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I apologize for the late review as I fell asleep lol! Here are my first impressions after playing several games on world class difficulty. I will bullet point these impressions.

Menus are very bright. You have to turn off the fifa trainer by clicking R3.
Kickoff games are 4min halfs and FUT draft games are 6min halfs.
New player instruction for cheapest fifa coins: interception type. You can set this to aggressive or conservational. I believe this just affects whether or not players dive in trying to intercept balls.

The passing has been overhauled massively. Biggest one in the series to date. Passing feels a lot better but is much much harder to pull off. No more no-look aerial through balls from your 76 rated CM. They have made through balls incredibly hard, to the point where you really have to time them to perfection.

AI defenders are the best yet for a while. They position themselves really well. They block crosses a lot more and are able to deal with aerial through balls a lot better. The new slide tackling is also pretty useful. You can click square twice to cancel your slide tackle halfway through the animation. AI defenders are a lot harder to beat by dribbling around them. I think the standing tackle radius has been increased? I feel AI defenders rob the ball from your feet a lot more!

Players track back to defensive positions. For example, I finally had a counter attack on! I look up and spread a beautiful through ball to Willian but behold! A wild Raheem Sterling is sprinting alongside Willian and manages to intercept the ball near his own penalty box.

They still haven't fixed the short corner glitch with fifa coins online. Unfortunately this still works from FIFA 15. You can hold L2 to ensure a player is already near you when you start the corner kick animation.

"Stay back while attacking" still doesn't work. I tried to see what Busequets would do with this instruction but I found him still wandering further forward a lot more, albeit not into the opposition penalty box but just outside it.

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