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Full Video Of TI Being Belligerent & Arguing w/ Security Guard at his gated home entrance

Full Video Of TI Being Belligerent & Arguing w/ Security Guard!!!

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Georgia police arrested Clifford "TI" Harris at his home at the Eagles Landing Country Club. Police say that TI was yelling at the security guard because he would not let him in the gate. 

When police arrived on the scene, they met TI and his friend, Marquinarius Holmes. When asked what was the problem, Mr. Harris stated that when he pulled up to the guard shack, he observed the guard - Euwan James - sleeping. 

When TI woke him up, he asked to be let into the gate, but the guard refused to let the rapper in to his own home. TI told police that the guard finally opened the gate to let him in, but added that he had asked the security guard for his name multiple times and asked for his supervisor but that the guard refused to provide that information to him. 

TI then drove home - a bit over a half mile - only to walk back for another attempt at getting the guard’s name.

The guard eventually called police, and claimed that TI threatened him.

Here is the video:

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Comment by Gertrude R. Hernandez on December 15, 2020 at 7:28am

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Comment by mr1stroke on May 1, 2019 at 3:42pm
Lol gated community are one of the worse i usually stay away from them for many reasons, i rather deal with home association communities which are another headache, but sometimes thats what you have to deal with for a quality life, you cannot have it all unless you compromise, but T.I did not have to argue with the guard all he had to do is calling the management office file a complaint he would get the name and also have the option to get the guard remove, but that is the f***** up law once he made the call first and make any claim they will arrest you, in court he can choose to drop the charges or you will have to prove your innocence, which will also cost you money, so its best to sneak up on them another time and make them pay, or for a few dollars let the street handle it, when you have money just about anything is possible

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