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Elephant Man denies being around gay men in his pool, threatens legal action

Dancehall superstar, Oneil Bryan, more popularly known as Elephant Man is livid following reports Wednesday that he had been caught with six homosexual men in his swimming pool.

Several websites, including popular radio station, ZIP FM were reporting that on Tuesday night, a gardener was working on the deejay’s Hillcrest Ave. premises in Kingston when he heard female noises coming from the nearby pool house. However, upon checking to see if intruders were on site, the gardener allegedly discovered the ‘Energy God’ in the company of men who were dressed in female clothing.

On Thursday, an irate Elephant Man lashed out against ZIP and the story; telling the Jamaica STAR he is considering suing the radio station for bad publicity.

"How can a radio station like that put that on a website?” he asked. “How can a man like me wey have 35 pickney, be involved in things like that? How dat drop een? Look how much real fish out deh wey dem fi guh talk bout.”

In his defense, Elephant Man said that he has not been at the Constant-Spring based complex since last year and that it is currently under renovation. At the time of this alleged incident, the deejay says he was with his daughter as he prepared birthday celebration for her.

He believes the radio station has showed a lack of responsibility with the story and says it is hurting his public reputation.

"You cannot get up and put things like that pon a website bout a artiste when yu know inna yu heart sey nuttin nuh guh suh,” he said. “Suh when me sue dem, nobody nuh sey me wicked because dem get up and a mislead mi fans, a big luuu ... how that come about?"

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Comment by Ruff de Gehto Travler on April 29, 2013 at 1:55pm

Elephant man can't catch a break !!!! Ye king sue!!!!

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