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Dr Sebi Eat 2 Live or Eat 2 Die - Full 1/2 ....Pt.1

You can find part 2 on Youtube....Hope you enjoy!!! I love all of you!!!!

At a young age we are taught that Soul Food is the unhealthy Death Food

that many of us put into our temples, but what is REAL Soul Food?

REAL Soul Food is food that enhances the Sol, our Central Sun, our Melanin, our Carbon

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, this is the REAL Soul Food.

-Dr. Sebi

Many of you may be familiar with Dr. Sebi and many more of you may not be familiar with this blessing as a brother amongst us. Dr Sebi is responsible for curing many dis-eases such as AIDs, sickle cell anemia, herpies, impotence, blindness, home-sexuality, Autism, diabetes along with numerous other "non curable" dis eases and STD's....I only wish to remind our family that there is still a great deal of hope for the melanated family of this planet. If you in the past placed an order with Dr. sebi out of his California office within the past years and never, (A) gotten your order (B) was greeted with rudeness (C) the product didn't work, well here is why. I'm taking it upon myself to promote Dr. Sebi and his great work he's been doing and still is doing for the world and black people mainly internationally.

Notice to All Clients, Suppliers, and Service Providers dealing with Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Bowman) and to the General Public.

Dear All:
I am better known as Dr. Sebi.  I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to the development of herbal medicinal products and to provide alternative therapeutical procedures to patients all around the world.  I have gained the trust and confidence of customers and patients from around the world since my products have proven their effectiveness.  As you may appreciate, I pride myself on having a strong reputation among herbalists and patients.

          Recently, certain individuals who were previously employed by me have been fraudulently conducting business under my name, selling products claiming to be developed by me, and using my reputation to defraud customers and other third parties.  I am taking reasonable steps to prevent these individuals from creating a false impression to the general public that they are in any manner related to me, or their products developed by me.

          Dr. Sebi's Office, Inc., (Dr. Seb's Cell Food) is the only entity expressly authorized to conduct business under my name and I am not related to any other entity fraudulently claiming to be related to me.

          Anyone interested in purchasing my genuine products or hiring my services may do it through the true and only Dr. Sebi's website  The products sold in this website are the real products I have been developing and improving over the past 30 years.

          I appreciate your cooperation regarding this uncomfortable issue and if you have any questions feel free to contact us by email at or by telephone at (310) 838-2490.

Very truly yours,
Alfredo Bowman aka “Dr. Sebi”
CEO and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Sebi's Office, Inc.

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