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Helicopter crashes installing Christmas tree; pilot limps away (Video+Pics)

Firefighters spray foam at the scene where a helicopter crashed while installing a large Christmas

Tree at the Viaduct Harbor in New Zealand. (Phil Walter/Getty Images)

It’s a harrowing scene: a slow descent in what looks to be a tight landing space. Then, something catches hold of the helicopter and it snaps practically in two. In the video out of New Zealand, though, the story has a happy ending. The pilot can be seen limping out of the wreckage moments after the crash.

According to the New Zealand Herald, helicopter pilot Greg Gribble was helping to install a seven-story Christmas tree when it appears the rotors became entangled in the cables holding up the tree and the chopper plunged to the ground. Gribble was flung out of the helicopter door, and then fell back in a separate door. He barely missed the rotor blades.


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