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Int'l gay press claims Jamaica's PNP political party has two homosexual candidates


A website dedicated to news affecting the gay community around the  world is suggesting that the Opposition People's National Party (PNP) has at  least two gay candidates contesting the upcoming election and one of them is  being targeted by the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in a homophobic  campaign.

The website,, has also highlighted PNP president  Portia Simpson Miller's promise to review the Buggery Act and not to  discriminate against homosexuals in appointing her Cabinet as "positive".


In a story headlined 'Jamaican Opposition leader backs gay rights'  by Tris Reid-Smith, reported that "the Jamaican Opposition  leader has come out in favour of LGBT rights and reviewing the anti-gay buggery  law during an election debate".

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is a term which  better defines what is usually called the gay community.

The story claims that the "PNP has selected a non-gender  conforming candidate who has been the subject of a barely veiled homophobic  campaign" by the JLP.

It said "Jamaican LGBT rights group J-FLAG has written to the JLP  complaining about       this tactic".

In a response yesterday, PNP campaign spokesman Delano Franklyn  said the party does not concern itself with what happens in persons' bedrooms in  selecting its candidates.

"We wish to condemn and deplore any scurrilous attacks against any  of our candidates based on what is unfounded in relation to them offering  themselves as candidates of the PNP," Franklyn told the Observer.

"The PNP, in determining its representatives in the different  constituencies, does so on the basis of their experience, knowledge and  commitment, which they bring to the political process, and the loyalty and  dedication they have shown in contributing to the growth and development of  Jamaica. The party does not seek to investigate the personal lives of candidates  in relation to what they do or do not do in their bedrooms," he said.

Simpson Miller's comments made in Tuesday's national leadership  debate with Prime Minister Andrew Holness also forced the PNP to issue a news  release yesterday seeking to clarify that she promised to review — not repeal — the Buggery Act which makes gay sex illegal.

According to the website, "Simpson Miller said no one should be  discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, and that she would  have no problem appointing gays to her Cabinet if they were able to do the  job."

The website also reported that "she pledged to give politicians a  free vote on removing the anti-gay buggery law from the statute books if elected  prime minister".

The website also noted                the "different stance" taken              by Holness.

"Holness went on to again imply that he would not support gay  rights — at least until the majority were in favour of them."

It quoted the prime minister's statement in the debate that his  "sentiments reflect the sentiments of the country". describes itself as the first global 24-7 news  site with the latest LGBT news, entertainment, information and lifestyle  content.

It says it is owned by a company backed by international  investment, with full-time journalists around the world covering stories  affecting the LGBT community.

Yesterday's release from the PNP stated that Simpson Miller would  allow members of Parliament a conscience vote on the issue, and such a vote  would take into consideration the views of constituents.

"The PNP president remains committed to her pledge to make  appointments to a Cabinet led by her on the basis of competence", the release  stated.

Franklyn, in the meantime, said that when the Buggery Act is being  reviewed MPs would be free to exercise their conscience in voting as to whether  the Act should remain, be amended or repealed.

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Why is this even news? So WHAT?

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