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"Its For Your Own Good," Muslim Girl 19 Brutally Stabbed In The Neck By Her MOTHER For Staying Out To Late

Johra Kaleki
Bahar Ebrahimi

Honour crime: Johra Kaleki, left, an Afghan-born Canadian mother, confessed to stabbing her daughter Bahar Ebrahimi in the neck in 2010; they are both pictured heading to court last week

A mother in Montreal confessed to repeatedly stabbing her teenaged daughter in the head and neck and said she did not regret what she did.

Johra Kaleki, who lives in the Dorval neighbourhood of the city, told police after the alleged crime that her daughter, then 19-year-old Bahar Ebrahimi, was rebellious and had stayed out all night.

She is accused of attacking Ms Ebrahimi in their home in June 2010. Her daughter survived, but suffered serious knife cuts to her face, neck, shoulder, and arms.

Scene of the crime: Ms Ebrahimi was stabbed in the basement of their Dorval, Montreal home in June of 2010

Scene of the crime: Ms Ebrahimi was stabbed in the basement of their Dorval, Montreal home in June of 2010

The trial, which is taking place in Montreal, began earlier this week. Police officers testified that when they responded to the scene at the family’s two-story suburban home, Kaleki was screaming, ‘I want to kill her! I want to kill her!’

She added: ‘She’s my daughter, I can do whatever I want,’ police said.

According to the National Post, Ms Ebrahimi stayed out late two nights in a row against her parents’ wishes. 

Her father, Ebrahim Ebrahimi, had been downstairs in the basement, attempting to talk to her. 

Ms Keleki, 40, told the police that she then went upstairs to fetch a kitchen knife, then telling her husband that she needed time alone with Bahar and not to interrupt them.

The Post reported that Kaleki, who was born in Afghanistan, then asked her daughter to lay face-down so she could give her a back massage. When Ms Ebrahimi was lying on her stomach, her mother allegedly began stabbing her neck.

She told investigators during her confession that her eldest child pleaded with her to stop, but she said, ‘It’s for your good. Let me finish.’

Rebel without a cause: Ebrahimi, who was 19 at the time of the stabbing, had stayed out late against her parents' wishes

Rebel without a cause: Ebrahimi, who was 19 at the time of the stabbing, had stayed out late against her parents' wishes

Hearing screams from the basement, Kaleki’s husband rushed down. Ms Ebrahimi managed to run upstairs and barricade herself in a bedroom. She then called 911.

According to Gobal Montreal, Kaleki’s defence lawyer Isabel Schurman said that her client was ‘mentally distraught’ when she confessed to the crime. 

She is requesting a voir-dire so that the statements Kaleki made to police would be rendered inadmissible. 

However, those in the courtroom heard that Kaleki had indeed been informed of her Miranda rights. 

Furthermore, the blood on Kaleki’s clothing counted as evidence to her crime, according to the Monteral Gazette. Police consider the alleged attempted murder to be an ‘honour-crime.’

Devotion: Husband Ebrahim Ebrahimi walked hand-in-hand with his wife in court

Devotion: Husband Ebrahim Ebrahimi walked hand-in-hand with his wife in court

The full four-hour police interrogation video, shot hours after the alleged stabbing, was shown to the court during the trial.

Near the end of it, she can be heard saying that her daughter would live with her neck wound for the rest of her life.  She said that the experience ‘will make her strong and give her wisdom… it means she will give up her ways of living.’

Kaleki posted bail and has been granted permission to see her three other daughters, but only under supervision.

The trial will continue next Thursday. 

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Comment by Hummingbird on October 16, 2012 at 8:17am

@Bombahdrop...These muslims?? Why are you asses being kicked and beaten alot? You talk about not caring of what race, age and religion and yet still type in the words "these muslims????" You think that "these Peodophile Priest" need NYC cops on them? You think "these daily christians" who kill random school children dont need NYC cops? You think "these jews/Zionist" who crusified Jesus should not take control of the world? Reading the blogs on carribean fever shows me how many crimes are commited by the white, black. christian etc in the US, Jamaica, Nigeria etc and should i believe that "THESE" people need NYC cops to regulate their behinds?

Comment by Bombahdrop on October 5, 2012 at 3:15am
These Muslims need NYC cops to regulate their behinds. This is not how u handle your dam kid! I don't care what race, age, or religion you are, this Inhumane. And the saying I brought in this world, ill take you out this world is not to be taken literally whereas. U actually do something like these Evil parents be doing, No its only said to pit fear on a child so they will respect there parents not the other way around and actually kill or attempt to kill your dam child. This is Absurd.
Comment by Bombahdrop on October 5, 2012 at 3:06am
Not all Muslim behave this way but the ones like this family is like that those r the ones everyone is referring too. Me personally don't trust them or none of those middle east people. How could you live in a holy ground and pray to whomever they pray to then be rioting fighting like nobody business. Have you seened the news lately in those countries pure gun shot. We don't even see that in N.Y.C cause these trigger happy cops here will just a cap I'm our butts. We can't even gather together to demonstrate against anything before we get punched in the face by cops and its all unnessary. I think though that the trigger happy cops in N.Y.C should ne sent to the Middle east where the real problem is at.
Comment by The Future on October 4, 2012 at 8:47pm

Sometimes you just have to show your kids just how crazy you are, and this is indeed crazy!

Ya'll know how it go "I brought you in this world, and I will take you out" She meant that!

Comment by Jay Jose on October 2, 2012 at 9:21pm
EF ignorance they make people sound effed up people.
1. Not all Muslims follow the same Islam
2. Just like Christianity there are different sects in Islam
3. Muslim, non muslim, these people still have their own cultures despite their religion, example, in certain parts of Africa the brutal circumcision of 9yr old females who have their clitoris cut off as they are held and pinned down by their elders. No anesthia. Because they are not suppose to feel pleasure from sex.
4. Many people have their own interpretations of their good book and that's why Different sects exist, some of the interpretations are extreme, some may feel that jehovah witness, cults like jim jones/waco texas, hasidic jewetc etc are examples.
Comment by Gabriel Angel on October 2, 2012 at 12:57pm
F*** Islam its a f***** up religion
Comment by Lenny Sportshake on October 2, 2012 at 11:33am
I agree with what Kevin is saying. The media has control over most peoples minds and they are perpetuating this religeous war and the media in the middle east does likewise. There are people like that in every country and every religeon and this kind of things happens more often in other places more often than most people want to believe. It's all about what they want you to know and who they want to look bad.
Comment by Kevin Allen on October 2, 2012 at 10:43am
It's very important for us to remember that so-called black people (who are the natural people of this earth & have no birth record or one of being in caves) walked this earth (before) the books & place called Quran, Bible & Egypt (Kemet) came into being & to know that the first westerners, including Canada are us (Moors)! For those who may not have a clue to what i'm saying, i will only say so much online, so for starters, find one archaeologist, anthropologist & historian who had more than a clue & proved it!! This author was also a linguist (he read, wrote & spoke several languages) & recorded his findings on dvd & in books such as: They Came Before Columbus, Africans In Early America, Africans In Early Europe & Golden Age of The Moor. He spends the entire first chapter in that book describing essentially what the word Moor means! If ur wondering what does this have to do with the article at hand, pay close attention to how the women are regarded when we knew who & what we were according to these books by Ivan Van Sertima, then go find & purchase: When God Was a Woman, by Marilon Stone. Let's face the truth, most females in the west do not respect their chastity & will sell it to the highest bidder, even if it's in the name of marriage! Most males, even though they may not be looking for any material gain for their Virginity (selling it) bcuz they, unlike the female has not been taught to at least value their sexual organ & unique sperm (seed) still gives it away too freely! This leads to baby mamas, baby daddys & divorces, which i'm quite sure this mother noticed about this (non) culture in the west that's rampant and did not agree with. Even though i would not condone a wife of mine handling a daughter of mine this way (biological mother or not!), i know i would want the authorities & citizens to question what goes on beyond my door & how much it goes on that gives my wife such a scare that she would in an emotional worldwind, unwittingly stab her own child, who i'm quite sure she had some measure of love for. Remember, Fever Community, (anything) that hurts is violence, wether (word) or deed, so we must even watch what we say to each other & just as importantly, how we say it. Moorish women (so-called black women) know what i'm talking about, bcuz no one usually beats her when it comes to her mouth (lol)!! However, with that definition of violence i gave u, think of a violent defence tactic of one of the most nonviolent men who walked the face of this earth; the bus & merchandise boycotts lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which were designed to correct the behavior of our oppressors by economically (hurting) them, since we were no match for them otherwise!! So, even though most of us may not handle this same situation like this mother, Kaleki, let's not be so quick to judge, or throw her under the bus, bcuz this woman was more man than some males are bcuz at least she wasn't afraid do address what any descent, loving father would question & most likely disagree with about his still fairly young daughter at 19 years old staying out for two nights straight, probably no phone calls home or nothin, while living under her parents roof. To the gentleman who said the father/husband fears the "psychotic" wife, that maybe so. I was feeling u on that, however, hoping that he at least listens to his daughter's feelings & opinions, if he disagrees with her and she's still rebellious in the parents house, he just might have more fear of 911 & prison bars, wether he tries to discipline her or correct his wife! I would say laugh out loudly, however, it's not a laughing matter when a parent feels that the system is undermining his or her authority to keep their house in order. See sir, when it comes to different types of women, i've seen and experienced a lot, however one thing always puzzled me sometimes; why would a real gentleman want a real wild or thug b****? (lol )!! Why would a real lady want wild or thug n****? I truly believe that when a mother takes it to an unruly son's ass one good time with the support of daddy, he will know, if he never knew, how to be a prince and respect the Queen mother and the rules in her house & not just the fact that he's nineteen years old, thinking only the rules outside her doors matter. He will have more respect for females & women in general so long as he's just (corrected) & not abused. Think about what the now grown testy, mouthy (verbally violent or abusive), aggressive (in ur face), rather than just assertive woman says to a real gentleman who was raised never to put his hands on a woman; "My daddy never put his hands on me"! People who are more like poodles in nature should not want someone with the nature of a pittbull or doberman!! If daddy had done what he suppose to do with the support of mommy, she would be that ideal mother and wife and bring her ass home (lol)!!
Comment by Madeline Bellamy on October 2, 2012 at 10:42am
"Honor thy mother and thy father". As the Good Book states.
Comment by barbara glover on October 2, 2012 at 10:22am


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