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Father Subscribes To His Daughter’s OnlyFans Channel

A young woman recently discovered that her father has been paying a monthly subscription fee to receive her saucy content on her OnlyFans channel.

In the video that was titled “Real Story”, London said, “Me realizing *the Hott3st Daddy* user was my dad getting all my content on my [OnlyFans] every month.”

One concerned critic stated that committing such an act had to be a crime and questioned if she still communicated with her father. Another commenter went on to say, “You know what’s horrible a lot of men do not touch their kids but fantasize about it. That is sick AF… I’m so sorry girl I can’t imagine how you just feel,”

Another person hopefully wished that London did not live under the same roof with her father, and to this London simply wrote, “What if we do”.

As many comments proceed to bash her father, who had remained unidentified, a few comments tried to view the matter from a different perspective.

Some persons expressed that it was good her father was supporting her business and applauded him as they stated that his actions sound merely “supportive”.

Unfortunately, London did not respond to commenting to reporters.

Similarly to London’s incident, another OnlyFans model named Karla Ramirez posted a viral video in January shaming her unnamed father who had not only subscribed to her channel but was also offering money to watch her “play” with herself.

The video she posted went up to 16.8 million views, and in it, she told exactly what happened.

“When my DAD, yes my DAD has been buying my content through NOT ONE but TWO accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for over a year,” Karla wrote in the text of the video.

“And the only way I found out is because he had called me to ‘play with myself’ for $150, and I could hear my mom in the background talking on the phone,” she continued.

The model also claimed in another post that her father had sexually abused her several times during her childhood. She said that her father had been “sexually attracted” to her since she was “really young”.

An OnlyFans star named London, who is from San Diego, California, came upon this shocking discovery that her father had been a faithful watcher for months and posted the alarming news on TikTok. The video has since gained more than 85,000 views and over 300 comments from persons who were very concerned about this matter.

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Comment by John Smith on March 29, 2022 at 2:02am
Comment by vaughn mitchell on March 28, 2022 at 3:14pm
@ Tyrone, if that's evidence the world was coming to an end, it would have happened s long time ago. Mormon's, have more than one wives, they have sex with their kids. Look, at all the murders, and the world is still standing. Japan, took south Korean, and Chinese women as sex prisoners in WW2, the world is still standikg
Comment by mr1stroke on March 28, 2022 at 10:32am

Tyrone lol you are one of the 5% with morals and straight common sense, if a man can sleep with a toddler like a 5 years old which we read all the time on the news, what makes think they cannot fantasize about their daughters who look like women, the evil spirit is real, evil is evil, some retarded people believe in the lesser evil but don't recognize evil is evil.

Comment by Tyrone on March 28, 2022 at 9:22am

This is clear evidence that the world must be coming to an end.  Only a sick and perverted mind would even entertain any sexual thoughts of his own daughter.  If she's on Onlyfans.....there's sexual content so there's absolutely no excuse he can come up with.  He's a damn sick pervert and should be executed.  No one has a moral compass anymore.  The whole world is just perverted and sick.  As a man, yeah I look at women, but when it comes to family members & underage, that's totally off limits.  I can only imagine what he was doing to his own daughter in the past.  That shite makes me wanna vomit.

Comment by mr1stroke on March 28, 2022 at 8:43am

Lol let's be honest people, lets talk about the crime part, whether that is his daughter or not if she is 18 she is of legal age.

Next we are all know what only fans is all about, whether it's your daughter, your little sister, cousin or niece, there will be ass, and majority of them will be tempted, and when it comes to men about 95% have the evil mind when it comes to sex, either they think about it or fantasize about what they see, the rest of them just don't admit it.

But to get off watching your daughter is an evil spirit, she should be slapped around for thinking that low of her self, but as we can see she has daddy's issue, and the issue is bigger than we think, is therapy going to help him, well that is like saying therapy will help a rapist or pedophile. That picture is already in his head, put him some where with that daughter and give him a few drinks its on, we can jump all we want to, but the evil spirit is already in him. She can block him or avoid him, I have no idea what to do in this one, thank God I don't have women problem, my family members are never part of my sexual thought, well except for my step auntie who is married to my uncle, she has a fat ass and getting younger and sexier at 49 she is not too old to get it, lol this is my confession.

Comment by Anjali Pandey on March 28, 2022 at 7:08am

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Comment by The Apostle on March 27, 2022 at 11:30pm

yeah...that IS crazy about the fathers...very crazy...I heard from many people of a certain nationality that CERTAIN fathers "make sure they are the ones who are their daughter's FIRST",(not Caucasian,and NOT those of color,though I won't rule them out),and that is so sad AND surely a SIN! Yet,what I REALLY notice here,and that is also very sad,is that NOT ONE of the "reporters" that are reporting this story are reprimanding the daughters...If the daughters are grown adults,then there's nothing a parent CAN do,except to try and encourage them to think better of themselves...and encourage them to stop...but these days,from what I have seen on news,even late teens and early 20's females are utilizing those type of platforms to display themselves. We are just in a  bad place,as a country...The Bible mentions how there are going to come a time when people will call right WRONG and wrong RIGHT...and when you look at the whole big picture,this world is jacked up.The Government doesn't protect the kids NOR do they protect pregnant women. I will be glad when things get put back in order,starting with the crooked government. Did anyone read how that woman that Joseph Iscariot nominated as a judge CAN'T and WON'T speak about how there is a difference between male and female? This "same sex" mess is also a very serious sin that is plaguing the nation. Many thought Black Lives Matter was about "Black Lives",but it wasn't and isn't...are the readers here aware about the 3 women that started it??? much much much hate for God...and people wonder WHY this country is into what "she's" Into...I will be glad when things change...then there's another "evil"...1 person goes into a building or closed room,having been diagnosed with the Chinese virus and EVERYBODY IN there gets infected...BUT---today,there are certain politicians,(on the left),who have caught the same virus,or their spouses have---but BOTH DON'T get infected...and their LAST line is: "I'm glad that I got vaccinated and got the booster,and anyone that hasn't got the vaccine or booster ought to get it"...but then again,it has come out by the CEO of the CDC that the vaccine ISN'T really effective...there's just so MUCH stuff going on in this Country...many are lobbying to send monies out to another country that is under attack by a country that dare NOT to mess with the USA---but this sham of a government HASN'T sent out that 4th Stimulus check to AMERICANS,and WE are being oppressed by OUR OWN COUNTRY! SO MUCH MESS! I KNOW what's going to happen...and when November gets here,MUCH of this mess is going to be fixed,because there will be a change in Government and the economy will get better and NOT worse! smh...what say YE,Brother Stroke?

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