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Important: Music Producer & DJ Debate Urban Radio’s Negative Playlists & More (Watch)

carvin & q deezy

*A long-standing issue regarding the state of urban radio playlists was recently reignited in a debate between music producer Carvin Haggins and actor/radio & TV personality Quincy Harris (Q Deezy) based in Philadelphia.
In a recap posted by, Kevin Ross highlights Haggins’ claims that parental influence is overruled by playlists featuring lyrics that promote sex and violence. Harris countered the beatmaker’s argument as he used his parents to illustrate how his upbringing resulted in him rising above the drug use and death that was present with him growing up.
“We would be no less than fools to ignore the state of the black community today but we often do, especially black men, disproportionate incarceration and recidivism, unemployment, racism, health challenges, addictions etc. and few major media resources that we can depend on to tell our truth. Deezy is correct in saying we need more good parenting but black, single mothers also need more TOOLS, EXAMPLES and OPPORTUNITIES to BE good parents,” Ross stated.
“I had to dig a bit deeper before I state who is actually more responsible, radio or the parents. I talked to several record reps and asked them, ‘Do you have a balance of positive material to present to radio with the hardcore material?” They all said yes but radio is often not interested in that kind of music (positive). When I asked the same question to urban radio programmers, they said no, they don’t (offer positive music).
“I was left to draw my own conclusions based on 30 years of working in the industry and being in a position where I deal with all sides of the equation, he added.
The debate comes amid efforts by Haggins to get rid of oversexualized and violent music on radio. The movement, called “Rage Against the Rachet,” is Haggins’ way of appealing to radio stations and the public to join him in balancing the content played by taking more responsibility. Citing Run DMC’s “My Adidas” as well as fashion statements made by Jay Z, Haggins points out the influence of radio and artists in what the public is exposed and responds to.
“Radio, being the corporate behemoth that it is CERTAINLY has the power to influence but urban radio is very political behind the scenes, often heavily scrutinized by too many decision-makers who know NOTHING and or couldn’t care less about the music, its roots or black culture and that does not exclude some Blacks at the corporations,” Ross explains, while mentioning how tight a grip corporations have on radio programming.
Despite the arguments made, Ross goes on to point out “urban radio is no longer BLACK radio and in changing that image urban stations have thrown away one of the most important elements that set us apart, saved us, guided us and informed us when we needed it most and STILL need it…. NEWS.”
“Where else are we going to find out the TRUTH ABOUT us FOR us BUT us even in this Internet and Social Networking age?,” he said.
Balance in radio is what’s needed, Ross stated as he noted how news isn’t as appealing to listeners as music to dance to. “If your going to play the hardcore music AT LEAST balance it out with other music and/or let me know what’s going on in my community like the sensationalized and biased local TV stations won’t and shouldn’t have to.”

To see the debate, check out the video below:

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 11, 2014 at 8:28am

now he people who accept payola will need a regular 9-5

Comment by LeeCarrera on August 10, 2014 at 11:07pm
Radio plays what the record labels pay them to play, end of story.
Comment by mr fix on August 10, 2014 at 11:03pm

@mr1stroke right again radio stations have becoming obsolete every thing is going internet radio/TV the payola system will be a thing of the past Rap/Hip/Hop must go back to independent Labels not the Majors Labels 

Comment by Incognito on August 10, 2014 at 4:59pm

Good point Mr. 1S... The ironic thing is that they're both right - the two are not mutually exclusive.  Radio must cease playing rachet b/s, and parents must begin to be parents and stop being enablers...

Honestly, nothing will change. We all know it's about the money, so radio ain't changing... and kids are being raised like chimpanzees. Talking that whack yakity yak that even Kunta Kente couldn't understand...

Comment by Bigmikey on August 10, 2014 at 2:32pm
True statement no doubt
Comment by mr1stroke on August 10, 2014 at 11:09am

urban radios are all sell out, they dont play real music that needs to be played they play whats in teh programming, now many people have no idea how that works, those faggots gets payed to play one type of music either by the record label, manager or artist, they get gifts, and special treatments for example that little boy they always wanted to sleep with, just use your common sense people every one wants to be like the rich, wants to be around the rich, now what do you think happen when they have the authority to squeeze the rich and the rich needs them, now their lives are about to be a down fall because majority of us dont need nor listen to radio, when we have the web where we can make 10 different stations with one radio stations and listen to what ever we want to, so enjoy your job it will be over sooner than you think

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