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Father punishes his daughters by whooping them with a cable wire after finding out they did a twerk video on Facebook. Good parenting or did he take it too far?

Father punishes his daughters by whooping them with a cable wire after finding out they did a twerk video on Facebook. Good parenting or did he take it too far


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Comment by Diana on April 11, 2013 at 3:08pm
I dont agree with them putting that up on the net, those kids we just being kids and what make that father think he was doing the right thing by posting it dumb, they got in trouble because they post it n I t because of what tge were doing, if they did not post it no one would have known, he got upset n they had to deal with the consequences of their action now what he thought was going to happen when he did what he did. Leave your business in your house.
Comment by Mrs Kim on April 9, 2013 at 11:09am
No he did not go to far, kids these days are very hard headed. We are losing our children these days to the streets. Where I come from you got your ass kicked! I understand that he beat them with a cord but he wanted his kids to understand and listen to what he was trying to say. He love his kids and if he didnt he wouldn't of did anything about.
Comment by Baje009 on April 8, 2013 at 10:18am

@ Coco & Sharon - you guys make me laugh. i will start by saying that i condemn both the kids and the parents for their actions. but i am not that old to think that this 'twerking' is any different that the 'wuk up/ wining competitions young girls had when i was growing up. and to my knowledge none of the girls i grew up with ended up on the pole or the stroll.


@ ed - yes the bible says 'spare the rod and spoil the child' but it also says to scrifice a bull on the altar and sprinkle its blood at the door of the temple as a sin offering.

where do you stand on that quote? are you all for that too? my guess is no. we learn what we experience and we make inferences based on that and sometimes those inferences are incorrect. like i got beat and i turned out ok THEREFORE i turned out OK because i got beat. fact is most of you would have turned out OK regardless just like they are some people who got beat more than most who still ended up incarcerated or worse.


truth is i am ALL for corporal punishment as a form of discipline but this was not discipline this was plain old slave era brutality.

Comment by Roots aka TJ What De Ras on April 7, 2013 at 11:39pm
They lucky it wasn't me. Cause I would have beaten them until they seen Jesus received the holy ghost speaking in tongues then get baptized in Jesus name. If your child is out of line handle your business by any method you choose. All this twerking is going to lead to the pole and prostitution.
Comment by Coco on April 7, 2013 at 10:28pm
Kids nowadays are too fast ass, young girls having babies thinking its cute, dressing like they grown! I dont think he was out of line discipling his daughters, they shouldnt b twerking anyways. He was just being a parent!
Comment by ed mentis on April 7, 2013 at 1:10pm

Fedora, the reason why spanking is the other option is because it gets attention quick and it sends a clear message that what ever it was that was wrong will no longer be tolerated. I feel ,  and this is from personal experience it is more effective than taking away the cell phone, TV, computer or what ever other toy the child has. That is what my kids mother did and I saw it had zero effect because I still use to get the calls. My girls are older now 18 and 21 so the calling stop but up to about 2 years ago I was still getting them. I got results with my method like it or not and that what counts,,results.

You should go to the juvenile center and do research on how many of those kids were spoken to and still got in to trouble. There was a story years ago about two American boys in Singapore that got a butt whipping for spitting in the street or something along those lines and everyone was in an up roar about it, but I bet what ever it was they never did it again. How many American kids do you think would be in the justice system if that was the punishment ? Answer honestly now don`t fudge your answer. And why do you think so many are repeat offenders ? Also just in case you may be tempted to fudge it, America lock up more people than any other country on earth just so you know.

Comment by Angela Callender on April 7, 2013 at 2:59am

As a child I was beaten with cou cou stick and what ever rod from the trees and also leather belt, I never received any cuts because my parent just wanted to discipline   me not hurt me. In these times it is against the law to do so because some parent has taken it so far as doing things that can kill their children. He should not have use the cable wire, he could have just use his hand or give some form of punishment. 

Comment by Fedora McClaren on April 6, 2013 at 11:13pm
It is not about not seeing it. And we aren't discussing spankings either. This is about beating with objects that injure people, such as cords.

Why would a parent want to injure a child with a cord, shoe or anything that could puncture the skin? It is absolutely how a person parents. But why do people think instilling fear is the way to go?

There are community leaders who helped change peoples' lives by example and them what may happen if they are LED astray, not via torture...
Comment by Fedora McClaren on April 6, 2013 at 11:08pm
Ed. I didn't say every time. I actually asked if parents reason with their children prior to beating them.

Why is hitting always the other option.

Has anyone here seen Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange? There are many ways to reform folks...
Comment by ed mentis on April 6, 2013 at 10:57pm

Fedora, why is it that you think parents that choose to use corporal punishment use it every time the child does something wrong ? I don`t get that, I really don`t. Just for the record again. of course we speak to our kids first before the other choice. It is just that after several speaking to and no sign of improvement then as we say back home "If you can hear then you will have to feel". I know I will not change minds. But each parent do as they see fit to correct their child. I know for me personally both myself and my kids spanking at times worked. Maybe not for any of you, and I`m not sure that is true, but I `ll take your words for it.

A spanking does not work EVERY TIME, but it gets attention. In my case before my kids mother and I broke up there were chores that my girls know they had to do. It got done. When I left  do you all know how many phone call I got from their mother complaining about their room is not clean, dishes in the sink and dirty cloths piling up. You know why ? Guess why they were not doing it? Their mother had the same thinking like you ladies and we use to get into it at times. Well I told her it was time for her method to work after all mine was in her words just like you all say `brutal`. Well long story short I let her do it her way and my eldest daughter end up cursing her out one time and she called me crying. That was one time I got involved because that was way over the line. I told her I saw it coming because her and my eldest don`t get along most of the time. I never got any disrespect from my girls and they would never dare. It is not a matter of being a bully it is about being respected which a lot of kids do not have.My girls and I are drama free, like I stated two times before, it is HOW YOU PARENT that makes the difference. The notion that if a child gets a spanking / beating they will turn out bad or it will affect them negatively in some way is totally FALSE. There are millions of examples of productive loving men and women that got butt whippings. If you all don`t want to see it just say so.

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