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Home Surveillance Camera Saves Texas Man From Lying Cops

Larry Faulkenberry 47 was standing with his hands up when three armed men approached him, he was yanked to the ground right after being leg-whipped by the hot-headed thugs from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department back in January of 2015. Faulkenberry was thrown in a cold cell for 10 long days and held on a $807,000 bail. He was facing multiple years in prison for assaulting a public servant and allegedly resisting arrest.

The incident happened in a rural county of about 40 thousand just outside Austin, on his 5 acre private property where Mr. Faulkenberry operates a motorcycle parts business. The police report filed by Deputy Michael Taylor says that Faulkenberry was the attacker and not the victim, Taylor insisted that Faulkenberry was the one that attacked them.

Deputy Michael Taylor stated: “I observed Lawrence Faulkenberry push Sergeant Yost with the left side of his body and elbow into a tree causing him to fall and injure his left shin and right knee cap. I observed Lawrence Faulkenberry to forcefully resist Deputies while attempting to lawfully detain him for officer safety. Deputies detained Lawrence Faulkenberry using the least amount of force necessary to gain compliance from Lawrence Faulkenberry.”

But a surveillance camera captured the truth. A few dozen feet away was a wisely installed home security camera that Mr.Faulkenberry had attached to a wooden utility pole a few years prior. It clearly shows the cops showing up on a dispatched call received from his young son. The 16 y.o. was pissed off because his dad told him to say home for his bad behavior in school, he told the cops that his dad was intoxicated and brandishing a gun. The video shows his dad with his arms in the air and hands open and no weapon in sight. As the bullies started to handcuff him, one thug sweeps Faulkenberry’s leg out from under him, then he’s forced to the ground and assaulted.

Caldwell County District Attorney Fred Weber viewed the videos and declined to press any charges against Faulkenberry. Weber was asked if it was the video evidence that convinced him not to attempt to prosecute, which he replied “Absolutely”. The video did not lead to any of the armed authoritarians being punished for perjury or for battery and falsifying police reports.

Mr. Falkenberry exclaimed “Without the video I would be in prison. There is no doubt about that.”
This scenario has fueled a federal civil rights lawsuit, that is including accusations that the police unlawfully invaded and searched Faulkenberry’s private property for a gun that was never found.  Faulkenberry toldArstechnica “I don’t have one,” The lawsuit names the 3 cops depicted in the video: Sergeant Dustin Yost, Deputy Michael Taylor, and one other only known as Deputy Houseston. Both sides in the case told the judge that is presiding over the case that “mediation would provide a forum to attempt meaningful efforts to accomplish resolution of this case.”

The sheriff’s department is still sticking with deputy Taylor’s story.
The armed bandits adamantly deny that they violated Mr. Falkenberry’s Constitutional rights (4th and 14th) amendments. They also say that they did not use excessive force or conduct an unreasonable search and seizure, made up criminal charges.

Faulkenberry, agrees with one part of the police report in which he used profanity and that he did not comply to their orders to walk backwards toward them.
“They yelled sheriff’s department! I said what do you need? I put my hands up.”  They commanded “Turn around and walk backwards.”  I said “I’ll stand here, you come here and put handcuffs on me.”Faulkenberry admits to saying “Why the f*c* y’all here?” but then “Before I could finish the sentence, I got slammed to the ground.”

Faulkenberry said that the rights violators pushed his forehead into the gravel that resulted in painful visible abrasions and a busted blood vessel in his left eye. He also suffered a herniated disc and another is “bone on bone.”
“My whole face was cut up and lacerated from rocks in the parking area. My knee hurt for about a couple of months from where he planted me on the ground. They left me laying on the ground for about 15 minutes, face down.” Mr. Falkenberry added “I knew the camera system was capturing everything the entire time. It knew everything that happened. I told him, ‘You just messed up. You have no idea how bad.’ He told me to ‘shut up.'”
He agreed that this would not have occurred if his son would not have called the cops for something so stupid. “He got in trouble at school. I explained to him he was grounded. He got upset. He told me he was going to call the police and tell them I was waving a gun at him and drunk. I sat down to cool off and 20 minutes later, I see flashlights coming up the driveway.”

Faulkenberry claims his innocence that he didn’t engage the public servants like they allegedly accuse him of.“If you watch the video, absolutely none of that occurred, I never touched the guy. That was a complete fabrication.” Luckily for him he installed those cameras on his property after his parts supply shop go vandalized. Ironically “The police suggested a surveillance system, if the guy comes back again, you’ll have it on video.” Again and again the rise in cameras and surveillance systems that are aimed back at our aggressors are turning the tables of the lies and deceit that come from the so-called peace officer and public servants who try to cover their ass by lying.  Always film the police and any other confrontations especially with federal and state employees. It might just save a life or prevent someone from be thrown away to rot in a cage, because the justice system has their “Triad” or Color of Law with the Judges, Prosecutors, and Cops who all vouch for each other. It’s past our turn to use technology in our favor to fight these injustices.

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