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Dr. Tamecca Rogers/A Promise Deferred: The Massacre of Black Wall Street

Tamecca Rogers - A Promise DeferredHaving to explain senseless, horrific events to a child is one of the most daunting prospects a parent ever has to experience in their lifetimes.

To explain the inexplicable, to explain to a child the inhumane acts committed by a segment of one population on another, while in many ways personally processing the effects of those acts, which continue to present day, is a nightmare much of world’s population will never experience.

Dr. Tamecca Rogers has attempted to tackle this nearly impossible prospect in her writings with her son Keith Ross. It’s called:  “A Promise Deferred, The Massacre of Black  Wall Street.” The book, crafted for children, presents, with illustrations by Arushan Art, a vivid picture of the senseless tragedy that took place in 18 hours between May 31st and June 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tamecca Rogers Front view (1)-min
Dr. Tamecca Rogers

However, how do you explain racism and violence to a child? What can be done to preserve their innocence?

“That’s the hard part,” said Dr. Rogers. “I wrote another book, ‘Does My Life Matter,’ and it’s a children’s book. With Keith going to school and his friends saying, ‘no, all lives matter,’ so for me it was necessary to explain that to Keith, so he can articulate that as well.”

Because of being isolated much of the time due to Covid-19, Dr. Rogers, Keith and her other children were, as much of the country, inundated by the news media with the reports of the death of George Floyd.

“My kid is actually watching the news with me and we’re seeing this unfold in front of our face. As a parent, I thought, ‘I have to have the talk with you,’ “said Dr. Rogers. Virtually all African-Americans have had to have “The Talk” with their children, explaining in the best way they can, the inequities of society and violence, often unprovoked against men, women and children of color. “I’ve already had the talk with my older sons that are 24 and 19,“ she explained. “With Keith, I had the talk, but it was just like a gloss over the talk. I had to go a little deeper as we watched these things unfold (with George Floyd). For me it was hard, as a mom, because George Floyd was calling out for his mom. I was like, where would I be when my son is in trouble, when things like that happen and I can’t protect him. It’s hurtful, because you do believe you’re taking away from their innocence. It was difficult for me, and since I knew how difficult it was for me, I figured we should write a few books about it to help other people explain it a little better.”

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Comment by caribmama on June 1, 2021 at 11:48am

So many stories to tell! It's just too bad our youth don't want to hear about it. That's why they try to distance themselves from the history. They run from the history because they say it's embarrassing. They run to white women because they don't want to be reminded of being black, but yet are the target of society everyday. 

I know an actual African that was raised here in the states and when the Harriet Tubman movie came out, he said he wasn't even going to waste his money supporting the movie, but watches Black Panther over and over a fictional movie. This is what we are dealing with.

Comment by vaughn mitchell on June 1, 2021 at 11:37am
Black people had their businesses, homes, property and land stolen from them, never was compensated.
Comment by vaughn mitchell on June 1, 2021 at 11:36am
She should also touched on, Wilmington N Carolina massacre. Ax handle Massacre, in Florida the devil's bowl, in Mississippi. So,much more to be touched on.
Comment by caribmama on June 1, 2021 at 11:27am

Yes......keep telling the story honey! I learned about this as a child by my momma. Praise up! Let the world see the nasty folks we live around. Most of Their offspring is just as bad.

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