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How do Jamaicans feel about a possible Christmas election?

With strong indications that Jamaicans could be going to the polls before Christmas Day, the Sunday Observer asked citizens in the Corporate Area whether or not the timing would be right. These were some of their responses:


Balvin Vanriel




I don't think it will be the ideal time. I think some time within the first quarter (2012) will be much better. Christmas is a time when we reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and spend some time with the family, so we don't want anything to distract our attention from that.


Sylvester Grant




It is really not necessary because the people are busy doing their little Christmas shopping and that (election) is going to confuse things. When the Christmas is over, and New Year's [day] is over then we can deal with it. At that time the people's brains are more settled so they can think to chose who they want.


Patrick Watson




It is not the lower set of people who set election, it is the higher set of person. So we the ordinary citizens have to just take what they say. To me it really don't matter. Anything they say we just have to work with it.


Voncard Brown




Right now nothing is not going on and if election call in the Christmas things are going to be worst. I would prefer if it call next year, because right now not even Christmas light people putting up. So I really feel that it would be better next year when things and times better.


Norman Lewis




Yeah I want elections in Christmas because the man [Prime Minister Andrew Holness] have the privilege to win right now. So the best time to call it is now because it is the best time for him to win it. Why wait till next year and things might change?


Roslyn James




Just do it and done if they are so anxious. Things slow, I agree, but I think they should just do away with the election and done. Get it out of the way and just forget about it. Let people move on with their lives. This election campaigning really stops a lot of things for people.


Marie Sparkes




It is the festive season and everybody want to be happy so all we have to do is wait until after the season to have the election. It will be much better next year.

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Comment by melvin wallace on November 30, 2011 at 1:05pm

I don't think they rush into calling an election because it is an holiday season and this will only distract from the festivities even though no money na run fi pore people.  these politicians are only interested in power and not interested in making a diferents int peoples life across the political spectrum, in other words to served all jamaican and not just there own party.

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