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Honeykomb Brazy's Opps Kill His Grandparents On Facetime; Make Him Watch {VIDEO}

Goons Shoots n Kills Honeykomb Brazy grandparents and burns house down😔 (RIP)

Top Alabama rapper Honeykomb Brazy is going through it today. Last night, MTO News learned that his enemies set his grandparents house on fire - after shooting up their home.

And according to social media reports, it does not appear that either grandparent survived.

But the story gets even crazier. Friends of Brazy claim that the Opps were so brazen, that they called up the rapper via FaceTime, and made him watch as the house burned with his grandparents inside.

Video footage of the fire has been released.

Shortly after the fire was put out, Brazy posted this tribute to his grandparents on IG:

Honeykomb is a rapper and also a songwriter who represents Alabama. He is half Nigerian & half American. Before becoming the singer, He was a songwriter who is known as much for his singing as for his rapping in many hits songs.

In an interview with SayCheeseTV, the Alabama rapper explained how he and his father spent time together behind bars for six months.

“They just put me in the cell with him,” he told the outlet. “When I got out of lockup, I was in St. Claire but I kept getting into s*** over there so they ended up kicking me out. So they sent me to gotdamn West Jefferson in lockup. When I got out of lockup, they put me right in a cell with my daddy.”

He continued, “They ain’t know it was my daddy cause we got the same first name we ain’t got the same last name. So I went in that hoe with him, we bangin’. Pops a real n****. We ain’t doin’ nothin’ but gettin’ high, sippin’ drank, talkin’ on the phone, kickin’ off … that’s it. We would have real conversations. I got money on my head, that was when I had the murder, that was when I was about to get out for it. I had to do two years, so I’m finna get out on that right there.

“He telling me, ‘You know when you get out there, you gotta walk lightly. You know niggas gotdamn tryna get you out the way now. I ain’t tryna get that phone call n****, for real. Can’t let ’em do me like that when I’m doin’ life.’ I told him, ‘I got ya pop.’ I get out that first week and niggas hit me eight times. I was in a coma but I shook that s***.”

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Comment by James on February 21, 2021 at 10:32pm
Self ukery I
Comment by Thomas Nesbitt on February 19, 2021 at 11:39pm
It's reasons like this why we have no say as Black Americans in this country. That is too sad! Too much jealousy and hate.
Comment by vaughn mitchell on February 19, 2021 at 6:54pm
These low down, you know what just kill each other. To kill someone's grand parents, let's see what happen when he get someone to light up their family, no wonder when cops kill us, they talk about we killing each other.
Comment by Foxa mula on February 19, 2021 at 1:58am

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