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How Rihanna Became The First Billionaire Caribbean Artist

Rihanna is officially a billionaire and the first artist out of the Caribbean to do it.

Rihanna‘s immense work ethic and talent is a testament to how hard work pays off. The beloved singer and fashion mogul has officially joined the billionaire’s club, according to Forbes. The Forbes article, which was published today, August 4, estimates that the Bajan pop star is worth a whopping $1.7 billion, second only to Oprah Winfrey. She is now officially the world’s richest female musician.

About $1.4 billion of her massive fortune comes from her wildly successful Fenty Beauty Brand, of which it’s estimated that she owns 50 percent ownership. The company is valued at around $2.8 billion, minimum. Her lingerie company, Savage x Fenty, is now worth an estimated $270 million, and her earnings are due to grow even more soon as she’s also recently announced a new venture. The “Only Girl” singer will soon be producing her first Fenty Beauty perfume to be called Fenty Eau de Parfum.
While it may seem natural that she would enter this position due to her charismatic appeal, her journey to the top started from very humble beginnings. She’s shown a resilience that seldom few in the business have. Her success relies largely on her ability to combine her talent with her business acumen.

Rihanna at ANTI album launch 2016

The pop star, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born in Barbados. She seemed destined for greatness as her talent was discovered when she was just 15-years-old by American producer Evan Rogers who was on vacation with his wife on the island at the time.

It might seem like something made for the movies because, according to him, when she walked in for an audition, he instantly knew that she was a star even though he was wary about if she was indeed the full package. He explained that his initial thoughts were that if she was so pretty, she probably couldn’t sing.

In fact, according to the book, The Song Machine, written by John Seabrook, Roger was stunned by her presence the minute she walked in.

“I said to myself, ‘If that girl can sing,” then — holy sh*t!” he shared. What’s interesting to note about the encounter is that he was also taken aback by her fashion at the time. A large portion of her wealth comes from her collaboration with the French company, LVMH the powerhouse behind Louis Vuitton and Dior. That partnership is behind the now globally successful brand, Fenty Beauty.

According to Rogers, “She had such a presence! Her makeup was perfect, and she had these capri pants and matching sneakers, with her green eyes and her long supermodel neck.” That meeting was kismet because by the time Rihanna was 16-years-old she was being recruited by fellow billionaire Jay-Z.

The then CEO of Def Jam Recordings became interested after hearing her Caribbean infused, “Pon de Replay.” According to the details of that meeting that were later released, Jay-Z refused to let her leave the meeting until she signed with the label. The end result? At just 16, Rihanna walked out with a six-album record deal following her audition.

His eye for talent was spot on, and Rihanna had some success with her first two albums, Music of the Sun in 2005 and A Girl like Me in 2006. Those albums also showed that she was prepared to stay true to her roots as both were influenced heavily by Caribbean beats.

For many folks, that would be the end of the story. Get discovered at a young age, become wildly famous by delivering a plethora of hits, and then coast off your newfound wealth. What would be a satisfying accomplishment for many would turn out to be just a stepping stone for the “Diamonds” singer.

Her innovative approach to the music business would soon bring her millions of fans around the world who also saw her keen eye for fashion. In addition to becoming a leading artist, she was soon sought after as a model. It would be her take on fashion that put her ahead of the pack.

Jay Z and Rihanna Pre Grammy

In 2011, four years after her first Grammy win for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Umbrella”, which featured JAY-Z, she would launch her first fragrance line, Reb’l Fleur. In that same year, she became the face of Armani. She continued her sure and steady rise in the fashion industry and, in 2014, was named the creative director of PUMA. Just a year later, she created history when she became the first black woman to the front for a Dior campaign.

She followed that up in 2017 by launching the fashion house Fenty. As the company’s artistic director, she became the first black woman to head a luxury brand for LVMH, and she would find even more success with the launch of Fenty Beauty. A cosmetic line which she specifically opened for women of all colors and shades. As she puts it on the website, the brand is “so that women everywhere would be included.”That’s not to say that she hasn’t faced major setbacks as well. In February of this year (2021), she and LVMH agreed to shut down her Fenty fashion label after less than two years in production. The “Stay” singer did not let that her keep her down or hold her back, as the world can clearly see.

Throughout it all, the talented entrepreneur has stayed true to her roots. She is often spotted in Barbados’ Crop Over celebrations having a great time, and when the Covid-19 pandemic started to wreak havoc on her native home, she donated $5 million through her nonprofit organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation, to help with the fight in 2020. Even with all her success, she is still very much connected to and loved on the island.

As she continues her upward trajectory in the world of business, her fans are still clamoring for music from the star. They’ve patiently been waiting on her Reggae-influenced album R9, and who wouldn’t? After all, her music has sold over 250 million records worldwide, and she is considered one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 8, 2021 at 1:19pm

Lol have you been following her business venture for the past 2 years, Rihanna was not broke since she did Umbrella with the Dream and when she released please don't stop the music with the Michael Jackson sample that song went through the roof on the club and party scene, please google her income for places live Vegas and show over seas, thats without record sales, now come back to hwr revenue with sponsorship and than her own business, let me share a little secret with you if you are in business you don't cry broke or sometimes file bankruptcy to protect your assets youre doing something wrong and we,know you're only working for the IRS and every one knows you cannot escape the IRS even after death, why don't you think 50 cents file bankruptcy after making the vitamins water deals as soon as he started to secure those tv deals? Certain assets you,have to protect in case the other assets cause problems so they can't be touch, but im sure youre already know all that, Rihanna is in a great place, be happy for her, celebrate her and let her be an example, you dont have to have her money, but if you follow the strategy you can be the most comfortable person around where you at financially, its ok to wish well to those who deserves it, try that sometimes

Comment by Yasmin on August 8, 2021 at 11:44am

People believe everything they hear she barley had any money yesterday and now she's a billionaire How Sway?

Comment by mr1stroke on August 8, 2021 at 2:12am

I am so happy for her, that's who I support, those are the one representing black greatness, there is a different from the rest, if you get up and to to work, volunteer, trying to,help your community, that is what we call black, keeping the legacy going in your own way, if you get up every day, destroying the community instead of contributing, relying on government hand outs, running your mouth, that makes you a n*****, 2 different roles in life, one is building the other is destroying.

When the last time any one hears Rihanna involved in any scandals doing nonsense like those hollywood hoes? She stays busy handling her business helping her people, that's a blessing, she deserves every piece of success and achievement, not a Kardashian's, i am proud and happy for her, well done 

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