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Guyana Police open fire on APNU marchers/Donald Ramotar declared the next president of Guyana, PPPC secures 32 seats, APNU, 26 and AFC, 7 in GUYANA ELECTIONS/Election tension reduces city to ghost tow

Riot police on Hadfield Street

Police Tuesday morning opened fire with rubber bullets and teargas on supporters of the opposition coalition APNU who proceeded on a march down Brickdam without the required permission to do so.

At least six persons were reportedly arrested including attorney-at-law James Bond and retired brigadier Eddie Collins, both of whom were reportedly injured when the lawmen opened fire. Eight students and a teacher from St. Sidwell's Primary School in Hadfield Street were also affected by teargas and were taken to the hospital as was APNU member Lurlene Nestor.

The others injured are by rubber bullets are Tacuma Ogunseye, Joan Baveghems, seven-year old Johil Mathis, Brentnol Holder, Sarah Johnson,75, Marian McRae, 35, Alana George,32, and 35-year old Kathy Nurse.

The crowd and police had been awaiting word from a meeting between Bond and 'A' Division Commander George Vyphius but moments later the protesters decided to move off.

A hastily-formed human barricade outside the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission's office could not contain the marchers who headed down Brickdam while the police awaited further instructions.

Moments later a truck carrying police in riot gear proceeded the mass down the thoroughfare. 

However, the crowd attempted to push past a police cordon in the vicinity of the Louisa Row despite police warnings. They were ordered to disperse and go to their places of abode but did not heed the instructions leading to the police action.loudhailer 

The crowd then headed back up Hadfield Street to the Square of the Revolution where the carts and mobile stalls of vendors were seized.

"We are not going to take this lying down because this is a declaration of war on people who have a right to protest," APNU's David Hinds stated afterward.

He added that the police' action was unprovoked since the people had been marching peacefully.

"There is nothing illegal about people protesting during elections. It is not illegal to exercise your legal and human right to occupy public space," the political scientist said.   

According to Hinds, the people's votes were not honestly counted and they hold President Donald Ramotar responsible.

Meanwhile, Demerara Waves Online News ( understands that the drivers of four buses bringing APNU supporters from Linden to the city to stand in solidarity with their colleagues were arrested for operating without conductors.

Lindeners stranded on Providence Public Road after police detained four bus drivers

The vehicles, which were carrying 115 persons, were stopped at the Providence Police Station, East Bank Demerara. has learnt that APNU's Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine urged supporters to stay off the streets and in their homes until Wednesday morning when a meeting is to be held at Congress Place, Sophia.

About 300 protesters had gathered at the Square for a march but they were told by the police that they did not have permission to march.

"We are exercising a lot of restraint at the same time" Watts told Hinds.  He wants the people to disperse. "Its unlawful, disperse."Hinds had appealed to Police Officer Watts to strike a compromise by guaranteeing the protection of the protesters.

Hinds had said that he would advise the people to be orderly and that "politically, it's not a breach of the peace." "I want to get from you that these people will be protected. It is quite normal for citizens to congregate in a public place."
"We have at present a situation that we have to diffuse. What I want from you all is cooperation to disperse," the police stated.
Watts had also threatened to arrest persons and let the court deal with the matter.
At the time APNU's Nestor insisted that permission was granted but later withdrawn. Police say they have to apply for permission one day at a time.

The APNU has been pushing for a reconciliation of the Statements of Poll from last week's elections saying there were too many discrepancies.




The Guyana Elections Commission confirmed today that Donald Ramotar is the new President of Guyana. His party, People’s Progressive Party Civic won 166,340 votes of the 342,236 valid votes cast.  . This represented 48.6 per cent of the total votes cast

A Partnership for National Unity secured 139,678 votes or 40.8 per cent of the votes cast.

It secured 26 seats in the National Assembly.

The Alliance for Change secured 35,333 votes of 10.3 per cent of the total votes cast. It will now have seven seats in the National Assembly.

The total registered voters were 475,496. Total votes cast were 346,717. There were 4,481 rejected votes. The total valid votes cast were 342,236.

Voter turnout was 72.9 per cent

A breakdown of the geographical constituency votes and allocation of seats


Region #1 (Barima- Waini)  - 2 Seats


No of Registered Electors:  9,738

Total Number of Votes Cast:  5,351

Rejected Votes: 151

Valid Votes Cast:  5200


APNU – 887

AFC – 786

PPP/C – 3,472

TUF – 55


APNU – 1 seat    PPP/C – 1 seat




Region #2 (Pomeroon -Supenaam) – 2 Seats


No of Registered Electors: 27,178

Total Number of Votes Cast:  18,209

Rejected Votes: 275

Valid Votes Cast:  17, 934


APNU – 3,254

AFC – 2,159

PPP/C -12,450

TUF – 69


PPP/C – 2 seats



Region #3 (Essequibo Islands) – 3 Seats


No of Registered Electors: 69,363

Total Number of Votes Cast:  51,469

Rejected Votes:  604

Valid Votes Cast:  50,865


APNU – 14,028

AFC – 3,343

PPP/C- 33,424

TUF – 70


PPP/C -2 Seats   APNU – 1 Seat 




Region #4 (Demerara-Mahaica) – 7 Seats


No of Registered Electors: 213,147

Total Number of Votes Cast:  158,097

Rejected Votes:  1,582

Valid Votes Cast:  156,515


APNU – 84,828

AFC – 10,635

PPP/C – 60,851

TUF – 201


APNU – 4 Seats  PPP/C – 3 Seats




Region #5 (Mahaica-Berbice) – 2 Seats


No of Registered Electors:  32,807

Total Number of Votes Cast:  25,910

Rejected Votes:  338

Valid Votes Cast:  25,572


APNU – 8,906

AFC – 3,079

PPP/C -13,558

TUF- 29


APNU – 1 seat   PPP/C 1 seat




Region #6 (East Berbice-Corentyne) – 3 Seats


No of Registered Electors:  75,199

Total Number of Votes Cast: 55,851

Rejected Votes: 976

Valid Votes Cast:  54,875


APNU – 10,798

AFC -11,634

PPP/C – 32,360

TUF – 83


AFC- 1 seat   PPP/C- 2 seats




Region #7 (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) – 2 Seats


No of registered electors: 9,598

Total Number of Votes Cast:  5,930

Rejected Votes:  122

Valid Votes Cast:  5,808


APNU – 2,843

AFC – 505

PPP/C – 2,376

TUF – 84


APNU – 1 seat   PPP/C 1 seat




Region #8 (Potaro-Siparuni) – 1 Seat


No of registered electors:  4,197

Total Number of Votes Cast:  2,634

Rejected Votes:  64

Valid Votes Cast:  2,570


APNU – 739

AFC – 995

PPP/C – 741

TUF – 95


AFC – 1 seat



Region #9 (Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo) – 1 Seat


No of registered electors:  10,204

Total Number of Votes Cast:  7,450

Rejected Votes:  182

Valid Votes Cast:  7,268


APNU – 2,004

AFC- 946

PPP/C – 4,135

TUF – 183


PPP/C – 1 seat




Region #10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)  – 2 Seats


No of registered electors:  24,065

Total Number of Votes Cast:  15,816

Rejected Votes:  232

Valid Votes Cast:  15,584


APNU – 11,358

AFC – 1,324

PPP/C – 2,868

TUF – 34


APNU – 2 seats



APNU – 10 seats   AFC- 2 seats   PPP/C – 13 seats


National Top-Up  – 40 Seats


No of registered electors:  475,496

Total Number of Votes Cast:  346,717 (72.9% turnout)

Rejected Votes:  4,481

Valid Votes Cast:  342,236


APNU – 139,678 (40.8%)

AFC – 35,333 (10.3%)

PPP/C – 166,340 (48.6%)

TUF – 885 (0.2%)


APNU – 16 Seats   AFC – 5 Seats   PPP/C -19 Seats



Parliamentary Seating Allocation (65 Seats)

APNU – 26  AFC – 7  PPP/C – 32



Fire fighters received orders to stay outside and ‘watch on’.

With a delay in the results for this year’s General elections, the city of Georgetown, like other areas, continued to be void of crowds; this time even transportation being unavailable for hours.
The Stabroek Market Square at 14:30 hrs yesterday saw many businesses closed; no buses on the park, and not even taxis.
A few market vendors, who were seen closing their stalls, complained of not getting any sales due to the election period. One vendor noted, “It’s because of election people scared to come out and shop”.
Another added, “Sales dead, dead, dead”.
Firemen were seen standing in front of the fire station “just preparing to make a move.” According to one reliable source, the fire fighters were asked to stay in front of the station in case of any unusual event.
When this publication made contact with one of the firemen, he responded “we were asked not to speak to any reporters”.
Many workers did not show up to work yesterday apparently scared of ‘rioting’. Even school children across the nation stayed away from school.


Tensions, delayed planes and energy drinks…Anxious Guyana awaits elections results

December 1, 2011 | By | Filed Under News


Elections 2011 had thrown up more twists than the plot of a political thriller.
For one, almost 48 hours after the close of polls across the country at 18:00hrs on Monday, managers of the voting process, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), are to definitely say which party is in the lead.
Planes supposed to carry counted ballots and completed Statement of Polls from hinterlands areas were delayed Tuesday due to logistical arrangements.
International observers have intimated that the voters’ turnout would be unusually high, if not record breaking.
There were rumours of stolen ballot boxes, complaints of the delays in the GECOM announcement and finger-pointing at the incumbent, People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).  There were phone calls on crowds converging on Georgetown and people being beaten and shot. Nothing panned out, though.
As of yesterday, the city remained dead as fearful shoppers and businesses closed early or stayed away altogether. Classrooms remained empty.
There were pockets of people gathered around the streets, vociferously discussing the situation.
At GECOM’s headquarters in High Street, Kingston, heavily armed police ringed the area, warning reporters Tuesday to not even take photos of the building…“it is not advisable at this time,” one senior officer said.
GECOM was busy counting and verifying documents from polling sites.
At Freedom House, on Robb Street, the PPP headquarters, the tension was high Tuesday with quite a few of the bodyguards and supporters chewing nails and shifting from leg to leg impatiently.
Some were sipping from energy drinks after clocking some extended hours.
Senior party officials were up to late yesterday locked in meetings since early Monday.
Down at the Alliance For Change (AFC) headquarters in Campbellville, a few persons were gathered in front, also impatiently.
There were no signs of  either the party’s leaders Raphael Trotman or Presidential Candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan. They were said to be locked in meetings.
The shopping centre of Regent Street and Robb Street were unusually empty.
Down at Congress Place, Sophia, headquarters of the People’s National Congress, which makes up a large part of the coalition opposition, A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), several cars lined the entrance. Senior officials were also gathered there locked in meetings.
The PPP/C, in an unusual move Tuesday, also reportedly asked for recounts in key areas of Region Three and Region Ten.
Yesterday, the party announced it was no longer proceeding with the request.
President Bharrat Jagdeo, in an emergency press conference, expressed frustration with GECOM sloth, warned that he is very much still in charge of the country and that the security forces stand ready to deal with any situation. As a matter of fact, websites dealing with rumors and inciting violence are being investigated and could face actions, both local and international (United Nations).
The four Presidential Candidates- Donald Ramotar, David Granger, Khemraj Ramjattan and Peter Persaud- in an unprecedented move, yesterday were part of a joint press conference hosted by GECOM, calling for calm and patience and an acceptance to the results.
However, there was generally silence from the parties regarding their performance with Jagdeo making it clear that on Monday night, political parties knew the outcome.
The 2011 elections may now become an historic one in many ways. There are already talks that it was one of the most expensive ones.
It may very well be the first time since sweeping to office in 1992, that the PPP/C may not grab the majority 51 per cent of the votes, which allows it to control Parliament.
Demerara Bank, on Camp Street and Courts Guyana, Main Street, were among several of the business which took precautionary measures barring up their windows as fears of the repeat of the 2001 elections violence resurface.

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