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Former Playmate Sues Bill Cosby for 1969 Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby (David Maialetti-Pool-Getty Images)Bill Cosby (David Maialetti-Pool-Getty Images)

Bill Cosby is facing another sexual assault case, this time from a woman who claims the comedian raped her in 1969

According to TMZ, the latest accuser is Victoria Valentino, a former Playboy model who previously accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her over four decades ago after she had dinner with him.

The statute of limitations on sexual assault cases has been temporarily lifted under a California law — paving the way for Valentino’s civil suit. It comes two years after Cosby was released from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned.

In the lawsuit, Valentino alleges that she and her friend were hanging with Cosby when he offered them pills, and when she started to feel dizzy, he took them to a nearby office. The woman claims she became unconscious and was assaulted after waking up.

Bill Cosby (Kena Betancur-AFP-Getty
The Supreme Court left in place an opinion by Pennsylvania’s highest court that overturned comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, rejecting a bid from Pennsylvania prosecutors to review the decision. / Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s more from TMZ:

In her suit, Valentino says she told Cosby she wanted to go home and he escorted her and her friend to a car, offering to drive them home. She says she felt nauseated and dizzy in the backseat as Cosby instead drove them to his office, where she claims a sexual assault occurred.

Valentino says her friend passed out on a couch in Cosby’s office and she sat down on another couch and closed her eyes … and when she opened them she saw Cosby sitting next to her friend, staring with a “predatory intensity” and an erection.

In the docs, VV says she tried to turn Cosby’s attention away from her friend and he walked over to her. She says she tried to stand up but her legs wobbled and buckled. She says Cosby sat down next to her, unzipped his pants and forced his penis in her mouth. She says he then stood her up, turned her around and forced his penis into her vagina.

The woman claims she was drugged during the assault, making her incapable of consenting to the sexual activities that she was allegedly subjected to.

Per TMZ, “Valentino says she’s suffered severe humiliation, mental anguish, embarrassment, anger, emotional distress and loss of earnings,” the outlet writes, and she’s seeking financial compensation

In a statement, Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, said… “Media needs to vet Victoria Valentino cautiously and carefully — because she has changed her alleged accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Cosby over 10 to 15 times.”

Wyatt continued,  “It’s unfortunate that the statute of limitations were put in The Constitution to protect victims and those who are accused — and it seems that our political figures are caving to being click baiters and accumulating likes as opposed to vetting these allegations made by alleged accusers and moving swiftly to create these look back windows — which are only being created because they incorporate Bill Cosby’s name. This is bigger than Bill Cosby. This is a target against every black successful man in America like Lebron James, Will Smith and President Obama.”

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