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Nicki Minaj Under Fire - Did she Disrespect Rosa Parks In New Song {VIDEO}

The Joe Budden Podcast | Case Study feat. Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Under Fire For 'Disrespecting' Rosa Parks In New Song!!

Nicki Minaj previewed her new song tentatively titled "Yikes" on Instagram last night. And while she only released a 51-second snippet of the recording, one line from the song is getting people talking. 
Mrs. Petty

I play tag & you for life. You a 🤡 you do it for likes.

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In Nicki's song, she says: "All you b*tches Rosa Parks, uh oh, get your ass up." Nicki's bar was clearly a reference to Rosa Parks, the legendary civil rights icon who took a public stance against segregation on public buses more than 50 years ago. In 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man as she was required to do under the law and instead continued "to sit." 

Her refusal to give up her seat led to her arrest and time spent in jail where she was undoubtedly mistreated. Rosa Park's sitting, however, and arrest lead to the boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system. The year-long boycott broke the back of the bus system economically and led to the desegregation of buses in Alabama. That win led to other refusals by Blacks "to move" or "get up" and ushered in the dawn of basic civil rights for African Americans in America. 

Given the strength that was required of Rosa Parks to remain seated during a very ugly period of time for African Americans, many believe Nicki's line was unnecessarily disrespectful to Rosa Parks  - and in Black History month no less - with at least one Twitter user calling Nicki Minaj "trash."  

Here are some responses on Twitter:

🎲 JAY 🇨🇺@JAYotet

Nicki Trash for that Rosa Parks line.. 🤦🏾‍♂️

See 🎲 JAY 🇨🇺's other Tweets
Long Live TLee 💙@urdumbimamazing

That Rosa Parks line is disrespectful AF... what happened to the Nicki Minaj that said we don’t disrespect Black women

See Long Live TLee 💙's other Tweets

nicki really gone say “all you b****** rosa parks, get ya ass up” and we okay with that? 💀

See elijah's other Tweets

This isn't the first time Nicki has been accused of disrespecting a historic African-American figure. In 2014, the family of Malcolm X took issue with her using a photo of the legendary activist looking out the window holding a gun for the artwork of her "Looking Ass N*gga" single.


Joe Budden Confirms - Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant!! (Listen To Audio)

The content Kings are joined by Nicki Minaj after an explosive encounter between Joe and Nicki. Nicki starts off by being honest with Joe (6:20). He also asks her thoughts on “gatekeepers” in media (15:33), the Nicki “hate-train” and how social media affects her (27:58). Nicki even addresses artists antics before an album release (34:47), streaming challenges (43:47), what the future holds for her (59:07), and her place in Hip Hop (66:21). The episode we’ve all been waiting for.


Joe Budden Confirms - Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant!! (Listen To Audio)

The rumors are true - female rapper Nicki Minaj is pregnant with her first child. The father is Nicki's baby is longtime boyfriend and now fiancé Kenneth Petty.

Her friend and fellow podcaster Joe Budden inadvertently confirmed the rumors yesterday, while arguing with Nicki live on her Queen Radio podcast.

During the argument - Joe blurted out that Nicki was "pregnant." After Joe made the comment - Nicki paused for a second (as if surprised that he spilled her tea) then went back to arguing with him. But  the female superstar did not deny Joe's claims, even though she had the opportunity to do so. 

Joe can be heard saying to Nicki as the two argued, "This is why I like talking to people when they're not pregnant." He made the comment to show how frustrated he was - arguing with the top selling female rapper of all time.

Hear it yourself, it is at 2:15 of the below video. You have to listen carefully, because Nicki is talking over Joe:

Nicki and her boyfriend Kenneth have already announced that  they ar planning to get married "any day now." The couple already has their marriage license - and need only a ceremony to make their union official.

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Comment by evolution on March 5, 2020 at 5:50am

oh boy,here we go again!

Comment by BIIGMANN on February 6, 2020 at 10:29am
Whi cares about this b**** fr fr
Comment by stephen myers on February 5, 2020 at 11:22pm

Idiot Black males [not men] promote these slim ball fe-fails to the world, a people dumber than a bag of shyt.

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