken to insure that this presentation delivers accurate history, and preserves a true "sense" of each civilization. Our presentation is comprehensive, and covers All of man's original civilizations. Just click the start below to begin, or use the menu selections, above and below, to go to a specific civilization.


The "True" Negro

It has come to our attention that some people are casting Aspersions on the veracity of our site. This because when they come upon pictures of ancient Black Egyptians, Europeans, Middle Easterners etc. They say "those are NOT Black people, Black people do NOT look like that". They have come expecting to see pictures of: (that which the White Man has Defined as the "True" Negro); and there are few to be found. Please click here for an explanation of this seeming contradiction. Also the History of North Africa - And some really great pictures of Africans. <click here>



Don't forget to make note of the page where you leave off, when you come back, use the links below or above, to pick-up where you left off!

Additional material Menu: The history of Christianity, Hammurabi’s law code etc; more pictures. <click here>



How Jesus and the Hebrews became White

The original Black Civilizations of Anatolia:  Modern Turkey

Anatolia-1 Anatolia-2 Anatolia-3
The original Black Civilizations of China: The  Xia & Shang

        China-1       China-2
The original Black Cultures of  Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe
The original Black Civilization of  Mexico:  The Olmec

Olmec      Mesoamerica
The original Civilizations of  South America

Introduction to South America

South america-1 South america-2

The original Black People of Hawaii

The original Black Civilization of  Thailand



The original Black Civilization of  Cambodia

The original Black Civilization of  Vietnam

The original Black Civilization of  Indonesia

The original Black People of Prehistoric America
Pre-historic America
The original Black People of North America
North America
H***-Hablis, H***-Erectus, Neanderthal,            Cro-Magnon

H***-1 H***-2

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