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The Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited Will is going to be released the first Imperial City of DCL next month. The official website has released the Downloadable Content of the game, this time I will show you the new content in The Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited.

We know that the first Imperial City of DCL in The Elder Scrolls Online - Tamriel Unlimited officially released next month that it will online sometimes on PC and MAC. It is said that the PC/MAC edition will officially online on August 31st, PC/MAC edition will on September 15th, and PS4 will online on September 16th, when you can get the cheapest eso power leveling. Players can gain the more information about the details of the game from the official Downloadable Content.

The New Content of this game includes the Downloadable Content and the Patch of The Elder Scrolls Online. Actually you can gain the Downloadable Content for free only if you are the VIP of The Elder Scrolls Online. Do not worry if you are not the VIP, you can just use 2500 crown points to exchange a complete DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Now let us have a look on what you will receive in Imperial City after exchanging the Downloadable Content.
1.All the missions and the key characters.
2.A completely new Imperial PVP Public Dungeon and The Imperial Sewers.
3.Tow new Imperial group dungeons which includes two modes for common and elite that are White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison.
4.The Tel Var Stone system will be opened in game.
5.23 pairs of new VR16 suits that are only available in Imperial City.
6.Treasure Vaults which includes the decoration suits of VR16 suits, and you will have the chance to gain the scarce drops.
7.Various styles of Xivkyn.
8.The special collections in Imperial City that includes some pets, costumes and so on.

That is all about this news about First Imperial City of DCL in ESO- Tamriel Unlimited, if you want to know more about elder scrolls online gold or any other games, you can just go our homepage to learn about more details about the MMO games.

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