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These are the same people who brake's the law, and walk around with their head up their asses, as if their better than every one else, when all they are, are a bunch of low life drug dealers and traffickers, this young woman had a lot going for herself, but she figure been a low life, Unscrupulous Element, was worth more than the honorable, positive things she had going on in her life, then her father, he is another one, acting as though he had no idea his daughter was a drug mule, he knew what she was doing, both he and her mother knew that the things she possessed could not have come from a flight attendant's salary, It is further alleged, that she is also an RN, if that is true, then then her greed has finally caught up to her, if she is from a good family, then, look at the shame she has brought on her family's name, and the stereotype that she has brought on her fellow Jamaicans, we have been ridiculed and branded by many, not that she is a representative of all Jamaicans, but for a while lots of young girls from back home had her up on their Radar as a positive possibility, so yes, she has let her country down too, I hope she has learn from her mistakes, and get a lesson on what it means to have humility, patience, to be humble and to be content with what you have, ten years may seem a bit harsh, but look at how many lives the poison she was about to distribute on the street of Los Angeles would have damaged, many will say she is just a small fish in a big pond, but i bet the majority who says that are mostly drug dealers themselves, and, that argument can be up for debate, but the facts remain, Cocaine is an ILLEGAL substance in the USA, so possessing it in any way shape or form is WRONG, thus breaking the law, so she knew the consequence behind her actions, or she knew there would be consequences, but her greed and disregard for the lives and well been of others, drove her to this unfortunate   circumstance, i hope she arise from this a better person capable of making better decisions.

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