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Florida Man, 61, Weds His 18-Year-Old Goddaughter – Internet Outrage Ensues! | VIDEO

Deyjah Evans & Mike Haugabook (Facebook)Deyjah Evans & Mike Haugabook (Facebook)

A 61-year-old Black man in Florida is making headlines for marrying his 18-year-old goddaughter.

As reported, Mike Haugabook married Deyjah Evans this weekend, in a private ceremony in Florida. The two have known each other since Deyjah was a child and they tied the knot days after she turned 18. 

Below is video of their wedding, and Deyjah defending their relationship

Mike and Deyjah told Facebook that they will be “raising” their 4 kids together. It’s not clear how many of the children are Deyjah’s (biologically), and whether any of them are biologically both Deyjah’s and Mike’s. Under Florida law, Deyjah was legally unable to consent to sexual relations with an adult male until she turned 18.

Deyjah’s mom, who is a recovering drug addict, is not in support of the marriage. She allegedly once had sex with Mike in exchange for a cell phone and a “couple of dollars.” Peep what she had to say about her daughter’s intimate relationship with him in the clip below.

As reported by Black Enterprise, Michael refers to Davina as his goddaughter in an old Facebook post, with Deja’s mother thanking him and saying “love you babes.”

Many on social media believe Mike may have “groomed” his teen wife. Do you agree? 


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Comment by John Smith on March 8, 2022 at 1:18am

Age difference.. too much..

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Comment by mr1stroke on October 23, 2021 at 6:46pm

Ignar Lol that is why I like to expose people like you, if you're so intelligent what does all that have to do with the topic and the comment, if you are so smart address what's being discuss, lol so religious is what restrict a grown ass man to sexual abuse a child, you are sick f***, one of the sick niggers in the community, I cannot get laid by a child because it is immoral, I have a daughter and nieces, which means I shoot old n***** like you like youre life dont matter, they say God don't make mistake well he made a mistake by creating pedophile like you. Keep f****** with peoples kids and dont wrong person will male you eat your own dick, cut it and feed it to you before he kills you, old sorry ass n*****

Comment by Ignar on October 23, 2021 at 10:42am

@mr 1 stroke. Are you jealous of the people? Can't get laid? Are you not ingesting wholesome food, and getting adequate sunlight? Anyway, have your attorney forward to the authorities, any evidence that you may have of any illegal activity, by the man, otherwise, it may be deemed libel, if you slander his name. I am not an attorney, so my advice is just a suggestion. If he were on this site, he may screenshot your writing and use it against you in court. I, unlike you, will not tell anyone how to live their life. I have decontaminated my brain of religion, and it is the religious zealots who are sexually frustrated and want to tell people how, who, when, why, and where to have sex. I do not know who hurt you, it was not me. I will ask the administrators of this site if they can assist you with your pain. This is my last response to you. Please get the help you need. Thanks. Peace, always.

Comment by mr1stroke on October 23, 2021 at 1:32am

Ignar and this is the problem niggers like you suffer from the Willie Lynch so much you can't even find your self, what exactly does all that have to do with what I asked you or the comment, in fact what does that have to do with the topic? But this is how people like me expose pedophile like you, trying to avoid the conversation like any one cares about your little education, seriously niggers like you are struggling punching clocks relying on Biden's programs, if you were that smart do you think you woukd be on here, you would discussing forums with Mark Cubans, Mr Wondeful, Damon or even Warren Buffet, but you are on here trying to list books that any one can find on Google.

Now i will ask you again, either you live your life like that sick ass Mufucker or you have no one to love, if he marries at her on her Birthday at the age of 18 and he known her as a child, how long has he been sexually involve with her, now let me help you since you missed your Math class, was it when she was 12, 16, or 17 years old? Only sick people who does the same thing will agree and use happiness as an excuse, if you have an 18 years old daughter who marries a 61 years man, unless you are selling your daughter for money, what man would allow that, a true father will not be ok with their 18 yeara old daughter to even date a 25 yeara old man, now imagine 61 yeara old, you can try to avoid the conversation all you want to, you are a sick f***, and that goes to all who agrees with you, when ever people like me call out sick mufuckers they always seem to find something wrong with me, but they are not sick, you damn rapist.

Comment by Ignar on October 22, 2021 at 10:39pm

@mr 1 stroke. I am not qualified to diagnose your dysfunction. Like how others can recognize when another is unwell, but can't exactly say what is causing their hurt, I recognize that in you from your communications. Please seek the counsel of professionals. If you are being a troll, have not healed from some trauma or your brain is contaminated with some form of religion, I do not know. I do recognize the cry for help. You do have a choice. You can remain blissful or you can heal. I wish you all the best. Peace, always.

Comment by mr1stroke on October 22, 2021 at 2:53pm

Ignar Lol now what the f*** does that have to do with what I said, niggers like you know too much, with all those white books, you know so much but cannot help change one policy to help the black community, so the question is who is your education helpful for?

I said either youre living that life style or don't have anybody to care for, otherwise any one who has sense would ask the question, if he married her on the day she turns 18 how long was he sleeping her, you are so smart of a n***** but aint good with numbers, if she is 18 now, what was she a few years ago? God parents suppose to be the second parents if anything happen to biological parents other than grand parents, so lets be honest who will be ok with that? So either you are just like him or sick, now what do those books have to do with this subject lol, intelligent negros with no common sense

Comment by Sheldine Forde on October 22, 2021 at 2:18pm

If they like it, I love it. Whatever works for them. let's just sit back and wait to hear more from them, because I am sure there is going to be a whole lot more. Goddaughter eh? you were supposed to be teaching her about God, not D**K. lmao

Comment by Ignar on October 22, 2021 at 11:47am

@vaughn mitchell and @mr 1 stroke, Thanks for the mention. In my following statements, I am not being , insulting, condescending or in any way, disparaging. From reading your comments, I have been able to educe that you are lacking in certain scientific knowledge, still have not decontaminated your brain of religion, or are trolls. I will include a few links so that you can have more info when it comes to making decisions and forming opinions. Thanks for your time, patience and comprehension. Think logically, instead of reacting emotionally,  and decipher the truth. Peace, always.

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Sex Drive

Comment by stephen myers on October 22, 2021 at 9:06am

So what? she is 18 and an adult women, and the masses of stupid sheep are outraged in this subculture of idiots. A women is suppose to marry a much older man thane her, they mature and age faster than males, as a male is still immature at a young age and is not financially stable he is still dumb and full of sperm sowing his oats and  smashing every female in sight, as in outside this azz backward nation of zombies this would not even make the news. Marvin Gaye married a young 17 year old and he was 35, as the song goes '17 and in love' young girls are my weakness' the prime age for a women is 18 to 25, you fools remain in your outrage and stay stupid and dysfunctional in your chaotic confused minds, the slave master had young girls to rape along with the  men , women and children, bet you all are not outraged about that, and if you don''t  know or are to stupid he does this very day as hundreds and young Black female go missing every year, enjoy your Hell here in the 'Great Satan' as he shower you with material wealth.

Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 22, 2021 at 8:59am
@ignar, pray a older don't do that to your daughter or granddaughter. I also blame the parents.

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