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Ex GA Deputy Called Beating Black Man ‘Sweet Stress Relief’; Charged Blacks with Fake Felonies to Strip Their Voting Rights (Watch)

Cody Richard Griggers
Cody Richard Griggers

A former Georgia sheriff’s deputy arrested on multiple gun charges boasted in private texts that he would charge Black people with felonies to prevent them from voting, and once boasted that his beating of a Black man was “sweet stress relief"

“The ex-Wilkinson County deputy, Cody Richard Griggers, of Montrose, was fired last November after the FBI contacted the sheriff there about an investigation into illegal guns and their alleged ties to a California man said to have made violent political statements on Facebook,” reported the Belleville News-Democrat. The former Marine, “pleaded guilty Monday in federal court in Macon to one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, a crime the authorities discovered in their probe, which began last summer. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in July.”

“I’m going to charge them with whatever felonies I can to take away their ability to vote,” he wrote in a text message, according to an FBI affidavit. He also bragged about a brutal assault on a Black man, saying “I beat the (expletive) out of a (racial slur) Saturday. (Expletive) tried to steal (a gun magazine) from the local gun store. … Sheriff’s dept. said it looked like he fell.” However, the sheriff says this was likely just made up, as there is no gun store in the area.

Griggers, who was detained at a pretrial hearing and remains in custody, faces up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000. Sentencing is set for July 6.

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Comment by mr1stroke on May 5, 2021 at 2:56pm

caribmama lol you think those negros care as long they get stimulus and project apartments for free, and those who claim they have money will be more proud to rent from him so they can tell you where they live, its the love for the white men, they love to see him sitting on throne with wealth

Comment by caribmama on May 5, 2021 at 2:17pm

Did you know Gates is buying up the land??? Hello Black America!!!!! Can you hear the bells whistling? 

Comment by caribmama on May 5, 2021 at 2:13pm

Those 80 - 90% are more worried about the dress their daughters are going to wear at their cotillions. Useless fyckers.

Comment by mr1stroke on May 5, 2021 at 1:57pm

Lol wow i cant even add up or have an opinion, it is well said, but becareful you cannot change a niggers mind like Joseph who was hated by his brothers they will hate you unless you think like them, but they love to brag without nothing to show for, let them name that one contribution they made to the community while they so proud, if they are so proud why dont they share the progress they have made and where

Comment by caribmama on May 5, 2021 at 1:17pm Mr. Vaughn I guess you got tired of addressing Mr1stoke and now want to address me.  You say you don't live in the hood, but live in a Community that is 80 - 90% black. So you just chillin' in your back yards enjoying life and each others companies. Please tell me what your 80 - 90% black community is doing for the black communities that you consider a hood? Or are you like the privileged whites and just focused on making sure your grass is at a certain level. You look out your front door and nothing bothers you while your hood brothers and sisters are suffering down the road.   


A lot of what Mr1stroke says makes sense. We have to change our ways of thinking. Dumb ass blacks are waiting around for reparations! This land of the Americas don't even belong to black folks either. This soil that we step on every day belongs to the Native Americans. They the only ones that can say this land is there's! Dumb ass folks waiting for 40 acres.......BUY THAT SHYT BACK LITTLE BY LITTLE. Instead of buying your red bottoms, Jordans, burken bags, the fastest cars, BUY BACK THE LAND THAT YOU SAY BELONGS TO YOU!!!! Get with the GULLAH TRIBES....THEY ARE DOING IT LITTLE BY LITTLE. 

Comment by James on May 2, 2021 at 11:57pm
Great give the niggerantherthaal life
Comment by mr1stroke on May 2, 2021 at 3:20pm

While you have niggers like you running your mouth about nothing The daughter of Sharif Malik Amenhotep a black panther activist In Newark NJ, whom i have met several  times have been kidnapped and was found dead in the wood with several gun shots, she was only 15, it is always True black women and men out there fighting for the community paying the price, the sad part that same community never stood up for them, they often be ignored by that same community

Thay brother always school us, always telling us why we should fight and the risk that comes with it, he always knew he would live a short life, but never imagined it would be his daughter, when i got the text i sad down in my car i cried for him, i cried for the family, i feel for the victim, only 15 why.

But niggers like you is good at coming on the attack, if you can tell us about how nice the community you live in is, for years i have been asking you, tell us about your contribution in the black community you love so much since you always feel every one should talk nice about it, tell us about your involvement, tell us how you fight for that community when and where, tell us about the sacrifice you have made for that community, i have post many things about my involvement, my next been service to the community will be on Memorial day weekend exactly in Newark, n***** come see me, ill tell you when i land and where i will be come show your self

I have niggers like you, those arw the one causing pain of black men in America i will put 2 bullets in you, we all see how much lady gaga paid for her dogs rescue, if you are missed no one will care, they will not pay a dime for your return because your life don't matter, a dog has more value than you, damn slave n*****, you will always remain a porch monkey, the only reason why you cannot even mention that one thing you have contribute to the community is because you have done nothing and cannot prove it, you damn old n***** transgender, niggers like you are the new b****** in the community, hopping in cars spreading diseases

Comment by mr1stroke on May 2, 2021 at 1:19pm

Always complaining about white people stole this and that even in 2021, what have you been doing to fight againts it, what are you doing to make sure they give back whats yours and prevent them from taking from the future generation, who are the drug dealers? Those are the same niggers living in your community destroying the community, you old porch monkey, slave  n*****

Comment by mr1stroke on May 2, 2021 at 1:16pm

vaughn mitchell you are a dumb n***** who needs to pearn the difference between a n***** and a black person, its 2021 read a f****** book that is better tham Google, learn about true black history, in fact listen to Malcolm X and just may be you might know the difference between a Negro and a black person, but you dont know because you are a n***** who had to purchased white education froma white people so you can brag about it 

You dont live in the hood but 90% of your community is black, well give us an example of the demographic, middle class or wealthy, what are the housing and taxes in your area, what do they label your community as, is ot suburban, dont just say things break it down with facts so we can understand you because i am referring to the majority, if i am so wrong why the marching, why the crying about crimes and poverty? You dumb monkey

Now you're telling her dont refer to black as we, but you say we have to build our community, who exactly is We, you say they stole our land and every thing, who is Us, now thats why i like Niggers like you, since you full with hate you couldnt wait to see something negative, but when niggers are full with hate they missed the positive, i guess youre too old to read a full paragraph, you missed the part where they had to reinstate the account as soon as their legal department got the letter, people on facebook book applaud me even those who were against me, brcause i posted their reason for suspending the account and my respond letter

You porch monkey some of us will not stay silence or live in the shadow of white people, we will be free and speak freely and be who are like every free man, you will never be any of that, you are too old and your master have own yiu for too long, you are unless to society if they set you free, thats is why you are so loyal to white people and be mad at people like me who speaks against your masters.

Sit your dumb n***** ass down you ducking transgender monkey, stock sucking dicks be a man, n***** n*****

Comment by vaughn mitchell on May 2, 2021 at 12:40pm
@caribmama, when you agree with someone who constantly refer to black people including the first mix black president as a N, then show's your level of ignorance, don't describe all black people as we, because that includes you. I don't live in the hood, and my community, is 80 to 90% black people. Not all white people live in nice areas. They call some trailer trash because of where they live. They're are slot of ratchet ass black people, so are other races. The white build projects to put us there so they can keep an eye on us, so we are not spread out. When some of us do spread out and build our own community like black wall street, white people get jealous, make up lies to kill us, tear it down and steal they land and business they own. Did white america ever paid back the black community's whose land they stole, and pay back the ancestors of those they killed? No, But are agree with non educated as least facebook was smart to shut his dumb ass down, keep referring to black people as theN, word. Not all black people are the same to lump them as one and say WE, you are including all black people, check yourself on that s***, we can have liquor stores just like whites have liquor stores, as long as the area is kept clean. When crack came into the black neighborhoods they want after the drug dealers, but not the people who made it and sold it to drug dealers, but when white kids where ODing on painkillers, the Government, went after the source pharmacist, and doctors prescribing the medication.

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