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FIFA 16: work-arounds & possible 'fixes'

fut16coin guesses what you're saying is that EA is simply incompetent. Not something you'd expect from a billion dollar company now, is it?

And there are various work-arounds and possible 'fixes' to the coin glitch.. Off the top of my head:

Separate the old-gen and next-gen markets - or -
Ban people exploiting this glitch (anyone who takes a single look at the leader-boards can tell, and they have the season histories to go with it. Are you frankly telling me that you're naive enough to believe that anyone in Div 1 with a club record on 100000+wins - 0 draws - 0 losses is playing the game fairly?

And you're also telling me that I can think of these in 2 minutes while writing this reply to your comment, but the 'think-tanks' that EA probably pays millions to couldn't come up with anything? Maybe they should hire me - or you know, someone who has half a brain even..

And as far as FIFA 15 players being the lab rats - firstly, we paid for the game, so it's completely unethical for EA to do something like this out of the blue (especially after their first patch already completely changed the gameplay). A lot of people here lost millions of coins because of this, just so that EA could make more money through packs. And forget ethics, I know I'm crazy to use ethics and EA in the same sentence - think of the fact that Madden and other games in the sports franchise of EA already have a similar system implemented.. So please tell me, what is there to 'test'?

And lastly, even if they do wanna 'test' (read 'make money') atleast they can be intelligent about it and have different price bands on different systems. The number of players on consoles blow the number of players on PC out of the water. Plus Xbox has fifa coins online. There is no way that the number of cards out in the economy is the same on the three systems. I can bet that not even one single card has the same weight in even two out of the three systems. So how can price be the same when demand is not the same? Simple economics.. There are no top players left on the PSN market because of this..

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