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I wish people would stop stealing my blogs.

Have you ever heard of originality?

Someone Copied my blog about the condom challenge

I notice people on here don't comment my blogs. But they comment the ones that copy my blogs.

If that's not racist I don't know what is.

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Comment by OBAMA THE GOD on May 2, 2013 at 12:25am

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Comment by H O B yesterday

where do they find these idiots to do this dumb crap

Comment by BK on Tuesday

GENERATION Y, X, Z etc are F___D up in the head....

Comment by mr1stroke on Monday

lol i dont care if that is to improve sex let those chicks try what ever to keep a Mfucker happy, some one gots to smile, but when they choke dont feel sorry for them

Comment by PHATTS on Monday



Comment by DUTCH DENNIS on Monday

Who would sit down and think of something like this? They have too much time on their hands. They chose to do this rather educate themselves. I am embarrass to say that this is our future.

Comment by Kisher on Monday
Comment by LA-VITA MARTIN HUFF on Monday

Sick: don't you think?

Comment by Cee Gee on Monday


Comment by Boots on Monday
Hottest Pepper sauce inside the condom will make it easier.
Comment by Hugh on Monday

Why don't they try it with a dick in it?  ARE YOU FOR REAL??  NEW TREND????  

Waste my time with this bull! 

Comment by OBAMA THE GOD on April 29, 2013 at 1:02am

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Comment by chosen child 1 hour ago
i hope there not used condoms
Comment by Sandra l. Mcleod 1 hour ago
Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler 2 hours ago

I cant !!!! This is our future!!!! good lawd!!!

Comment by JOANIA MARTIN 2 hours ago

is this a rend or attempted suicide?

Comment by edna johnson-wilson 2 hours ago

That is crazy sugar, honey, ice, tea!  Why make that a trend!

Comment by robert 3 hours ago

dumb stupid wtf, pick one

Comment by rasheda 4 hours ago
Comment by JoAnn McElwain 4 hours ago


Comment by Roots aka TJ What De Ras 4 hours ago
Uh what a waste of a condom.
Comment by Ms. Dimps - De Limerz Crew Int'l 4 hours ago
So instead of practising safe sex and use the condom appropriately they are snorting it. Smh!
Comment by OBAMA THE GOD on April 28, 2013 at 10:39am
Comment by Chantelle 10 hours ago
Rotflmao @ Future!!!
Comment by ONTOP OF MY GAME 10 hours ago
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I posted this blog earlier.. Now you guys are hearing about it? Talk about being late.

Comment by The Future 10 hours ago
What the hell is wrong with all these crack babies, damn, drugs really did a number on our community, got damn who the hell thought this crap up, Oh I forgot, a crack baby.
Comment by Ms. Jayy 10 hours ago
More and more s*** being created and more jackasses following along. This earth is doomed. There will be jackasses everywhere. Protect your kids! It can and will rub off.
Comment by David peart 10 hours ago
Can't agree more wait till one of them choke to death who come up with these bs
Comment by Fred D'rico 11 hours ago
I agree with gskeete! I ain't got no worries about my job being taken. SMH @ the useless minds of the new generation. This is what happens when you don't beat these kids.
Comment by gskeete 11 hours ago
my job is safe for the next 30 years. America's youth are a lost cause.
Comment by ZMP 11 hours ago
This is one of the stupidest things ever
Comment by tanya tho 11 hours ago
Comment by ONTOP OF MY GAME 11 hours ago
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Hey you stole my blog and images!! not cool! You can tell no one wants to post any comments in my blog. Pure racism and hate.

Comment by OBAMA THE GOD on April 28, 2013 at 10:37am
Comment by rafael monzon 7 hours ago

Wow I feel so much safer knowing that the future of the world we live in is so smart. They can't do physical work but they can find so dumb crap like this to participate in. Let's hope they are using the condoms for what they were made for.

Comment by allan murray 7 hours ago

young and very dumb

Comment by Dre 8 hours ago

Who really give a flock about this smith. All the stupidest smith on bulsmith caribbean fever. Flock something with sense for a change would be appreciated. Damn

Comment by oni folayan 9 hours ago
WTF now? Ignorance is bliss! People have nothing productive to do but bs like this? It's never too late to get your life together! There are enough maniacs in the world, these folks just add to it...both young and old, ignorant! It's like, who wants to be ignoant first? Lets focus on real important issues people, aside of the violence, stop the ignorance!
Comment by Kap7 9 hours ago



Comment by Shawn Whitley 9 hours ago
Dumbest sh't....young folk don't have a clue
Comment by Felisa McCray 9 hours ago

who thought of this foolishness....I mean really!!! These people that do these stupid things just to put on YouTube are ridiculous. This is sick.  Condoms are to be worn not inhaled!!!!!!

Comment by BIIGMANN 9 hours ago
Comment by Harold Smith 9 hours ago
Straight nasty
Comment by Paulette Grant 9 hours ago

Sick stuff.

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