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Gabrielle Union Advised Steph and Ayesha Curry To Break Up, Have Sex With Other People [VIDEO]

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union arrives at “America’s Got Talent” Season 14 Live Show Red Carpet at Dolby Theatre on September 10, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
(Sept. 9, 2019 – Source: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images North America)

During an Instagram Live chat with her husband Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Unionrevealed that she once advised Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha — who joined the stream — that they should split up. 
“She was a thot in ’98,” Wade said of his wife, who laughed and confessed, “I was!”
“I enjoyed my life,” Union added, “And that is the exact advice I gave Ayesha and a young Steph at D. Wright’s 25th birthday party.”
“It all comes out! I’m so done,” Ayesha said as Gabby explained that she told the couple — who have now been married for eight years and share three kids together — that their relationship wouldn’t last, PEOPLE reports. 
“I was like, ‘You guys, the likelihood of this working out is very low.’ “
Watch Gabby recall the moment via the clip below.

Ayesha Curry Updates@AyeshaHive

Gabrielle Union recalls the advice she gave to a young Steph and Ayesha Curry lol

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Union suggested Ayesha and Stephen both have fun by having other sex partners. 

” ‘You should just break up now and have sex with other people.’ I used different language but is that not what I told y’all both?” Union said.

You looked at me and said, ‘How old are you?…Okay,” Ayesha replied, to which Gabrille said, “Precisely because I was a thot.”

I apologize on behalf of the Wade family. That’s not who we are anymore,” Wade added. 

Gabrielle Union

I truly mess with @StephenCurry30 & @ayeshacurry I've known them for over a decade and they are consistently kind,cool & supportive when no one is looking. I that convo we were having about faith & moving the culture forward. 

Holly Robinson Peete
Replying to @itsgabrielleu @DwyaneWade

Great chat!!

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The clip of the conversation ended with Gabrielle praising Steph and Ayesha for keeping it real. 

“There are very, very few people I’ve met who have been consistent. I mean, I’ve known you guys for well over a decade. There’s a lot of people who talk about faith and there’s a lot of people who talk about moving the culture forward but something isn’t real somewhere. When people are like, ‘Are they real? Are they really…?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes.’  They’re some of the only people I’ve met who have been consistent from the first time I saw them to every time I speak to you guys,” said Union. 

“I wish more people understood that it is possible to be people of faith and also wanting to move the culture forward,” she added

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Comment by E Peters on April 30, 2020 at 2:45pm
That’s was stupid of her to say.
Comment by mr1stroke on April 30, 2020 at 2:00pm
Majority of black women who does not have a family or a relationship are the exact same reason, they are as retarded and slow as they come, they dont realise their jealous girlfriends are their own enemy, they will always come between a good thing and destroy it

Black females are as evil as they come, they are always the one to tell someone else how bad her man is or how they should not deal with him and walk away, they will not support a good relationship if they dont have one or theirs is not working as good as the other, they are always on the phone talking someone else business, no wonder they are all have baby daddies and not married, i mean seriously you mean to tell me all those men are not good when many of them start a family with someone else who is willing, if the men are not good and you are that smart how come you are all looking like female dogs dragging a bunch of bastards without fathers, how smart are you?

Women who have a strong head need to stay away from poison like her make up your own mind, stop telling other people about your problems, only you know whats wrong and why, the best person that can work it with you is your partner, stop telling your business on social media to strangers who do not care that is so ignorant, learn what family is about, do what i do take time and have a family meeting once a week, discuss what needs to be discuss, make sure sundays are family day, have dinner eat together, negros have no tradition of their own but they want to do what other cultures do
Comment by vaughn mitchell on April 30, 2020 at 1:15pm
Comment by El-Bull on April 30, 2020 at 1:10pm
Not surprised that whore, would try to ruin their marriage.....D Wade is a simp to put up with her BS
Comment by kalalala on April 29, 2020 at 1:52pm

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