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Details Emerge About Jet Blue Pilot's Meltdown [VIDEO] / Jet Blue Pilot Goes NUTS in Mid-Flight; Passengers Take Him Down [VIDEOS]


The co-pilot who landed a flight while passengers held down the captain doesn't think he's a hero, his mother-in-law said Thursday.

JetBlue Airways co-pilot Jason Dowd, who lives in eastern Ohio, was in the cockpit on Flight 191 from New York on Tuesday when federal prosecutors say Capt. Clayton Osbon began acting strangely.

Osbon rambled to Dowd about religion and was later wrestled down by passengers in the cabin and restrained while Dowd made an emergency landing in Texas.

"I'm glad for those people he was the co-pilot that day," Dowd's mother-in-law, Ruth Ann Kostal, said. She was not surprised he acted cool under pressure.

"He's a great guy," Kostal said. "He doesn't want to be known as a hero. Thank God he was there."

Dowd, who still lives in his hometown of Salem with his wife and their two young children, hasn't been able to come home yet because he's still being interviewed by federal authorities in New York, Kostal said.

Witnesses said Osbon told his co-pilot "things just don't matter" and sprinted down the center aisle, yelling jumbled remarks about Sept. 11 and Iran. Osbon was charged with interfering with a flight crew.

His behavior became increasingly erratic on the flight, worrying his fellow crew members so much that they locked him out of cockpit after he abruptly left for the cabin, according to a federal affidavit.

He allegedly encouraged Dowd that they take a "take a leap of faith," according to an FBI agent. "We're not going to Vegas," Osbon allegedly told his co-pilot in midflight.

Kostal said that she hasn't talked directly with her son-in-law, but that her daughter has since the bizarre flight ended.

Those who know Dowd said they could see him doing something heroic.

"I'd certainly trust him," said Kathy Hendricks, a real estate agent who knows the family. "I'd want to be on a plane that he was the pilot."

Patty Eaton, a secretary at the church Dowd's family attends, said she's known him since he was a teenager.

"He's a wonderful person," she said. "I can see him being a hero. It does not surprise me one bit that he acted so professionally."


JetBlue flight captain Clayton Osbon reportedly went berserk on a flight from JFK to Las Vegas and had to be restrained while the plane made an emergency landing. Horrified travellers looked on as four male passengers jumped the man and restrained him as he screamed at them to 'say their prayers'.


  • Unruly pilot identified as Clayton Osbon, 49, who has been a JetBlue captain for 12 years 
  • Captain screamed 'Iraq, al-Qaeda, terrorism, we're all going down' after coming out of the toilet telling passengers 'say your prayers, say your prayers'
  • Passengers looked on in horror as the married captain tried to break into the cockpit after being locked out 
  • Flight attendant urged passengers to restrain the increasingly erratic captain
  • Four passengers, including a retired NYPD sergeant, jumped the man
  • Former prison guard David Gonzalez, 50, put the captain in a choke hold until he passed out
  • The flight was packed with people heading to the 2012 International Security Conference in Las Vegas
  • Flight 191 from JFK to Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing in Amarillo
  • JetBlue said the captain had a 'medical situation' and was taken to an Amarillo hospita

A JetBlue flight captain went berserk mid-flight today and had to be restrained by passengers as the plane made an emergency landing.

Clayton Frederick Osbon, 49, reportedly screamed 'say your prayers, say your prayers' at horrified passengers after running up and down the aisle shouting 'Iraq, al-Qaeda, terrorism, we're all going down.'

The captain of flight 191 from JFK to Las Vegas went 'crazy' passengers said after he went to the toilet and returned to find that he had been locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot who had concerns about his behavior.

Scroll down for video

Mental breakdown: A JetBlue flight captain, pictured, was restrained and taken to hospital, after going berserk mid-flight and screaming at passengers to say their prayers because the plane was going down

Outburst: Passengers said the pilot lost it after he went back to the cockpit and realized he had been locked out by his co-pilot

Outburst: Passengers said the pilot lost it after he went back to the cockpit and realized he had been locked out by his co-pilot

Osbon has been a JetBlue captain for 12 years, but has been around planes for about 30 years.

Passengers told local media that about three hours into the flight the captain had behaved oddly after going to the toilet, randomly talking with passengers on his way back to the cockpit.

When he went back to the cockpit and realized he had been locked out, a passenger said Osbon, a married father of one from Savannah, Georgia, began screaming 'let me in' and acting erratically.

Tony Antolino, a 40-year-old executive for a security firm, said the captain walked to the back of the plane, that he seemed disoriented and agitated, then began yelling about an unspecified threat linked to Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

'They're going to take us down, they're taking us down, they're going to take us down. Say the Lord's prayer, say the Lord's prayer,' the captain screamed, according to Antolino.


Restrained: Four passengers on the flight jumped onto the captain after being urged to by a flight attendant and held him down until the plane made an emergency landing in Texas

Wife: Osbon has been married to Connye Osbon since 2005

Wife: Osbon has been married to Connye Osbon since 2005

Outnumbered: The captain was subdued thanks to the help of passengers on the flight 'packed with burly men' heading to the 2012 International Security Conference in Las Vegas

Antolino, who said he sat in the 10th row, said he and three others tackled the captain as he ran for the cockpit door.

The passengers pinned him and held him down while the plane landed at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

'That's how we landed,' he said. 'There were four of us on top of him. ... Everybody else kind of took a seat and that's how we landed.'

Osbon has been married to his wife Connye since 2005, according to the pilot's Facebook page.

Connye Osbon, speaking to ABC News, warned that there might be more to what happened aboard the flight.

She told the network: 'There are several different sides to every story. Just keep that in mind'.

She added that she had not yet spoken with her husband, and had 'no idea what's going on'.

An off-duty airline captain who just happened to be a passenger on the flight went to the flight deck and took over the duties of the ill captain 'once on the ground,' the airline said in a statement.

JetBlue's statement did not elaborate further.

Josh Redick, a passenger seated near the middle of the jet, added: 'He was irate. He was spouting off about Afghanistan and souls and al Qaeda'.

New Yorker Gabriel Schonzeit, who was seated in the third row of the plane, told USA Today that Osbon had started 'shouting, "Iraq, al-Qaeda, terrorism, we're all going down" during his mid-flight meltdown.

Mr Schonzeit added: 'It seemed like he went crazy'.


Horror: Passengers on Flight 191 from JFK to Las Vegas looked on in terror as the captain tried to break down the door to the cock-pit

Drastic action: One passenger said a former prison security guard grabbed the captain by the neck and choked him until he collapsed


The pilot was restrained and carted off the flight when it landed in Texas


Grant Heppes, a 22-year-old passenger also from New York said that the man was wearing a JetBlue uniform, and that he started to become disruptive when he was barred from getting back inside the cockpit.

One passenger told Fox 5 News the pilot was in the cabin trying to storm the cockpit.

'I saw a guy wearing a pilot's uniform run down the aisle screaming and yelling and banging on the cockpit door to let him in,' the witness said.

The witness, Fox 5 News reports, said the man was screaming, 'Say your prayers! Say your prayers!'

Heidi Karg, another passenger on the flight, told CNN that the man was desperately trying to get into the cockpit, shouting 'I need the code, gimme the code, I need to get in there.'

A flight attendant quickly got onto the intercom and called on passengers to 'restrain him'.

In custody: The unidentified captain is removed in restraints from the flight to a waiting ambulance


Outburst: Passengers said the pilot lost it after he went back to the cockpit and realized he had been locked out by his co-pilot

Four passengers, including a retired NYPD sergeant and former prison security guard David Gonzalez jumped up and held the man down.

'I knew there were about 130 people on the plane...families, kids...and I thought, this is not going to happen on my plane,' Mr Gonzalez told 

Hero: former prison security guard David Gonzalez, 50, had the choked the captain until he passed out

The 50-year-old said he knew he act quickly when he saw the captain heading for the emergency exit.

'I just didn't want him opening up that door,' Gonzalez told ABC News. 'I knew if he got in there, we wouldn't be sitting here now.'

Mr Gonzalez said he went to assist the flight attendant and asked the pilot what his problem was.

Mr Gonzalez said the man replied, 'You'd better start praying right now' and was shouting about Iraq and Iran.

'I said, 'I'm going to show you Iraq and Iran right now,' and I just took him in a choke hold,' Mr Gonzalez said.

'I started to cut his windpipe off so he couldn't get any air.'

the father-of-five from Pennsylvania described feeling the man get weak and he passed out about three minutes later.

Mr Gonzalez and the group of men restrained the pilot using seat belts and offered him some water when he came to, reports ABC News.

'If he got a second wind, I'd have to apply more pressure and I didn't want to hurt him," Gonzalez said.

'I just wanted to get him calm, get the plane down and get him some medical assistance.'

Mr Gonzalez sat on the unruly pilot worried that he might get free until the plane landed safely in Amarillo, Texas. 


The FBI was coordinating an investigation with the airport police, Amarillo police, the FAA and the TSA, according to agency spokeswoman Lydia Maese in Dallas.

She declined to comment on whether any arrests have been made.

As a result of the incident, the FAA will review the captain's medical certificate - essentially a good housekeeping seal of approval that the pilot is healthy.

All pilots working for scheduled airlines must have a first class medical certificate.

The certificates are required to be renewed every year if the pilot is under 40, every six months if 40 or over.

To obtain a certificate, the pilot must receive a physical examination by an FAA-designated medical examiner that includes questions about the pilot's psychological condition.

The medical examiner can order additional psychological testing.

Pilots are required to disclose all existing physical and psychological conditions and medications.

In 2008, an Air Canada co-pilot had a mental breakdown on a flight from Toronto to London and was forcibly removed from the cockpit, restrained and sedated.

A flight attendant with flying experience helped the pilot safely make an emergency landing in Ireland, and none of the 146 passengers and nine crew members on board were injured.

The flight had been packed with heavily built men heading to the 2012 International Security Conference in Las Vegas held for professionals working in ‘law enforcement, border protection and campus security’.

It has media sponsors including The Counter Terrorist magazine, Homeland Security Newswire and Government Security News.

One witness told CBS: 'He picked the wrong plane.  Huge guys just tackled him. The response was Olympics kind of stuff.'

When the pilot had been safely removed passengers thanked Mr Gonzalez for his bravery and asked to take photos with him, reports ABC News.

'It's amazing how people thanked me,' Gonzalez said. 'I don't find myself a hero. I just couldn't take that. I got that spark. I knew I had to get involved.'


'Someone next to me said he was saying something about bombs,' passenger Tiffany Lee, a 26-year-old Las Vegas resident told the Post.

'It was so scary. People around me were freaking out a little bit. The girl next to me was saying, 'Oh my god, what If I never talk to my fiancé again?’

CNN quotes one passenger, Tom Murphy, as saying that the captain had come into the cabin and initially tried to break into a locked bathroom, then on the cockpit door.

The flight attendants had tried to take the pilot to the back of the plane, but he broke free and ran to the front, threatening to blow up the plane and saying there was a bomb on board, reports CNN.

The pilot had also urged for someone to restrain him, she said. 'We heard the word 'bomb'.

Helped arrived once the plane landed in Texas to escort the captain off the flight

The captain who appears to have suffered from a 'mental breakdown' was taken to an Amarillo hospital


The unruly pilot was taken to hospital with a police escort after being removed from the flight

JetBlue said the captain had a 'medical situation' and was taken to an Amarillo hospital after the plane made an emergency landing in Texas, pictured

Laurie Dhue, a former Fox News Channel anchor who was on board the flight, told the network passengers could hear the pilot using the words 'Afghanistan' and 'Israel' during the commotion.

The flight was taking passengers to Las Vegas for a security convention when the plane was diverted at around 10am


The Jet Blue captain’s episode is the second time this month that a member of flight crew’s mental breakdown has grounded a flight. 

On March 9, an American Airlines flight attendant screamed ‘don’t blame me if we crash’ and ranted about 9/11 over the intercom during the pre-flight safety briefing. 

First class passengers on the flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago had to help cabin crew restrain the attendant, who suffered from bipolar disorder. 

Terrified onlookers called 911, telling police that the flight crew were plotting to crash the plane over the intercom. 

The plane was turned around and taxied back to the gate where the woman was arrested. 

In August, 2010, Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater ranted over the intercom at a passenger who stood up while his plane was taxiing – before grabbing beer from the emergency cart, activating the emergency exit slide and jumping down it. 

The 38-year-old was later arrested at his home after fleeing the tarmac at JFK airport.
In January 2008, an Air Canada flight attendant had to help make an emergency landing in Ireland after the co-pilot had a nervous breakdown. 

The co-pilot had to be dragged from the cockpit after he started ranting and become ‘uncooperative’ in the cockpit. 

He was sedated by doctors onboard the flight from Toronto to London, while the hostess who held a commercial pilot’s license took the co-pilot’s seat and helped land the plane at Shannon airport in Ireland. 

JetBlue said the captain had a 'medical situation' and was taken to an Amarillo hospital.

According to his Linkedin profile, Osbon is ALSO the director of Body By Vi, a company which helps to people to a better Life through Health and Financial Prosperity

Another ambulance was also called to check on a passenger who was experiencing chest pains.

JetBlue says an off-duty captain who happened to be aboard the plane went to the flight deck and took over the duties of the ill captain 'once on the ground.'

Flight 191 had 135 passengers and five crew members when it took off from John F. Kennedy Airport at about 10.45 am, JetBlue said.

Shane Helton, 39, of Quinlan, Oklahoma, said he saw emergency and security personnel coming on and off the plane as it sat on the tarmac at the airport.

'They pulled one guy out on a stretcher and put him in an ambulance,' said Helton, who went to the airport with his fiancée to see one of her sons off as he joined the Navy.

Helton said the ambulance then sat on the tarmac next to the plane for more than 30 minutes.

The airline said the passengers had to await another plane to take them on to their destination.

John Cox, a former pilot who is now a safety expert, told USA TODAY that the other pilot on the flight could have landed the plane safely alone without assistant from the off-duty captain.

Mr Cox said crew members are trained to restrain combative passengers under a program that could have applied to the pilot.

'The same training to restrain an abusive passenger that presents a physical threat could be utilized against a crew member,' said Cox, as president of Safety Operation Systems.

'It was great that there was another captain that was on the flight that could assist the first officer. Had he not been there, though, the first officer is completely capable and trained to land the aircraft. There was never a risk to the passengers.'

A police officer and an off-duty airline pilot subdued a JetBlue captain Tuesday morning aboard a Las Vegas-bound flight when the captain started pounding on the cockpit door after the flight's co-pilot asked him to leave and subsequently locked him out, a federal official told CBS News.

The captain became incoherent during JetBlue Flight 191 from New York's John F. Kennedy International, prompting the co-pilot to get him to leave the cockpit, the official said. JetBlue said in a statement to CBS News that the flight was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, "for a medical situation involving the captain."

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was dis a test r do dis man really  need to clear his head???????????

Comment by Leecy Walker on March 28, 2012 at 10:30pm

They dont give these people mental exams or something. DAME!

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Comment by Cee Gee on March 28, 2012 at 12:52pm

I hope this was a nervous breakdown and that he has no ties to terrorism.  In this day and age, you can not play games and make comments like that and think it is okay.  I hope he is seeking help and I mean psychiatric help because it seems like he has a problem in the head.

Comment by Kiana on March 28, 2012 at 12:08pm
Lord have mercy...this would sent me into a bad place.
Comment by Hummingbird on March 28, 2012 at 6:37am

LOL! i bet he was hypnotised to crash another US building and blame it on the iranians only to start another war.


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