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Drag queen stirs excitement in May Pen

A male cross-dresser (photographed here) who police said was caught in a compromising position in a car with another man early Friday morning, created a lot of chatter in May Pen yesterday as news of the incident spread throughout that town.
The police say they noticed the two involved in a dispute in a Toyota Mark II motorcar parked at a lonely spot near a petrol station along Manchester Avenue.

The police took both persons to the May Pen Police Station where it was discovered that the 'woman' was actually a man dressed in drag.

Police say they suspect that the cross-dresser is a prostitute and had sought to sell his wares to the unsuspecting male customer, who was riding a bicycle on Manchester Avenue when he was approached by the prostitute.

The man was reportedly beside himself with rage upon discovering that he was intimately involved with a man and a heated argument developed.

His suspicions were confirmed when the police inspected a driver's licence and voter's ID belonging to the suspected prostitute and discovered that he was in fact a man who hailed from a Gregory Park, St Catherine address.

As news spread like wildfire throughout the town, a large crowd converged on the station to catch a glimpse of the drag queen who was clad in a tight-fitting blouse, jeans shorts, high heeled shoes, loop earrings and a wig.

The cross-dresser sported false eyelashes and neatly shaven eyebrows.

The police say they admonished and discharged both men.

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Comment by SERIOUSWOMAN on October 30, 2009 at 1:31pm
how in the world did he not see that it was a man that is so funny just look at the hard body of that man and wide shoulders and face bones of that man it hard oversize hands big feets he has no hips on him at all, all woman have hips of some kind come on. one would have to be blind and stupid not to see that its a man look at that big knot in his throat WOW how stupid ...i bet most of the woman he has dated in his past was hardcore looking women wow brother now know you need to date softer pretty woman so you won't run into this again lol WOW.

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