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Jamaican Ex-Girlfriend Confirms That Both She And Sha’Carri Were Physically Abusive In Their Relationship

She did, however, reveal that Sha’Carri was not innocent throughout their two-year relationship, as she too was a victim of mental and physical abuse.

“Mentally as f***, all a dem, everything, every bomboclaath, but me no deh yah suh a bawl like no bomboclaath baby, cuz me no wah no clout and me no wah no likes and no views and no man comment, me go deal wid me thing off me own.. simple,” the Jamaican athlete said.

Irritated by the claims made by Sha’Carri and the private details of their toxic relationship that ended months ago having been made public, Janeek expressed that her ex-girlfriend is using the situation for “clout” and demands that she proceeds with pressing charges if that is what she intends to do.

“If a sumn fi charge, mek it charge and let’s go, whatever, weh mi need fi do cuz me nah beg no clout,” she said.

Furthermore, Janeek shared that she is not usually active on social media, however, she feels that she must now use her voice to let people know that not because one might have a certain status in society, that does not mean that they can get away with everything.

Watch Janeek Brown’s interview below:

During an interview with radio show host Kareem, Brown disclosed that she did physically abuse Sha’Carri but that occurred just once which there is evidence to prove. She also stated that she is unaware of the unauthenticity of the claims made regarding her family mentally abusing her while also adding that they did not have a good relationship.

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She is disgusting

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Comment by Yasmin on May 29, 2022 at 6:55pm
Why do we need to know that her ex girlfriend was Jamaican? Why do we need to know about this nonsense period.

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