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Hazel E BLEACHED All Her Skin - Except Between Legs

Hazel E BLEACHED All Her Skin . . . Except Between Legs!!

Hazel E for Love & Hip Hop is going viral this morning, but not in a good way.

Hazel posted a sexy video on social media yesterday that is not going well for her.

In the video, Hazel is wearing lingerie and laying on the bed. Her body is covered in some type of tribal body paint.

But people on social media seem to be focused on a dark spot between the reality stars legs.

Hazel, who has been accused of bleaching her skin, is light all over - except between her legs. That's consistent with the use of skin lightening products -- also known as bleaching creams, whiteners, skinbrighteners, or fading creams -- which work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin.


And here is a still image showing the dark area between her legs.


For New Year's 2019 Hazel-E, rang it in with a new man -- starting fresh with football star Lucky Whitehead, according to TMZ.

The cute new couple hit up Ruth's Chris Steak House in Virginia on New Year's Eve, wining and dining on surf and turf as they snuggled up in a booth. You can tell they're definitely loving each other's company. 

After the meal, Lucky showed Hazel the wild side of his hometown of Manassas, VA by partying the night away at Breakers Sky Lounge.

It's a new relationship, but the former 'L&HH' star was already feeling Lucky's vibe ... doing some grinding on her hunky new bae.

Hazel and Katt Williams dated for 2 years before breaking up in March 2016 ... the exes recently tried to rekindle their romance, getting back together and splitting again after only three weeks.

We're told Lucky -- who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the NY Jets -- recently slid into Hazel's DMs and she decided to give him a chance. 

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