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My biggest issues come in the form of refs, terrible offensive AI (which has been overlooked for awhile due to the fact you could just run a lot with one guy, with the new team oriented game there's just dumb moments that are more frustrating), and wonky defensive AI.

I don't agree with the common perception that defensive AI needs a tune down because I feel pretty good about my attack, however I get really frustrated like how if two strikers make a run on goal and a CAM goes between them my CBs inexplicably give up the middle with top fifa coins. Also it's hard to abuse, but sometimes defenders are completely clueless on marking crosses in some areas. Again hard to abuse, but it's there.

I would imagine the defensive AI is hard to efficiently program with user input + AI input coming from the other side. I can't really express my opinion on the defensive AI as I don't really have the right words. I do feel as if they do tend to hold the hands of worse players defensively is the best I can say.

Also, the whole high pressure deal. I have my method of defending it so it doesn't bother me, but I think it's highly unrealistic. The amount of people I play that don't let go of RT the entire game is unreal. Then they have the same amount of stamina at the end of the game as my players do.

actually want them to nerf player pace further, make the game slower like in real life. I really don't buy this bullshit about Walcott losing to Terry, it's like people haven't even played the fackin' game. You can still run past Terry like he's not there if you do the double flick with your left stick. You just can't LB+Y past him anymore, that's what people are complaining about.

And they need to fix all the exploits. I want to play in a mode where custom tactics are not allowed to get more fifa ultimate coins. Make them optional like manual controls, so people with custom tactics can play others. It's a great idea in principle but everyone uses it to make the AI glitch out or play totally unrealistically like 100-100 press/aggression with 1 width. What a s*** community.

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