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Harvard Law Student Makes a Flawless Case of How the School’s Racist History Affects the Lawyers They Send Out to Work in the Criminal Justice System

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Comment by Jerimiah 1:4--10 on December 2, 2015 at 9:48am
Calling all negroes, male and female, dont marvel at the fact Havard University has indoctrinated white lawyers and have filtered them out into society and create a system of law to destroy the image of the negro man and woman, im not surprised ladies and gentlemen that its institutionalized and the stench of it is everywhere and also a subsidiary of police departments in the USA , after all folks when our foreparents were raped lynched burned alive for sport, it was not done out of love for us, and it was not done by our friends, now that your waking up would you care for some cereal, tea or cofffee. Well the residual effects are here on a black peoples that beleived every white lie they were ever told and a majority of us swallowed it hook line and sinker, poor fishes. You Negroes are one of the chosen tribes and Christ chose you and 11 other tribes out of the world of different races of people and this is why your hated, when Black jesus walked the earth in the flesh he told our black foreparents this, the proof of this is in St John 15th chapter and the 18th and 19th vrs. Though many of us dont beleive in Him, He was here and said this, "MARVEL NOT IF THE WORLD HATE YOU, YOU KNOW THAT IT HATED ME (CHRIST) BEFORE IT HATED YOU, 19TH VRS IF YOU WERE OF THE WORLD (WHITE). THE WORLD WOULD LOVE ITS OWN, BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT OF THE (WHITE) WORLD. BUT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU OUT OF THE (WHITE WORLD). THEREFORE THE WORLD HATE YOU." He was talking to blacks about the white world. They hate Christ because Hes Black like you and They hate GOD because He is also black!!! The proof is in Revalations 1: 13-15 and Daniels 7:9 about GOD. Also read Job 9:24 it states The earth is given into the HANDS OF THE WICKED! Black people are learning who that is today arent they? Bless you Gods children and try to learn the truth for yourself and family dont let corrupt churches get the best of you and your family with lies, if a person is not qualified by the Holy Spirit which is GOD Himself, then that person is not qualified to teach, white Americas seminary schools are instituded to teach Lies and their degrees are useless, what good are those degrees if they teach Lies ???????????????
Comment by Cynthia Edwards on December 1, 2015 at 4:02pm

So true Derecka.

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