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French Montana Says Record Labels Want to Cash In Rappers’ Deaths With Life Insurance Policies | Video

French MontanaFrench Montana has called out record labels for profiting off the deaths of rappers with life insurance policies.

Speaking to Akademiks on his Off the Record podcast, French Montana recalled some of his old beef with his rap peers and speculated that the labels were hoping to cash in if their artist gets murdered, Hip Hop DX reports. 

“We was beefing for real,” he said on the podcast.” People was dying and this and that, and it was blocking a lot of money. People didn’t want to touch you. Your rap friends stop picking up, the labels stop picking up. It gets crazy. But now it’s even crazier, they gettin’ life insurance on artist. At least back then, we didn’t have that. You’re praying on his death. You’re praying on making millions on his death.”Montana added, “You’re supposed to have life insurance anyway, but when the label does it, if you don’t have one that’s crazy.

Elsewhere in the interview, French addressed rumored feuds between J. Cole and an alleged heated exchange between Diddy and Drake at DJ Khaled’s 2014 birthday party.

“I don’t think none of that ever happened,” French said, Complex reports. “Nah, I don’t think so. I think it was probably over a song or something, but I never really got into it. ’Cause you know they’re both like my best friends.”

Montana continued, “People be expecting me to pick a side, right? And I lose a lot of friends like that. So if I’m cool with you and I’m cool with him and y’all beef, then I’ll still say what’s up to both of y’all cause I met both of y’all at the same time. How am I wrong for that?”

Listen to French Montana’s full Off the Record interview below.

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Comment by John Smith on July 25, 2022 at 4:21am
Comment by mr1stroke on July 22, 2022 at 3:17pm

French Montana is not black so he has yet to experience mower day slavery in America, but we come from nothing and weak you are conditioned to accept just about anything they give you just like the black community have been getting hand outs from the government, it is all across the board.

Just about 99.9% if not all of black entertainers work who have died are own by white companies or white people, their work are being sold, use in movies and commercials and they left their families nothing but white people continue to build wealth their sweat and blood. Those Artists allow that for few reasons, they were too desperate to have a few dollars and a Cadillac to show off or they never read their contracts.

As white people go on they continue to find ways to expand and enslave black people, once they signed the contract they have to sign that insurance policy in order to get that deal, that has been established few years ago by record labels because they realize one of the things niggers are good at is kill each other, or they can order a hit on you once they feel its worth the policy.

The negros either don't care or don't know they just want to be famous and broke, and the public plays a big part the same people who won't support those artists when they were alive are now buying their music after they die from white people. I would not pay a dime for Michael Jack son or prince's music I rather illegal download if if I want it ot get it from a DJ mix tape, because I know that money is not going to their families.

In 2022 only a dumb negro who is desperate, dumb can't read and not about music would go sign any record deal with a label, with all those platforms all you need is legal representation, an agent, a manager and a distributor and you can have your own label, like Ditto music, you own your publishing, your agent can get you shows, your manager can negotiate your music to get into movies and commercials and still own 100% of your rights, I know a few new artists on YouTube that are doing it, so good luck to the dummies, I am not sorry for them.

Comment by ADELTECH REAL ESTATE on July 22, 2022 at 12:59pm

Wow that what they wanted all the time, it's about money for them .

Comment by vaughn mitchell on July 22, 2022 at 11:43am
Not surprised.

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