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Since FIFA Coins has been out for all of a month, and I played it for a month. In this new game, I want to try out the best formation for my team. So I have attempted a number of formations so far. Finally I found the best one for myself. However, there are many of the most popular ones other players are using. So here today let me sum up the popular formations for you so that you can find the best for you.

Since Ultimate Team began, the 4-1-2-1-2 is probably the most common formation used and with good reason. It has excellent balance in midfield with the deeper defensive players providing the cover for the attacking midfielder. The shape of the midfield gives plenty of options for people who enjoy the passing game. Triangles between all players on the pitch give controllers the opportunity to play the quick possession, tiki-taka style of football.

The 4-2-2-2 formation is another that is well balanced. Personally, the important players in your team would be the defensive midfielders and full-backs. Going forward two attacking full-backs will add to what is already pretty much a front four, to give you six attacking players. Ensuring they defend is also important to give you a back six when defending. The defensive midfielders also come into importance. They need to be patient enough to remain in defensive positions at all times in a game. Attacking midfielder’s in the formation are the most difficult players in the formation. Don’t sign an attacking midfielder with high defensive work rate or they’ll be much too deep on the field.

Here is my favorite formation 4-3-2-1. With the correct players, it allows for control of the game. The right/left forward positions need to be quick players with the ability to finish if the chance arises. The two forward’s make the formation more compact in the attacking half, so players who like to get the ball wide will not enjoy this formation.

3-5-2 is the most popular formation in recent FIFA’s, however this year it seems to easily exposed. Though these are popular formation, most of us like to use them, you should choose what cater to your need. Suitable is the best. Let’s find the best formation for ourselves.

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