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Jamaican-born nurse stabbed to death in Long Island

The victim of a fatal stabbing that took place in Holtsville, Long Island, on Thursday night is identified as Jamaican-born nurse 46-year-old Sandra McIntosh of Medford.

She was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital, where she died and police are searching for a suspect who they say McIntosh knew.

The police indicated that on Thursday night at about 8 pm a resident heard a woman screaming for help on Woodland Avenue in Holtsville. The resident found McIntosh lying near a wooded area with stab wounds.

McIntosh was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital, where she worked, but later succumbed to her injuries.

The suspect “fled in McIntosh’s white car” that her family said is “a white Lexus 350”.

McIntosh’s brother, Robert McIntosh, indicated to local news that he believed his sister was killed after being picked up by someone she knew.

Her son, Shawn Magishie, told reporters that he wanted his mother’s killer to turn himself in.

Tributes to McIntosh as news of her tragic death circulated and condolences have been pouring in.

McIntosh was a registered nurse at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island, and also a flight attendant.

Stony Brook University Hospital paid tribute to the nurse. The hospital’s CEO, Carol Gomes, said in a statement on Friday, “Sandra McIntosh was a dedicated nurse and beloved member of the Stony Brook Medicine family. We are truly saddened at this senseless tragedy, and extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.”

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