The month of February brought us Caroline Myss and her Advanced Energy Anatomy program to Soulvana.

The title may sound complicated. It kind of did to me as well, but Caroline explained everything clearly and gave plenty of interesting and fun stories that helped portray what she was talking about.

Caroline introduced us to the four survival archetypes: the child, the victim, the prostitute and the saboteur. All four of these archetypes follow us our entire lives and listening about them made me notice and recognize them in my own life.

Caroline is bold and truthful about our nature and our archetypes. She explained how the shadow aspects of the said archetypes may also try and block us from fully experiencing this program, since some of us might not yet be ready to accept the four shadows behind us.

But it is always important to keep an open mind and an open heart.

Because life’s lessons come in many shapes and forms.

During the course of the program, Caroline brought us closer to ourselves and pushed us into the acceptance of the darkness within. The most important lesson for me here was that while some things in us need to be changed, replaced or improved, some of them merely need recognition from us and acceptance.

Denying our dark side won’t make us saints and embracing it won’t make us devils.

In fact, by denying our shadow aspects in life we are ultimately denying important things to ourselves. We miss out on great opportunities and other amazing things just because we cannot admit to ourselves that, for example, yes we’d do something insane for a million dollars!

Accepting every side of us will make us whole again. The four archetypes are not our enemies. They protect us and teach us, and sometimes we have to let them come out and play. Caroline ingrained it deeply into me, the need toaccept my shadows as much as I accept my light, and not to try to scorch them all the time.

I have devoured the program like a hungry child and with new found wisdom and inspiration I’ve shared what I’ve learned with some of my friends.

One of them called me dedicated.


That’s not dedication.

It’s a burning passion to improve myself, to grow and love myself and everything around me!

Another friend said that I was so positive!

Positive? No.

They’re not wrong, but I feel like this word no longer serves me. It cannot define what’s happening inside me and the person I’ve become. It just doesn’t cut it anymore, because I’m somewhere beyond the clouds.

Life is so much better when you view it through the lens of love.