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"Injustice Boycott": It's Time to Make a Difference

“Injustice Boycott”: It’s Time to Make a Difference

Monday December 5th, people are commemorating the 61st anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott by launching another  boycott against all injustices.

Writer Shaun King

Activist and writer Shaun King is organizing the Injustice Boycott, “to show every city, state, institution and corporation in this country that meaningful, reasonable, achievable reforms on police brutality and injustice are not our long-term dreams. They are our immediate emergency priority.”

Among the media outlets that King writes for is The New York Daily News where he wrote a column recently talking about the need for us to embark on a “long-term, nationwide economic boycott…to combat police brutality, racial violence and systemic injustice in America.” Later today, (Monday, Dec. 5th) King will release more details about which organizations and businesses will be the focus of the boycott at where you can also sign up to participate and join the boycott.  By late Friday, more than 110,000 people already have signed on.


The Montgomery Bus Boycott was sparked when a tired, overworked and underpaid seamstress refused to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white man. The woman was Rosa Parks who had no idea at the time that her defiance would ignite a nation. A young preacher named Martin Luther King bus_boycott

heard of Parks courage and spearheaded  a bus boycott that on December 5, 1955.  For more than a year, Blacks walked in rainy, cold or hot weather to where ever they had to go refusing to ride on buses that expected them to give up their seats to white people just because they were white. The boycott lasted a total of 381 days and ended in victory when the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the bus system to end segregation. It is this resolve, this awareness of purpose that King is hoping to re-ignite with a new nationwide boycott against businesses, institutions,cities and states “which are either willfully indifferent to police brutality and racial injustice or are deliberately destructive partners with it,”

People from all fifty states have already signed up to participate in the boycott…but the question is will you? Some people will say a boycott won’t change anything, but it already has been proven to work.–if it worked in 1955, then why can’t it work in 2016?  Money always talks and when it comes to buying power you’re  talking about about roughly $1.1 trillion Black people collectively spend every year.  Taking that money from certain businesses this Christmas will make them take note…closing your banking account with certain institutions will cause them to look at what they’re doing wrong.  King says protests build awareness, but boycotts “build political and economic pressure required to force the hand of politicians to bring about the change.  We need to force their hand.

King wants to make it clear, this is not a petition, but a pledge that you are willing to boycott every city, state, institution and business that is indifferent to the police brutality and racial injustice we’ve witnessed in the Eric Garner police death, in Trayvon Martin’s shooting, in Sandra Bland’s mysterious death.  People complain, gripe and in the end feel helpless to do anything.   Well here’s your chance…to put your money where your power is and get involved and stay involved no matter how long it takes.  If all 46 million African Americans commit to the boycott, the power of our united voices would be unstoppable.

TRN will follow up with a list of specific businesses, cities, states and institutions that are included in the boycott.

So what do you think…is getting your kid their favorite brand shoe or wireless headset more important than fighting to change their future?  Are you sacrifice a TV show, a restaurant chain or whatever for however long it takes to fight for a change?

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