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                                                              The Abomination 

(Spirit of Truth) It is written; know the Truth and it will set you Free. It is also written “The Truth is an Offence yet it is not a Sin”.

The Creation is created a unified Opposite, which is the duality, that allow Life to continue. Creation is Male and Female, and if you remove any of them, Life in the flesh, as we know it will cease to be.

It is written that Life began in Darkness, (which would be called Black), out of which Light was born (which would be called White). All other colors find their existence between Black and White.

In the Laws of Nature it is revealed that Night must bow to the Day, and the Day must bow to the Night.

The Human Race created highest in the Creation, have taken it upon themselves to disrespect the Eternal Law, where the Day within flesh, have enslaved the Night within flesh, and the Night is not seeking to restore balance but to revenge themselves with a desire to enslave the Day.

Extremes are a curse brought upon the human Race. Extreme heat is the curse that caused the pigmentation of the skin to become dark. Extreme cold is the curse that caused the pigmentation of the skin to become pale.

The only way this curse can be broken, is when there is unification between the extremes or opposite. It is the coming together of the extremes that will remove extreme from Life, so the Earth can return to Paradise as it is meant to be.

The Video I have shared, (thanks to those that provide the information), confirm what the Prophet Ezekiel saw, that caused a chosen people to be brought into Bondage.

It is time the descendants of slaves become silent, for all they are doing is to anger their Creator whom they choose to disrespect (in their places of fellowship) more than they do their master whom they live in envy of.

The reality is that their behavior has become more abominable than all the other people around them, and they choose to live in illusion to the reality and Truth.

They believe that their ungodly behavior can be blamed on what others did to them through slavery, when in reality, it is this very behavior why the Creator allowed them to be brought into bondage in the first place as the Prophet Ezekiel in the 16th Chapter revealed.

For the descendants of slaves to believe that they can separate themselves from their master physically is an illusion. For them to speak in the same ignorance as their master who believe that he can change the Laws of Nature is to become worse than he in ignorance.

Those brought into slavery have more of the masters Gene within their DNA than any other Ethnic Nationality who believe that they are white. The descendants of slaves cannot condemn their masters in the flesh without condemning themselves.

By condemning those he is made a master over, he has already condemned himself. Because the slave is only an imitator of whatever their master does that is bad, everything, and everyone ends up being condemned.

Because of the nature of the masters’ sin, he is unable to heal himself. The cure is not found in his medical Institutions. This healing comes through the the Arts (when it is purified from prostitution) and was made manifest, when David the shepherd was sent from the House of the Art, to heal King Saul.

The only people capable of healing their master that rules over the last great Civilization, (Babylon The Great) is the descendants of slaves. The only way for them to accomplish this is to first heal themselves of his sins that they cling to like an old rugged cross. This they said to Cry’ist after he read from the Scroll of Isaiah.



Luke 4:21 And he began to say unto them, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. 4:22 And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words, which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, is not this Joseph's son?


4:23 And he said unto them, you will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in the Country. 4:24 And he said, verily I say unto you, a Prophet is not accepted in his own Country.



(Spirit of Truth) All that the descendants of the slaves have done is to envy the master for what he has not given them, or kept them from having, which is his material vanity. They have taken his sins to new level, and then condemn him for his treatment, and brutality of them.

They have not turned to the Creator in Truth, and have become as arrogant as their master, who has refused to accept correction because of his and her false pride.

The Truth cares nothing about all who want to be offended regardless of who or what they claim to represent.  It is not subjected to anyone and their personal desires or belief, for it gives birth to all that is of Life whether Black, White or all else that is in-between.


Oscar Awards.

Why would they condemn Stacy Dash for her comments about the Oscar award? Those that are condemning her are those who are offended in Truth, they too have become as their master and have placed themselves above correction.

There is nothing wrong in her statement, except that she is blinded to the fact that she is not truly who she claims to be if she knows American History.

Jada Smith comments like many others are conflicting. First of all she chooses to speak on Martin L King Birthday, yet all who was walking with him turned back at the Mountaintop?

If she went to the Mountaintop, she would have let go of her American dream, and hold on to the Faith that was given to the descendant of slave about being given their own, “The Promised Land” which King finally acknowledge as the only solution to Liberation and saving the Life of the Planet.

To say it is time we put our resources back into our Community, means that descendants of slaves should examine themselves as to why Marcus Garvey was betrayed back then, or why those who joined the march with King is not found standing on Mount Zion in Faith with him!

Not begging for acceptance was the teaching of Garvey, yet this is all that the descendants of slaves have done and is doing until now, or they would not be upset about not being nominated for a Oscar award.

The master built his house upon theft, murder, and slavery, yet the slaves felt privileged to be invited into the house as the master Jester.

This freedom have them deluded that the house should belongs to them also, and whatever the master does in it, they deserve to have an equal share also.

The house was not built on your back for you, yet you have no desire to leave and build your own that have been promised to you, and when you talk about our resources, you have no recourses. All your earthly possession is given to you by your master, whether you accept the facts or not.

If you had any desire to seek the promise given to you by the Creator, you would not live in disappointment and anger about what your master did not give you, or share with you. It is true that he has the right to invite whomever he wants; it is he who is giving the party, so why even make it bother you to speak on it.

Stacy said that she find it strange that most of the president (who is black so-called) funding comes from the elite in Holey-wood, yet blacks are not represented as they should. It is the President that you should question.

The question is this, why does the descendants of slaves choose to remain slaves, by trying to prove to their master that they are just as good as he? Why desire to be as a sinful man, and then act as if you are innocent? It is you that justify this statement. “Monkey sees, Monkey follow”.

Why would any person of color be angry because they are not represented in something that has nothing to do with the reality of Life, or the liberation of themselves and the Human Race from illusion, for it is the illusion and Evil?

What roles are you playing in these pictures that are scripted for violence and sex? The roles given to black people to play, is it roles that will edify their children, who is lost as to who they are in life?

Like your master you now have the ability to produce your own pictures with your own camera, yet ninety-nine present of all the documentary or movies that I find to inspire, does not come from your talent and ability that you claim to have, it is from the master you are accusing!

Next is this young girl, who on my Earth-day, interrupted Hillary (Rod-ham) Clinton speech in Carolina, asking her to apologize for calling young Blacks “super predators” and for mass incarceration of blacks in 1994, when she was what, about two years old?

A young black woman who looks like she could be born that same year she is speaking about, with the help of I don’t know who, pays $500.00 to get into an event so she can hold up a banner asking for apology from Clinton!

If she apologizes, does she walk away feeling that she has made some great accomplishment? The only accomplishment is that she has made Hillary whom she is against $500.00 richer, by supporting her campaign, and I am sure she is not in the elite class of wealthy people. Then there are those who saw her as being rude! Why is she rude?

She is a product of education, which has a certain pride in believing that you knowing it all, and with this comes arrogance. It is the same educational system that those seeking the office of the White House, comes out of which makes them all behave in the same rude manner against the Truth.

By her behavior I can see that she is in support of black lives matter. The problem with this statement is the fact that parents were too busy scolding their children to get an education, in order to be materially successful and rid themselves of physical poverty, they ignore getting out of spiritual poverty, which is the key to becoming Free.

Education does not teach you to look within self, only outside of self. The institution that is supposed to teach the people about self-examination (Church) has become an abomination because those that claim to be its head (ministers) are all influenced by education.

The business suit (garment of defilement), Ministries, that makes those who wear it become an abomination in their behavior, for they have shun holiness and cling to whoredom in their attire.

They have been deceived by the ministers who tell them that the Creator does not look on the outward appearance, therefore their behavior, which is the reflection of their outward behavior, is covered in the blood of some unholy Jesus.

The people follow these self pleasing ministers, that claim to be under some anointing to do what pleases them, and lead silly women that are bound with all kind of desires, ever learning, and can never come to the knowledge of the Truth, and is offended in it.

They see themselves as being in the light and filled with some demonic ghost that they call holy claiming to be opening the eyes of others.

The descendants of slaves feel justified in their blindness, because their master is also blind, so both are heading into the pit of destruction, where none is able to help the other.

It is written, “Why try and take the mote from another eyes, when a plank is in your own? Black lives only matter when the slave master kills one of them! A black life does not matter when blacks kill each other?

The modern day genocide that took place in Africa, she don’t know who did it, if you consider yourself educated you should know, for you live in the information world. 

For those who is not informed or who want to remain blind to reality then let me share this link with you on the statistic and reality of black crime, and why there are so many young Black youth in Jail.


It is the Oscar and Grammy, all the material (blings) vanities that have caused, and is causing mass incarceration of young black youths. They are not in jail because they have stood up to liberate themselves from the house of their master.

They are in jail because they are hurting each other over the vanities that they are tempted with by their master, who now have to become the law over them, to save them from themselves.

Where are their spiritual teachers? They have submerged themselves deep into sin (Vanity), to become Business Suit ministers.

As Ezekiel rightly Prophecy, the abomination of those descended from slavery is caused because they disrespect their Creator, and instead of being shameful and fear, they have become proud in their behavior that brought them into slavery in the first place.

The people of color and children born out of slavery, regardless of religion or belief, have made their Creator into a mockery, and believe that they are safe hiding behind a mistress whom they bless for keeping them in her house, and curse, for not sharing equally with them the dishonest gain of her prostitution.

Then there are those that condemn the Holy Books, as a tool that is used by the master to conquer and rule over them.

Yet when the First Book, (Genesis) is read, it speaks about a people taken into bondage, and Prophecy of their Deliverance from bondage, yet they reject it, because it is hidden from those lusting for the corrupted material world that is given into the hands of the master, the one that the Technology was given to so as to preserve the records alive. 


Since the master is wise enough to use the Book (that was written because of slavery) to keep you subdued, why are you not able to use the same Book to free yourself, when it is written of you?

Do you know that when a deadly viper bites a person, it is the same venom from the viper that is being used to save their life? Any person that is a descendant of slaves and condemn the Holy Bible because it offends their doings, have condemn him or herself.

There are many descendents of slave that stood up in a desire to bring freedom to the people, but fell short, because they were not made perfect in the Truth themselves. When they gave back the physical life, they did so in the Hope that the Truth will prevail so their soul can find Eternal rest.

Malcolm X, Martin L King, Marcus Garvey, Emperor Haile Selassie and many others that were searching for the Truth that Liberates fell asleep before the time, appointed. They hope to find resurrection in those or he who bring the Truth to perfection knowledge that can only find fulfillment within those that are (awake) alive, not those that are sleep walking.

I am not a follower or do I agree with everything being said by any of those that have fallen in hope and are called our Leaders. To become a follower of any, I would not have anything to contribute in the climb to complete the journey. And finish the race.

To follow a past leader is to become complacent, then contented, for now I convince myself that the job is done, I can be about my personal self, of who I am.

For one to believe that they can just live on the words of those that are outside of self, and hold up images of them (who have found rest from their labor), it will make them who is of the living, one with them or find favor with them, they are deceived.

These leaders died hoping that those who keep them alive within the fullness of the Truth will lift them up from the grave. All these Leaders that the living claim to be honoring, care nothing for them, and would feel liberated if they would stop using their name and image to promote their own selfish desires, for they are not lifting them up into Life from the grave.

Those that are looking to the leaders that are of the past (dead) and refuse to bring them to life in the present, by their own contribution to Life, are those who have no contribution to the Progress of life.

They have become as vampires hiding behind grave stones promoting their own personal self and ego, and judge others by their own carnal standard, and who find offence in the Truth, and are not offended in the Lie they live in.

Truth does not care about personal hang-ups like “black lives matter”. The Truth that says all Life matters is made perfect in knowledge and represents the Life of the Entire Earth.

The descendants of slaves is seeking to have their own scapegoat to hide their great abomination behind, by so doing they are responsible for holding back their own freedom, and the Freedom of the entire Earth.

This is made manifest by the brother who chooses to comment on what this young sister said to Hillary Clinton on my Earth-day. He goes on to criticize Hillary on her treatment of minority, yet this same woman was chosen by Barak Obama (the first President that is of the minority) to be his Secretary of State.

I would like one from the minority in society, that boasts of their education to explain this to I! It is under King that the descendants of slaves marched and fought and was killed, and brutalized for the right to vote, enabling them to put one of their own into office, as the first Black President, which became their greatest achievement.


How is it, that at the end of criticizing the wrongs of Hillary Clinton, this brother telling Black people to vote for Bernie Saunders, for he cares about Black people?

What is the victory in their sacrifice for the right to vote, then elect a President of color, and is now telling the down trodden people of color to vote for Bernie Saunders (another master) for he cares about saving the world and the people that voted for Obama, black people!

For this to happen reveals that the descendants of slave and those abroad that are abroad in the Continent (Africa) are a self hating people who have made themselves the footstool of others in order that they would love them.

It is said that Hillary Clinton has received more votes in her campaign than Obama in the last election. I guarantee that most of her support comes from her slave girls why.

For them its no more about having a man of their own sit in the highest seat, which made them feel as proud as the slave mistress, whose husband sits in office.

For them it is no more having the first black man in office, rather, for them its about their own personal self of having a woman sit in the highest seat, It does not matter if it is their slave mistress, as long as it is a woman. The brother who say he approve of Sanders and that you should feel the Bern.

Jada Smith says that we are a great and dignified people; I guess she does not over-stand the English language. If she is paying any attention to the descendants of slaves inside or outside of their house of Fellowship, there is nothing great or dignified about the behavior of the race, only shame and disgrace.

All who believe that they can hide behind a Lie because of some black pride, they should wake up to their own reality and fear.

Slavery is the greatest fear placed upon any people, not the Holocaust that lasted a few years. Slavery existed for hundreds of years, and is caused because of a people becoming disobedient to their Creator, and who have not changed.

In every aspect of black Culture whoredom is allowed. Those that were once strong in the Faith, is now themselves a part of the whoredom of Sodom.

They are no more in a revolution for freedom, they too are begging to be accepted in the whoredom, and crave the reward that it offer them.

Many are saying that you don’t have to wear lox to be a Rastafarian, which might be so if you owe your allegiance to the past Emperor of Ethiopia, whom I never saw wearing lox.

For one that is created in the image and likeness of his Creator, your lox is the Covenant that makes you a Nazarene, one that is made Judge in Israel, found in the Book with the same name (Judges) from which the word Judgment comes.

A Nazarene is not conformed to the Image of a Rastafarian, a Rastafarian is conformed to the image of a Nazarene, that which is First.

Rastafarians who have a zeal, yet not according to knowledge is Last, that is why it is written, “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess”. Life only exist because of Truth.

The master, who live a Lie, and have no fear of consequences for his actions, cannot change his behavior, and the descendants of slaves that is seeking his acceptance and are hoping that he changes, like him they have become gamblers with Fate.



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