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SHOW almost SOLD OUT! GET 4 UPFRONT TICKETS to see Machel, Vegas, Doug E. Fresh, Morgan Heritage & MORE @ Barclays Center, This FRI, NOV 2nd.

With 200 words or less in the COMMENT BOX below tell us what it would mean 2 you, 2 attend the FIRST SOLD OUT Caribbean Show at the BARCLAYS CENTER.

Your COMMENTS will be READ and on THURSDAY NOV 1st at 7PM a lucky CF member will WIN 4 UPFRONT tickets to the concert & pre award show. The winner will be announced in the COMMENT BOX below. Good Luck CF.

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Comment by Susan Noreiga on November 3, 2012 at 2:27pm
Dahved. We hope you and your family is safe and comfortable. CF, God has tested our faith and showed us all how small we are in this world. We take so much for granted as human beings, and Mother Nature can just come and take it all away from us. Hope everyone is safe during this trying time for us all. We see this stuff in the news in other countries. Always remember we're not exempt. Global warming in effect y'all. It's real. Love and live like it's the last day, and take nothing for granted. Be safe everyone. Keep God real real close.
Comment by Angela h Moonesar on November 2, 2012 at 3:17pm

I am probably the biggest America fan for Caribbean music..
Having married two Trini men, and giving birth to two young men, I have always showed them the Caribbean culture, and their roots...
I am currently dating another Trini man, and expect this to last for ever...
Loving my Caribbean people, and would love to be up close and personal with all these festivities..
Please advise me if I have been lucky enough to be chosen for this wonderful event..
Thanking you in advance..

Comment by Zee on November 1, 2012 at 6:59pm
Being able to attend the show would be so amazing. I would really enjoy being amongst my Caribbean people and rocking out to the wonderful sounds of these great artists.
Comment by Rhonda Greene on November 1, 2012 at 1:34pm
I would like to take my mom to the show It would mean so much to her.
Comment by Afia on November 1, 2012 at 11:57am

I have tickets for the event for tomorrow...called ticketmaster...i was told event has been moved to December 17th, can someone verify this information...there was no notice sent out that I saw....Again, what is happening with "Caribbean Fever"?

Comment by Shariyfa on November 1, 2012 at 11:55am
I just saw that the show is to be postponed til dec 17 is that true?
Comment by Champagne, Jean on November 1, 2012 at 2:19am
CF, you have done it!!  This is a tremendous assemblance of artistic talent at a spectacular venue, Brooklyn's crown jewel the Barclays Center.  What it means to me to b in attendance @ d First Sold Out Caribbean Show @ d Barclays: I just have to be there, come hell or high wata!!  This festival presents an ideal opportunity and venue to gather and be an example of how we as a community come together to celebrate and enjoy our passionate love for music, culture and artistic expression.  And, I am coming strong to d Barclays too!!  You will Not have to guess which Caribbean nation I am from I promise you, but more importantly I am there as representative of the Caribbean community.  So, I come to jump & wave to my soca.  I come to jam out to my Kompa.  I come 2 rock & sway 2 my reggae and party to my hip hop.  By time d night done I may need EMS to respond with a gurney to wheel my a*s out of d building, but I plan my best 2 keep 2 my feet and my energy levels up through patronage of d concession area. <-- My 200 or less words.
I would also like 2 express:
While tuned in to CF, I was so glad to learn T-Mickey link with Jube.  Jube is highly accomplished, I attended a performance where he dropped d Voodoo Reggae sound.. a BIG sound that's just amazing and incredible, trust me!!!!  Bigup T-Mickey!! Morgan Heritage: The hits!!!  I listened to Peter sing, the man outright has a golden voice!!  D man voice pristine!  Long time me no see Alison (lawd..)!  Vegas, Machel.. all d acts, good gosh man for real d vibes cyah done!!  So with that said - CF, d whole adi Caribbean community.. ANNOU ALE!!!
Comment by standaman on November 1, 2012 at 1:19am

Hello my name is stanley, im 28 years from haiti but born and raised in queens new york...


I am caribbean and love what it represents. I love the food, the dancing, the energy that it brings,the costumes, the colors, the vibe. The way it brings different cultures and races together. Doesnt matter where your from or what color is your skin all is welcome. The caribbean culture is like no other and the only way to explain it is to experience it, my goal is to go to every carnival/parade in the world. so far ive done eastern parkway of course, been to miami carnival; trinidad, caribana in toronto. my goal is to visit somewhere new every year. I tell people its an experience of an life time. The music alone, the energy that it brings and the joy, the tunes the beat the rhythm will take you away. The food is like no other you"ll be sucking bones by the time your done.  my first caribbean concert will be this friday  at the barclays center with two of my closest friends. And after the week we had, i am excited. As well as everyone who will be attended the show, even though we are still recovering from a hurricane and half of new york in ruins there still will be a sell out crowd, to bring some joy to those who have suffered through this terrible event. Thats how much the caribbean culture means to us. No matter what type of week you had or what your going throught, come friday you will be ready to sing and dance all night. And by the night is over everyone will leave with a smile and feeling a little bit better. I know its goign to be a great experience and a wonderful show. Win or not going to be a great night, God Bless.

Comment by Nia on November 1, 2012 at 1:03am

Well, let me start off by saying I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and we don't have a caribbean community compared to other big cities. I'm not from the caribbean at all even though people think that i am i'm just a black american that loves caribbean people of all kinds. The only reason i stay well connected in the culture and with the music is because i travel alot to Miami, New York, etc. Everytime i want to attend a big show or event i have to go to another city if i want to see that artist. Since, there's only 100 Jamaicans, 3 Trinidadians, 2 Guyanese, and a family of Haitians that i know that is the body of our caribbean population. In my city most people don't even know who Machel Montana is if you asked one of them. I love reggae music first it's my heart since 1996 and i've been listening to soca music more now in the last 3 years than i ever did before and i've been attending carnivals since 2008. That is why it would be a real treat and honor for me coming from a small city to be a part of this history in the making at Barclays.

Comment by Susan Noreiga on October 31, 2012 at 4:11pm

Dahved Boy, Ah glad ah get this forum to cuss up your tail. I win tickets on your show to see Maxwell, then the show was cancelled. A few weeks later your ticket people them call me 2 days before some other concert which was too short notice to pick up tickets in NY coming from CT. Me still love your though cause yuh sweet like meh grandmother chilli bee bee, but them 4 tickets should go to ME. Why, because I've been your fan since yuh was running round Brooklyn tall and skinny with some natty dreads pon your head, and people ah say you're a DJ. That was in the early 90's or some whey dey, and then me start hearing you on the radio and in parties. Long time ehh!! You come a long way Dahved. Congrats to the Rude Bouy!! ABOUT US: Myself(Trini Woman), My Mom(Trini Queen), My Daughter(American Born Trini Soca Child) that idolizes Machel and love soca and reggae music on the whole. I would like to win these tickets mostly for her to have the experience. The child could talk between American/Trini/Jamaican accent. She's 16, and know more soca than me, and would like to sing with Machel, and DJ with you one day, and My Fiancee(American Boy that  think he a Trini).Dahved, this will be an unbelievable surprise to my family to be awarded these tickets to this MAGNIFICENT SHOW. Love you Original Rude Bouy, Susan C.

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