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I am Beyonce TNT: 2 airline tickets to Trinidad, 2 VVIP tickets to Beyonce concert, 2 costumes to "play mas", hotel accommodations for 2, spending money and 2 tickets 2 party Carnival FRI, SAT & SUN

If you already signed up, follow the instructions below. If you are not signed up CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Then return to this BLOG and follow the instructions below.
The person who signs up the most people (real people not just a pic with an E-mail address) to FeverEyes.Com will win the Beyonce prize. The contest will start from Friday 8th of January at 7:00 PM and end (extended one week to) Sunday 31st of January at 11:00 PM. You should sign up as many people as possible, because the person who signs up the most people will win the prize. Please remember that all persons entering the contest must have a minimum of 10 people signed up. Take note: Although you may be signed up by some one, you can turn around and sign up other people. The key is to get as many people signed up as possible because the person who signs up the most people will win the prize.

After you sign up and become a member, scroll down here to the comment box and write the persons screen name followed by signed me up. e.g. runjamaica signed me up. Each person who is signed up can only comment once in the comment box for this contest, ( only one comment per person will be counted). Please remember the FeverEyes.Com screen name of the person who told you to sign up so they can get the credit.The person who told you to sign up MUST already be a member so you can put their FeverEyes.Com screen name in the comment box followed by SIGNED ME UP.

e.g. peterpanic107 SIGNED ME UP, bigbird20 SIGNED ME UP, loveNhate SIGNED ME UP

ONLY persons that have become FeverEyes.Com members after 7:00 PM on Friday, 8th of January 2010 screen names can be placed in the COMMENT BOX, as a person that just signed up. Members who signed up to FeverEyes.Com before the above mentioned date and time CAN SIGN UP NEW MEMBERS but you cant sign up other members who were signed up before the above date and time: 7:00 PM on Friday, 8th January 2010.

A. Eligibility and compliance of Winner:
1. All legal residents must be 25 years and older.
2. All legal residents must have a valid passport and required documents to re-enter your originating country.

B. Winner:
1. The Beyonce Prize winner shall provide his/her contact details including email address, postal address, and telephone number.
2. Grand Prize winner agree to hold Fever International, Inc.,, FeverEyes.Com and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees, and all promotional partners, radio stations, web sites, advertising agencies, and their employees harmless against all claims, demands, obligations, causes of action, and lawsuits, and all damages, liabilities, fines, judgments, costs (including settlement costs), and expenses associated therewith arising directly or indirectly from the Contest, any services performed or actions taken by Sponsor or Fever International, Inc. incidental thereto, or any trip awarded as a prize, or any other prize winning.
3. The Grand Prize winner shall be fully responsible for determining, complying with, and satisfying any and all travel regulations. The Grand Prize winner shall be solely responsible for: abiding by all local laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions through which the Grand Prize winner will travel for the duration of the trip awarded pursuant to the Contest.

C. Miscellaneous:
1. The Beyonce Prize winner is solely responsible for all taxes, including federal, state, local, income, sales, and port taxes associated with prize winnings and travel.
2. The Beyonce Prize winner consent, except where prohibited by law, to the use without compensation of his/her name and likeness for promotion and advertising purposes in connection with the Contest, and may be required to complete an affidavit of eligibility and release in order to claim any prize.
3. By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to and accepts these Rules. Fever International, Inc. shall have sole responsibility for interpretation and implementation of the Rules.
4. The decision of Sponsor is final in all matters relating to the Contest and the Rules.

Ok, let's sign these people up

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kaya-lah... SIGNED ME UP
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Jason Taylor SIGNED ME UP
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David Signed me up
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